Y’all asked for it…

Shitheel is another outtake from the BTD MutliVerse…

Just to set it up…

Eric wakes up with the ‘wrong’ Sookie and she’s less than happy about her bedmate. Maybe because she was expecting to wake up with someone else.

This outtake uses everything up to chapter 13 of Club Dead as canon for Eric and Sookie’s company… One small change in chapter 14 takes their lives in a different direction and as usual, I tossed in a surprise or two. 😉


The MultiVerse

Outtake: Shitheel


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7 thoughts on “Y’all asked for it…

  1. Awesome!! I’m waitin on Euro Pass. that looks interesting. And I know u Dont wanna read Dead Reckoning, but there’s 2 major events that Sookie caused and I think it was the stupidest thing she ever did. I’d love to see your “August Sookie” skip to that senario and rip her a new one. I know i wanted to just reading the book lol. But as usual, u made my night!! I do ever so patiently wait for a post from u every day. Keep up the brillant work!

    • LOL! Since the Mulitverse really started materializing, I’ve been thinking of TB as a skip and have been secretly wishing another and Sookie and Eric would show up there to knock some sense into “them”.

      • Im bursting at the seams!!! I can’t wait, which means todat is gonna be a long ass day LOL. By the way, whats the sequel to BTD gonna be called?

  2. fantastic! I love being able to read new stuff! Now that I have given up the actual novels and TB is ticking me off this is it for me…

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