One Shots

1s CoverI moved all of my one shots to the same place to neaten up the homepage.

I included The Dating Game because it’s only two chapters long and I don’t have any plans at the moment to continue it.

The rest of the stories listed here aren’t going to continue either. Following up Salt In The Wound is an idea I’ve been kicking around though. SITW is SVM based, so maybe eventually, I’ll have an idea for going after True Blood, but that’ll be a one shot too.




Salt In The Wound

A little One Shot of pure, unadulterated venting… It’s all a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

TheLemonCart Banner by EricIzMine The Lemon Cart

A follow up ficlet for Salt In The Wound… This is just another joke, meant as nothing more than fun.


  Where You Keep Them

An entry for the ‘Eric and His Great Pumpkin’ one-shot contest. In the SVM timeline, this story takes place shortly after DeCastro & Madden’s takeover. It actually didn’t make the cut because there weren’t any lemons, just sappiness.


AEI Banner by EricIzMine  An Engraved Invitation

An entry for the ‘Eric and His Great Pumpkin’ one-shot contest. A ‘What If’ that takes place after Living Dead In Dallas.


The Dating Game (A FicLet)

Eric and Sookie’s friends go to great lengths to put them together. Only two chapters.


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