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Just click on any of the links below to shop at through and I’ll be given a bonus for the referral to help with my site maintenance fees… It’s simple and with no extra cost to you.

Links have been added for some cool free amazon products & features, free registries for babies and weddings and Amazon Prime free trials.

[Post 11-12-13 tragedy note: Now these affiliate payments help toward taking care of the kids as the auto-deposits are still being made.]

As always, many thanks for your support. 😀



Seasonal Highlights:

TurboTax – Get 10% more on Top of Your Federal Refund

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Huge Deals On Electronics!


Shop Amazon Fashion – 20% Off Shoes & HandbagsShoes_Handbags_60off

Save on Football CollectiblesFootball Savings

Shop Amazon – Contract Cell Phones & Service PlansAmazon Cell Phones

Home & Kitchen – New Year, New You – Healthy Cooking

Amazon Home – New Year, New You – DIY in the Kitchen

Amazon Sports – New & Notable Fitness GearExFit-NYNY_Amazon

Amazon Home – New Year, New You – Take Control of Your ClosetNYNY_amazon_closet

Amazon Fashion – Up to 60% Off Shoes and Handbags

Amazon Fashion – Men’s Watches
Mens Watches


Easy, Helpful and Free:

If you don’t already have kindle eReader app on one of your devices or home computers just click the link below. (It’ll help out even if you have it on your other devices!) – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices


Give Amazon Prime a Chance For Free!

AKA “You’ll probably love it, save time and money, AND EIM’s site gets a ‘bounty’ per signup

  • Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now
  • Join Amazon Prime – Listen to Over a Million Songs – Start Free Trial Now
    • Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone
    • Listen to over a million songs FREE and gain free cloud storage so you don’t waste precious memory space.
    • New Benefit: Free unlimited photo storage!
    • Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size (Tip: Make sure what your buying has the PRIMElogo)
      • If you don’t need your books right away, you may be offered the chance tochoose standard shipping on Prime Eligible items and get credit toward purchases of ebooks, digital music and videos.
      • AmazonCredit4ShippingBorrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (If you have a Kindle Device – otherwise look into Amazon Unlimited which is like a library card for eBooks that will work with any Kindle Reading App on any brand device.)
    • IMPORTANT: If you don’t like it /use it/can’t afford to keep it, just make sure to cancel on the 29th day and you won’tbe billed EVER.

Join Amazon Prime – Listen to Over a Million Songs – Start Free Trial Nowprime_music

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime to ANYONE and let them try the free 2 day shipping, free movies, free music and much more! Gift of Amazon Prime

Amazon Wedding Registry:
Create a Free Amazon Wedding Registry




Open to anyone whether you’re a mom, dad, guardian or caretaker.
50% Off Huggies Diapers and Other Discounts When You Try Amazon Mom 30-Day Free Trial


College Student Deal From Amazon – they can sign up for this one themselves! SIX MONTHS free with signup!
(If they keep it, there is a 50% discount on Prime membership for them)

Join Amazon Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Studentsamazon student ad


Are you or someone you love having a baby?

FREE FROM Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry!!! Send it to your friends and family to help with all you need for your little ones. You can add to your Amazon Registry from ANY SITE!

amazon-baby_300x250-3._V379894333_ baby-assoc-10percent-300x250._V359258366_FreeReturns_amazon-baby_300x250-4._V379894334_15%off_babyregistry_061114._V350992402_


Shop Amazon – Up to 60% Off Baby Clothing

Best. Kid. Birthday. Ever! Let Amazon Help Make It Happen with sales and planning tools. 


Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Wedding Registry – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Amazon Books! Reading is, after all, something we all love…


Shop Kindle Devices

Shop Amazon’s Kindle Accessories Store

Shop Amazon – Contract Cell Phones & Service Plans


Always Available:

Shop Amazon’s Kindle Accessories Store

Shop Deep Discounts on Open-Box Shoes from Amazon Warehouse Deals

Shop Patio, Lawn & Garden

Shop Amazon Toys – New Releases

Shop Amazon – Computers, Office Products

Shop Amazon – The Wedding Store

Any of these links will save you time and get your started, then you can discover all amazon has to offer… Happy shopping & saving!

20 thoughts on “Amazon Via EIM

  1. So glad I remembered that you had the link on your page for Amazon. I need to order some stuff this weekend. I created an account so if I log into my account thru your link will that work?

    Also, you have specific links, do I have to buy one of those items (kindle fire, baby stuff, or books) or can it be anything?

  2. So, i just clicked on one of the links above, then navigated to my Cart, which already had items i planned to buy. Then i went through checkout. It worked, right? Or would i have had to click on items, then add them to my cart, before checking out?

  3. Yay!! I remembered!! Not a huge purchase today, but at least I remembered!! If I could tattoo it on my thumb so I’d see it as I typed amazon into the browser I would!!

  4. No biggie but is there any way to change what part of the link to gift cards your link lands on? I used that link today and it landed on “Father’s Day” — this will be the second Christmas since my dad’s death and it was an unexpected shock to click the gift card link to order my sister a birthday present (ironically she and I were the ones with him and our mom when he passed) and be smacked with a whole page of “Father’s Day.” Not sure if you have any control over that, but quite frankly I don’t think I want to use that link again this year if I;m going to land there again – I hope you understand!

  5. Thanks! I have to send my nephew a gift card for Christmas (he’s at that age where he prefers to pick things out himself) so now I’ll use your link for that too! I am delighted to have this method of giving a little back for all the enjoyment I receive for reading your work!

  6. Hey there, EIM. I just ordered two copies of the Homesick Texan cookbook from Amazon using your link. Why two? Both of my daughters are Texas expats and I thought this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for them. I found it on the receipe thread on the BP FB page and followed the link to the Homesick Texans blogsite. This serves as yet another example of how much of a community has been created among the BP, a community that was created out of a love for your writing. I think that is a wonderful thing and I am glad to honor that by ordering through your link. Take care, Theresa.

  7. Have you thought of having your stories available for an e-reader/kindle (e-pub format)?

    I do a lot of commuting on public transport & find the most relaxing way to travel is reading the time away (especially if there is a delay). So it would be fantastic if I was able to download your wonderful stories to my e-reader.

    • Look near the bottom of the page for Downloads; click and download the files to your computer. Download and install caliber. You can then use caliber to change the story format from epub to mobi for the Kindle. I used it to change from epub to pdf files…

  8. Is this site still current? Just curious, since Angela passed 6 years ago. I use it as my launch-point for Amazon, though I don’t know whether it still works to contribute to the care for Angela’s children. Can anyone let us know? Thanks!

      • Thanks, great to know. We do appreciate your maintaining this site after all these years.
        i still re-read these stories on occasion and love them. I wish we could have a contest to finish some of the unfinished ones. I know we’d need permission from Angela’s family but hope we could do that.

  9. Just to clarify: When you say “nothing will be continued,” do you mean that the EricIzMine site is going down? I hope not! Or only that the Amazon link is being continued? Thank you.
    BTW, I enjoy your stories very much too!

    • hello , no Angela passed away in 2013 and i take care of her site for her, she did not leave us (her Beta’s) any notes so we cannot continue any of the stories. The site will be active for everyone to still read. KY

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