Not a continuation of Bored To Death, more of a spin-off…

What happened when BTD Eric & Sookie returned to their proper place? How did the encounter change them, their views, their trajectory?

In the SVM timeline, the beginning of this begins a few days after Sookie returns home from the hospital after her climactic confrontation with Rene in Dead Until Dark and continues from the same night as their strange encounter in chapters 35-37 of Bored To Death (BTD).

How well could things go for this Eric and Sookie when they don’t have Adele as a buffer?

*Bored To Death is a pre-requisite to this story.

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start
Chapter 2: How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?
Chapter 3: Best Behavior
Chapter 4: Uncharacteristic
Chapter 5: Misery Loves Company
Chapter 6: Burned
Chapter 7: Unfair
Chapter 8: Paint It Red
Chapter 9: It Gives You Wings
Chapter 10: First Impressions
Chapter 11: Goodwill
Chapter 12: More Like Blood
Chapter 13: Weathered
Chapter 14: Better Things
Chapter 15: No One
Chapter 16: Sensory Change
Chapter 17: A Graceful Exit
Chapter 18: Driving The Point Home
Chapter 19: Do Over
Chapter 20: 2740
Chapter 21: In The Shit
Chapter 22: Freedom
Chapter 23: Clusterfuck
Chapter 24: Shit Sandwich
Chapter 25: Acquisition
Chapter 26: Still
Chapter 27: Curtains

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile

  1. NOOO…….And I mean that in a good way!!!!! You need to finish BTD because it is sooo good not start a new fiction that I’ll love and get hooked on, and that will divide your time with the other fics your writing I’m already stuck on BTD , AIW, L&D, and now this!!!! Your CRUEL!

  2. I love your stories and I can’t wait for everything to get updated. I’m new to your stuff and just spent the past few days devouring what you’ve posted here.

  3. I really don’t know…. I liked Bored to death Sookie, I found her perfect… and here I am liking this Sookie better…finding her more perfect… You have such a good writing that it always surprise me when I am at a chapter end… I can’t stop myself from crying “already!!!! I want more more!!!” So here I am impatientely waiting.

  4. I so was worried when you started Meanwhile because I wanted more BTD. I held off reading in protest *Hangs head in shame* After a while I said I am going to read it. I have to say you left me totally hooked. It was perfect. The layers of your writing is amazing. I am constantly checking my email hoping you will update all your stories. I so hope you will continue Meanwhile. I can’t wait for what comes next.

  5. You need to put next links at the bottom of the chapters so I don’t have to open new tabs and close the last ones all the time for when I come back to re read this for the third time 😛

  6. is it possible to put next options in meanwhile story for chpt changes. always having to go to chpt listing to go to next chpt.

  7. love your stories. just finished with the chapter curtains and thought “what!?! she can´t leave me hanging. where is the rest?” i sooo hope that some day you come back to this story and continue it. i really loved it.
    2 thumbs up from germany

  8. Oh My Godddd!!! Curtains. Death. Of. Me.
    More please! I loved the Eric and Sookies in Bored to Death and Meanwhile!

  9. Just reread the whole story. Admired the way you gently led us to the conclusion. The characters you created were believable and had humour (always a bonus in my book). As I wrote the plot was wonderful, the characters wonderful & your story was consistently tempered throughout. Thankyou.

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