Chapter 6: Enough


Chapter 6



After what Sookie did to me, I went directly to Glamour…

Fire-coded for 300 meant that on any given night I had roughly 150 options… They were never ‘company’. They were only ever tools, something to cum into and occasionally feed from. Nothing more.

I stood at the railing, looking down into the horde… shopping for a way to stop thinking about Sookie for at least a little while…

When I wasn’t trying to figure out what the fuck Sookie was and making a list of creatures I hadn’t met, I was narrowing down my choices.

It was infuriating to realize the only ones I considered marginally attractive were petite blondes…

Of the 6, I couldn’t get close enough to any of them.

I’d even been spoiled by Sookie’s scent.

I found myself at home, remembering every fucking second I’d spent with Sookie, hoping to pick up on a clue I’d overlooked and testing myself to be sure I hadn’t given myself away as a Vampire.

I covered the desk in my study with one book after another looking for possible explanations…

Sirens were the only thing I could find to explain why Sookie was driving me mad, but since Vampires were supposedly immune to them I was at a loss until dawn.


Wednesday only provided more fruitless research… In an attempt to ignore how tempted I was to drive all the way out to Bon Temps to ‘help’ clean Jason’s house, I went to my office to use my computer…

The only thing finite, according to what was available on the World Wide Web, was that Sookie’s charisma and beauty meant that she was a Vampire.


The scientists at CERN had clearly designed the Web as a way to keep morons from spending too much time interloping with the general population. If they were at home, writing absurd conjecture, they weren’t breeding.

I did find a way to email CERN to thank them for their advancements in Darwinism though.


I stayed in a hotel Thursday to reduce travel time, having a limo waiting for me when the sun set at 8:30…

I hated that sunset was so late…

And I hated that I was looking forward to autumn when I could spend more time with Sookie before she’d need to retire.

I hated, more than anything, that I was thinking about her in terms of more than fucking and feeding… attachments were liabilities and I was clearly becoming attached.

Attached/obsessed. ToMAYto/toMAHto. At least I fucking realized I was spiraling into insanity.

Tina sniffed and nipped at my bare feet as I left the car and Adele was sipping from a tall glass on the swing when I stepped onto the porch. The house was completely open again… The smell of fruit was in the air, but not nearly as pungent as it had been when they’d made candles.

She looked me over and chuckled, “Liar.”


“Nice silkies, but you’re an au naturale sleeper if I’ve ever met one. Can I get you a drink?” Hearing Adele refer to my pajama pants as silkies reminded me that I’d reread too many legends in the past few nights. Selkies had been researched and eliminated quickly, along with Sirens and Mermaids.

I shrugged and sat next to her, caving to Tina when she whimpered to be lifted. “No thank you… The pants are close enough, I think. They’re very comfortable.” And with any luck, they wouldn’t stay on long.

“They look like it… Shouldn’t you be wearing shoes though? With boats like those, they’ll get trampled on the dance floor.”

I chuckled, “Is Sookie clumsy?”

Adele’s head was already shaking when I heard a door open in the back of the house. Sookie quietly grumbled, “Thanks for telling me Erik’s here, Gran.”

As Sookie’s footsteps closed the gap, Adele answered, “Far from. She’s an excellent dancer… I was talking about your other customers.”

Before Sookie reached the door, she asked, “So how long have you been hanging out?”

When I looked at the doorframe, I was endlessly proud of myself for at least having control over my facial expressions when it came to her…

If ‘it’ was a joke, ‘it’ was hilarious, but if ‘it’ wasn’t, laughing could have gotten a normal man killed.

Instead of the tiny slip I’d hand-picked, Sookie was wearing a bulky terrycloth robe that fell below her knees and Bugs Bunny slippers. Her hair was wrapped around pink sponge curlers and her face was covered with a mud mask…

And she wasn’t giving away if she was joking. All I could do was hope she was.

I joked, “If I had known you actually go to bed like that, I’d have worn my long-johns.”

She tilted her head to the side, still giving nothing away. “Do they make them long enough for you?”

“I have to order them from the Paul Bunyan catalog, but…”

There it was… My seriousness broke her façade. She cackled as she walked back into the house. “You’re no fun! No Medusa jokes or… ‘the club’s called Glamour, not Abomination’. Poo on you!”

I followed, finding her at the kitchen sink rinsing away the mud mask. “I was wondering if you were too shy to wear the slip. I wouldn’t say you’re an abomination… but you scared Tina. She wants to come live with me now.”

Oooh wow… you can read animal minds, huh?”

“I can… She also told me what you’ve been doing in bed at night.”

Sookie’s scrubbing balked. It was slight, but the pause was still there before she scoffed and offered, “You can’t believe her. She says Gran peed in the hall.” She blindly turned the water off and took a dish towel from the counter… When she was done patting her face, she lifted her chin and asked, “Did I get it all?”

I stepped closer and took the towel to wipe away a small smudge from the side of her nose.

“Thank you… Was the limo necessary?”

“Dates don’t count.”

She sighed, “I already like you… the starlet treatment is superfluous.”

“You aren’t getting the ‘starlet treatment’. I didn’t want to think about the road so I arranged to use one of my cars from my casino for the evening… I was thinking I’d have something more tempting than a hausfrau next to me though.”

She blushed as she began unwrapping her hair from her curlers and giggled, “Do you even know how to dial it back?

I stepped closer, pinning her to the counter to ‘help’ rid her hair of the jumble. “I don’t think I do… I think that’s a skill one has to want to learn.”

“And you prefer spending your time reading.”

“Usually… Even though I have my books back, I’ve been thinking about you instead.”

“Thinking about me isn’t very productive.”

“You’d be surprised what happens when I think about you.” Hard-ons, extra feedings, book throwing… and one very dead Macintosh Performa.

She pushed against my chest, shaking her head. “I doubt I’d be that surprised… Lemme loose so I can get my shoes on.”

I backed away begrudgingly, and only because I knew we’d be in the limo more quickly if she was allowed to dress… I followed her up the stairs to her room and sprawled on her bed to practically bathe myself in her scent. It was fucking depraved, if not pathetic, but it wasn’t as though there was anyone to witness it.

She snorted, “Feel free to make yourself at home,” and sat next to my feet to kick her slippers into the corner of the small room.

“Thank you.”

“You look silly on my little bed… Like Gulliver in Lilliput.” My head was on her pillow and my feet were dangling over the end… my shoulders might have been as wide.

“I’m sure…” Just to test her, I suggested, “We should go to my house and see how you look on my king mattress.”

While she buckled the ankle straps on her heels, she giggled, “Like Gulliver in Brobdingnag. You don’t have any wasps, do you?”

“My neighbors are WASPs. Does that count?”

She hummed as she considered. “I’d rather take my chances with a jumbo hornet, thanks…” With both shoes on, she uncrossed her legs and patted my thigh. “Are you ready to go?”

“No. I’m comfortable. We can go to the club any time…”

She took my hand and tugged. “My bed isn’t going anywhere either, butthead. You said we’re going to Glamour for a pajama party… and I didn’t say anything about a sleepover. Let’s go.”

“Can we do both?”

“No…” She put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath, but thought better of what she was going to say and started for the door. “I’ll just wait for you to finish your nap downstairs then.”

Her hand was on the railing, about to take the first step when I caught up to her and slipped my arm around her waist. I whispered, “You forgot something,” while she gasped.

“You jerk… I didn’t even hear you move.” Oops… I might have cared if I wasn’t sure she already knew more about me than she was letting on.

“You were too busy teasing me to hear the bed squeak…”

I untied the sash of her hideous robe and as I wrapped my hands around the yoke to pull it from her shoulders, she grabbed them. “Stop.”


“Because Gran has an idea, but… I think she’d have kittens if she saw how I’m leaving the house. I wore dukes and my bikini top to the store today and I still feel a little naked in this.”

“Why do you talk about taking your clothing off when you’re trying to dissuade me from taking them of? It’s very confusing.”

I retied her sash as she giggled, “Sorry… You could stop trying to get me naked and that would fix the problem.”

I growled, “You just did it again.”

She laughed, “So did you,” as she ran down the stairs. By the time I joined her at a calm pace, she was explaining to Adele, “Don’t wait up. You have a lot to do in the morning and the club is open late… If Erik gets hung up with work, I don’t want you worrying.”

“I’ll try, baby. G’night…” She offered a smirk in my direction. “Watch your feet and don’t let anything happen to her.”

“I’ll do my best…”

She snorted, “I’d feel better if you promise to do your worst… Have fun.”


I slid into the limo behind Sookie and as soon as the door closed, I asked, “She just referenced Monte Cristo, didn’t she?”

Sookie bit her lip and nodded. “Yeah, she says it often enough… Every now and then, we’ll get on a roll and have a whole conversation with quotes from books. We’re dorks like that.”

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.

“Walden.” She didn’t hesitate… She knew off the top of her beautiful head where that quote came from…

“If you were given that quote in a scavenger hunt…?”

She smirked, enjoying the puzzle. “Ummmm… I’d go with a church… maybe a church close to a mall because fashion and religion are together… Would I have found my next clue?” I couldn’t help but feel vindicated… even if her lack of resources would keep her from using her mind to its potential, she wasn’t letting it remain idle… I was perfectly justified. Beautiful. Sexy. Clever. Gracious. Her scent was as much a bonus as it was a drug. If ever there was a creature worthy of being brought over, Sookie Stackhouse was it. She was too good to be one of the insignificant little peons most Vampires kept as pets, but keeping her as a pet didn’t mean I had to treat her like one… a pet with potential to become a Vampire…

I nodded. “If you were familiar enough with Shreveport to know the Claiborne Mall is neighbor to a bodega with a front window full of devotional candles.”

She excitedly pulled her knees up to sit sideways. “This is fun. What would my next clue be?” I smiled at her and then I remembered I was trying to figure out what the fuck she was and if she knew about me, not what I would do with her. Fuck. When the fuck did I forget how to stay focused?

The whirligig of time brings in his revenges.

She inhaled suddenly and blurted, “Twelfth Night. That sculpture in front of the modern art museum. That’s close enough to a whirligig… Am I right!?” Outsmarting a Vampire over 300 without knowledge of the playing field.

“You are… ‘It is not possible to fight beyond your strength, even if you strive’.” I wasn’t holding any hopes considering how obscure…

Her eyes widened and she swatted my shoulder. “That’s just cocky. You twisted the Iliad to suit your prank war.”

“If you had been helping Pam, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to curse in six languages and threaten to sever some of my appendages.”

She giggled, “I sooooo want to know what you did with the dolls, but I think I can wait to see the pictures. Was she really mad or was she having fun?”

“She was so angry she had fangs.”

She reached over and rubbed my shoulder. “It’s okay though… eventually, it’ll be like ‘remember when I stole your books and you got me back with dolls, ha-ha ha-ha’… It might take her a hundred years, but she’ll forgive you.” A hundred years… it could have been a turn of phrase, or a literal (if not accurate) estimate. Fuck.

“I’ll have to arrange a volley in case she wants to continue… She doesn’t usually, but there have been times when she beat a dead horse…”

Sookie gasped and slapped my arm. “Take it to the mattresses!”

“Excuse me?”

“From The Godfather… Jason loved the movie so much he made me watch it with him…” Suddenly her segue made sense. “You should read the book if you haven’t already. It’s way better. This guy is eat-slam-up with his horses, right? The Corleones want something from him and to get their message across, basically ‘we can take everything from you and we know where you sleep’, they decapitated this guy’s prized stallion and left the head in bed with him… chills… I mean, who wouldn’t play along after that?”

“And who would I decapitate to end Pam’s games?”

“Ummm. Her favorite designers… Symbolically, of course. Ummmm… go to a wig shop and get the right hair and bring us pictures… badda bing, badda boom.”

“Put the made-to-order ‘heads’ into bed with her, implying I could kill her favorite designers if she wants to push me…” I liked it and since Pam enjoyed movies more than I did, she’d more than likely get the reference.

She giggled, “And they aren’t perishable like livestock bits, so they’ll keep if you don’t need them right away. I think it’s a win.”

“Have you always been wicked, Sookie?”

“I’m not wicked. I’m sweeter than honey…” She was being sarcastic, but that was it… She smelled like honey, her sweat tasted like honey…

“I’d have to taste you to prove that.”

She blushed when she realized she’d backed herself into a conversational corner. “You’re horrible.”

“I could be, but you wouldn’t know.”

She covered her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment, so I took the chance to put myself on my knees in front of her.

I drew in the scent of her hair and before she knew I was so close to her, I whispered, “Why be so bashful about how attracted I am to you?”

She jumped, pushing herself back against the seat. “Damn, you’re nimble for a giant. Could you try to make some noise or something?

I chuckled and took her ankles to pull them out from under her… she didn’t offer the slightest bit of resistance as I rested her legs on either side of me and pulled her closer.

When I reached for her sash again, she raised an eyebrow. “Is this how it’s gonna be? A few minutes of talk then a few minutes of making out…”

I wasn’t about to let her suggest we wouldn’t progress past ‘making out’, so I finished, “Followed by going down on one another for a while and finish by hours of fucking? Yes. I like the way you think.”

She shook her head as she helped me push her robe out of my way.

My new view was more than amazing… she filled the gown perfectly and as soon as the cool air from the air conditioning found her, those delicious little nipples tightened as though they wanted my attention. “I’m going to be hard all night.”

She rolled her eyes incredulously, “Don’t exaggera-”

Before she could finish, I pulled her against me to prove I wasn’t exaggerating. “I’m not.”

When she put her hands on my shoulders to push away, she let the friction affect her. She gasped, “Oh my god… are you kidding me?”

“Why would I do that?”

She closed her eyes and dropped her chin to her chest. I could feel the heat coming from her blush.

“Don’t do that. Look at me…” When she lifted her chin again, her face was pinched into a tight cringe… I probably should have been more specific since her expression made it difficult to keep a straight face. “What’s embarrassed you?”

I’m not doing anything on purpose, I swear!

“I don’t remember accusing you of anything.”

She stammered, “No, but… I… You…”

“If you’re worried that I think you’re a tease, don’t.”

“But… I… kind of did tease you a little.”


She whimpered, “At the warehouse… your neck.” Yes. She. Did.

“That’s funny… I could swear I told you I liked it.”

She bit her lip and shook her head slightly. “It’s just… I can’t read your mind and I don’t want to lead you on… It’s just… dang it, I hate to even bring it up, but you are older and…”

When she looked away again, I took her chin to fix the problem. “I’m perfectly aware of the difference between our ages and levels of experience… I have absolutely no intention of doing anything you’re uncomfortable with. Do I want to spend the night, any night, fucking you? Definitely… Do I want to taste every inch of your body? Without a doubt… Do I want to bury my face between your legs and make you cum until I’m reported ‘missing’? I couldn’t deny that with a straight face… ‘Stop’ is all you have to say. And I’ll let you know if you’re in danger of pushing me too far. Until then, feel free to kiss me, chew my neck, rub your ass against me when we dance, sit on my lap, call me when you’re touching yourself…”

She giggled and hid her face by resting her head on my shoulder. “I’m still sorry about spinning you up.”

“Don’t be. You get just as ‘spun up’ as I do… I won’t suffer for long before you cure me.”

“You seem really sure of that. I’ve held out for 18 years.”

“And the other night you left a wet spot on my pants so large I was asked if I spilled something.”

She sat back to cover her mouth and mumble, “What did you say?”

“That you did it… of course, now my bouncer thinks ‘Sookie’ is the Swedish word for prostitute, but…”

She swatted my cheek and cackled, “You. Did. Not!”

“Of course not. ‘Kiss and Tell’ isn’t my style…” I turned my head and lifted my chin to offer my neck. “The only thing that would give me away is bite marks.”

Her eyebrows knit together as she asked, “You’re a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?” I wasn’t until last week.


Just before her breath swept over the skin on the side I my neck, I realized I had lost my focus AGAIN.

I might not have learned anything or taken any clues from our conversation, but the new direction of the ride to Shreveport wasn’t going to offer the first fucking answer…

But one nibble after another helped my pursuit of information slip away…

A kiss…

A long, warm lick…

A tickle…

The ‘worst’ was when she opened her mouth to rake her teeth slowly…

Inch by painfully slow inch…

Up to my ear…

Along my jaw…

While her throbbing echoed into my cock…

I never realized how excruciating it was to keep my fangs in check…

I’d never been so tempted…

Or so still…

As it was, my grip was on the verge of bruising her thighs…

When her lips finally made their way to mine, I took her hand and cupped it over my cock…

She whimpered and pulled back just enough her lips grazed mine. “I… I haven’t even…”

Just the idea… completely innocent? “What have you done? What’s been done to you?”

She actually looked embarrassed to say, “Nothing… I’ve… Just kissing, barely groping.”

“You’ve never touched a cock?”

She shook her head… Unfuckingbelievable. ‘Virginity’ became a flexible concept in the 50s… Handjobs and blowjobs stopped being ‘counted’… Humans couldn’t distinguish a difference, but Vampires could taste it on a stiff breeze… some ‘virgins’ smelled as though there was an army behind them.

“And no one has ever touched you?”

She shook her head again, only elaborating enough to say, “Not anywhere clothes cover.” Her little hand was still on my cock and there was no way she wasn’t noticing how I was reacting to her warmth…

“But you want to fuck me, yes?”

She bit the corner of her lip and cringed again. “It’s not that I don’t want to… it’s… I don’t want to jump straight to it… I’m sorry.”

“You want to take smaller steps, yes?” My fucking ears were ringing with the effort it took to keep my fangs at bay… I couldn’t taste her soon enough.

She nodded timidly, as though I would begrudge her inexperience rather than enjoy that I wouldn’t need to reeducate her…

“Tabula rasa.” I was surprised I hadn’t sounded childishly excited.

She whimpered, “Fraid so.”

I shook my head. “There is no shame in patience. Don’t apologize.”

“I’m… I’m used to being treated like a freak for it…”

“It’s safe to say I’m not like ‘them’…” I took her hand and gave it a gentle push. “Is this a step you’re ready to try?”

She bit the corner of her lip and looked at me with doe eyes as she nodded.

Struggling for control was all I knew once her hand took hold…

She stroked too gently, timidly at first… and even the way her hand felt under mine felt incredible…

Her first few strokes after I let go were clumsy, but by the time I wrapped my arms around her, under her slip to remove her panties she’d found her rhythm…

She breathed my name warningly and the resonance went directly to my fangs.

With my face buried in her hair, I explained, “There’s only so much I can do. Some asshole decided you should wear white…”

She panted, “Only so much?”

“I can’t get carried away… Your blood would leave a stain…” And the scent of one drop would push me too far.

She let out a ragged breath and leaned back, letting go of my cock and leaving it to ache while I slid her panties down her legs…

I held them up to tease her. “Already wet… Sookie, we’ve barely touched one another.”

She huffed and snatched them from my hand. “Butthead.”

I ran my hand along her inner thigh, and basked in the way I made her twitch just touching her clit. “Did you shave just for me?”

She tried to scowl at me, but when her eyes crossed as my thumb grazed her clit again, she closed them. “I shave because it’s comfortable… and it’s bikini season.”

I pulled her to the edge of the seat, taking her hand to put it back to work while she shivered and whimpered…

Building her up until her breathing was pained…

And letting her calm down…

Enjoying the changes…

Her grip tightened, making rougher strokes the closer she was to cumming in my hand…

Digging the nails of her free hand into the back of my neck…

Holding her body to mine while she chewed my neck…

When I finally pushed her to her brink, she dug her teeth into my shoulder…

Her attempt to quiet herself was my last straw…

My fangs snapped into place, and somehow I managed to have the consciousness to move her…

Pulling her to the side to cum on the seat next to her instead of ruining her slip while a flood of concerns came to me…

Namely if she’d bitten me hard enough to break my skin.

The fact that I’d just cum was the only way I was able to retract my fangs as she pulled away, licking her lips… licking my blood from her lips

My shoulder was already healed by the time she looked for the reason for the taste in her mouth.

“Oh God… I’m sorry. I must’ve bit my lip. There’s blood on your shoulder.” She made it too easy… She grabbed for her robe and used the sleeve to wipe what she thought was her blood away.

“It happens… It’s a good thing you wore that. We need it for the seat.”

Her lip curled as I wiped away my cum, but I actually sensed her embarrassment when practically mopped away the puddle she left behind.

She’d had enough of my blood that time.

“This happens too… when you’re doing it correctly.”

She giggled nervously and hid her face in her hands. “Gimme a break. I’m new here.”

I tossed her robe to the bench at the other end of the limo and sat next to her while she put her panties back on… “Then you’re a natural.”

She blushed and swatted my arm. “God! Don’t say that! It sounds like I’m a born slut!” She was joking… I could feel the lightness of her mood. It was incredible.

I took her hand and pulled her to my lap, kissing her and being tempted all over again by tasting my blood on her lips. “Does it sound better to ‘accuse you’ of being perfect for me instead?” I’d barely spoken before I realized I wasn’t just pacifying her.

She grinned and nodded. “Yeah… that does sound better. You might just be perfect for me too.” The jury was still out on that issue.

“Are you sure you don’t want a refund?”

“Nah… I think I’ll keep you.”

“Oh really?”

“Sure… I mean, as far as stalkers go, I got really lucky.”

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