It’s been busy in the MultiVerse…


In honor of Irene… I’m posting all of my chapters tonight because God only knows what’s going to happen with the power and internet here in Dahlgren.

I’m going to trust you folks to pace yourself.

Five chapters in one week is a lot… Don’t overdose or anything.


First off… A lot of you folks are working under the assumption that Sookie is pregnant at the end of Shitheel. Sorry… She is not knocked up. Proof: Shitheel happens in February, and Death’s Door happens in March… Our Eric would never let Sookie battle with witches if she were pregnant. 😀


Next… some of you guys got what you asked for. I did write the follow up to In The Dark.

The MulitVerse

The Lighter Side


And to prevent some manner of confusion, Euro Pass will be separated since both sides of the story are being told by Erics…

Euro Pass

Chapter 1: Sunlight

Sookie wakes up with the wrong Eric and has more than a few obstacles between her and getting home to her family.

Chapter 2: Shadows

Eric rises to an annoying scent and has to piece together a way to help Sookie help herself.


As always… I’m dying to hear what you think…



18 thoughts on “It’s been busy in the MultiVerse…

  1. OMG OMG!!!! An overdose of multiverse. I’m sooooo excited * happy dance* I’m off to get popcorn and a drink and settle in to read all these. YOU are the AWSOMENEST (is that a word?) Sounds like you’re waiting for a big storm. Hope everything is ok. Fine day here in Brisbane, Australia. YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Damn! Not that I’m not happy to have stuff to read, but wow. You’re fast! And amazing! 🙂

    Hope you come through the hurricane okay. Keeping fingers crossed out here on the west coast.

  3. I love it when I get update notifications from you. I’ve already read the updates and am re-reading BTD. Thanks for thinking of us when you have a mess to worry about in your own world. I hope your family and friends get through with minimal troubles.

  4. I am so happy for your updates and will keep you and yours in my thoughts as you weather Irene. I hope you all stay safe…take care.

  5. Sorry about the hurricane but yay for the updates. I cannot imagine how your brain works but I’m very grateful. Anyhow, read the updates, they are excellent like always. I can’t wait for the sequel to BTD and hope to see more of Europass because to end there would just be mean. Hoping Irene is gentle to you guys.

  6. Too late….I’m about to O….D….. on the Multiverse…..By the way……The banners are kick ass!…..I’m completely cracked out on the Multiverse right now that I couldn’t make a banner to save my life….I’ve re-read a few times all the Multiverse chappies just so I don’t confuse myself and I just can’t seem to pull myself away from the ‘puter but I must and tomorrow will be the best Sunday ever…..great coffee from my fave place….sleeping kids… buttery croissants and the latest chappies of Eric…..

    Bless you!

  7. You give a junkie a bag of heroin and then tell them not to have it all at once? Yeah like that is ever going to happen.
    God I’m jittery with excitement like a two bit whore on dole day that knows very soon they can mainline there drug of choice
    Thanks for the fix!! 😛

  8. Haha, you say not to OD – I think I would die happy if I could overdose on your writing, except that then I wouldn’t be able to read the rest of it. I hope everything goes okay for you with Irene – we just got the edge of the t-storms and a couple rainy/windy/grey days in Orlando.

  9. Hope you guys made it through ok in Dahlgren. Just north of Baltimore we have trees down. Luckily the one that fell near my house fell in the opposite direction.

  10. I couldn’t resist and read them all straight away. Ab so lutely fab u lous! Loved the Lighter side follow up, I hope you will do the same and follow up on Shadows so we can see Amsterdam Eric kill Bill and save his Sookie.
    Aerynzu xx

  11. it’s ok…i’ll read all of this and then start re-reading things…lol

    i just re-read aiw…

    i’ll say it again…i absolutely love your writing!

  12. Steady, you are spoiling us! Readers and beta team alike. I have scared husband and dog twice this week by squealing when I see your email (with file attached). You told me a funny joke the other day, and here is something I heard that was similar.

    You may of heard of Little Britain? One of the stars, Matt Lucas (small chubby one) was on the radio this afters whilst I was melting glass…not that what I was doing is important…he was asked something about being gay, and his Mum said, jokingly, “are you then?” To which he replied…”I help them out when they are busy”… Made me think of you LOL.

    Back to the review bishes 🙂 I love all the multiverse so much…I think my front runner is Death’s Door but I am so intrigued about the poor Sookie who has been used and abused, and how her Eric will help, that’s if they find him!

    Engaged to Alcide, pregnant by Sam – you have it all going on, I think you are Superwoman:Supermom!

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