Euro Pass

**THIS STORY IS IN PROGRESS**Nan Award[9]Bill Award[4]

EP CoverRising is supposed to be simple, right? HA!

Onca upon a time in a Kingdom far away, a Vampire argues with his one and only child, prompting them to go their separate ways.

The Maker passes when he’s offered to re-up his contract as Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana and returns to Europe…

Pam decides to stay in the States to make a name for herself as on of Bartlett Crowe’s Sheriffs.

Things are reliably and maddeningly boring for both of them… until Eric rises to the smell of sunlight in his Amsterdam apartment.

But there are worse thing than rising to unexpected company with a gift for gab and proof there is more than one version of himself.

Much worse…

The other Eric can testify to that after what he rises to.



Chapter 1: Sunlight

Chapter 2: Shadows

Chapter 3: Seduced

Chapter 4:


Chapter 5:

Damaged Goods

Chapter 6:


Chapter 7: Independence Day

Chapter 8: Light Of Day

Chapter 9: The First Taste

Chapter 10: Sprightly

Chapter 11: Fuck Them

Chapter 12: Perfect

Chapter 13: Hugs And Kisses

Chapter 14: Bold

Chapter 15: Bombshell

Chapter 16: Sneaking Back

Chapter 17: Home Sweet Home

Chapter 18: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Chapter 19: Unsolved Mysteries

Chapter 20: Blister & Burn

Chapter 21: Elephant In The Room

Chapter 22: Stall Tactics

Chapter 23: Extreme High

Chapter 24: Oh Danny Boy

11 thoughts on “Euro Pass

  1. This is my favorite of your storys, it has so much potential!!! And you can tell it’s not going to be smooth sailing, which makes it all the more interesting…
    When are you going to update?

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  3. I have read most of your other stories which I have LOVED, however, this story is one of my favorites, it has the making of an epic story. Thanks for all of your spectacular work!!!!

  4. This is my favorite verse, and I’m very glad that you’ve made it more than a “shortie”. Eric and Sookie are very sweet together. Love the idea of Eric collecting telepaths, him and Sookie should start a school. Wonderful characters and wonderful story. Gawain and the boys are hilarious, as are Eric’s guards. Hope to see alot more chapters in Eijsden.

  5. I have been thinking about this verse & what this Sookie is like compared to Rubbernecking or Intrepid Intrepid even the real young Sookie in Alpha. I am looking forward to more chapters when it makes sense for you to write them.

  6. I’ve been reading my way through the Multiverse after reading Infinite. You are very talented! I wish you would continue your stories are very entertaining, I’ve been laughing my ass off and even dropped some tears along the way.

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