Intrepid CoverJumping into the time machine, we’re going back to the 80s, yes, the 1980s.

1989, to be specific…

  • George H.W. Bush was the American President…
  • Alf and The Golden Girls were still airing new episodes…
  • Indiana Jones was on his ‘Last Crusade’…
  • Gas still cost less than $1 per gallon…
  • DNA evidence was first used to make convictions…
  • Satellites meant for GPS were just being put into orbit…
  • And Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse are killed during a mysterious flash flood…

Sookie and Jason had just settled into their life at Gran’s house… With extra mouths to feed, Adele doesn’t want to have to sacrifice the family homes or leave her grandchildren wanting for anything if she can help it, and because she’s never been one to sit back and hope for a miracle, she takes a chance…


This isn’t a full story… merely back story to a strand in the Braid.
A/N: Apparently I was wrong… I guess this is a full story after all. 😉

Chapter 1: The Interview

Chapter 2: The Confrontation

Chapter 3: No Man Is An Island

Chapter 4: Counterculture

Chapter 5: Erica Weiss.

Chapter 6: Holiday

Chapter 7: Under Attack

Chapter 8: Big Balls

Outtake: Massage Therapy

Chapter 9: Doppelganger

Chapter 10: In The Genes

Chapter 11: Wedding Bells

Chapter 12: Goodies

Chapter 13: Answers

Chapter 14: Chaperoned

Chapter 15: Monster Under The Bed

Chapter 16: Hot Coals

Chapter 17: Dirty Laundry

Chapter 18: Sanctuary

Chapter 19: The Whole Famn Damily

Chapter 20: Checkmate

Chapter 21: Splish Splash

Chapter 22: Gift Horse

Chapter 23: Dinner Party

Chapter 24: Legendary

Chapter 25: Insult To Injury

Chapter 26: Dry Spell

Chapter 27: Hello There

Chapter 28: New Regime

Chapter 29: Religious

22 thoughts on “Intrepid

  1. Ok….here’s my guess…..given your oh so subtle clue, this new verse will begin in 1985 with Eric being introduced to the Stackhouse clan while Sookie is still a child. Given the known timeline you’ve established…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this happens around the time of ‘the accident’ that was a major fork in the road of Sookie’s life. So I’m willing to guess that he meets with Linda or possibly Gran as they’re looking for additional work to help with income of raising Sookie and Jason. Since the title of the verse means ‘marked with resolute courage’ and I think that describes the entire clan as a whole….it’s hard to pinpoint just one person.

      • *put on bad Bubba impersonation* Thank you, thank you very much….My guess for the 2nd chappie going on the given title…….1 of 2 things 1, Adele confronts Brarlett for assulting Sookie ……2, Eric captures and tortures (the sick fuck) Bartlet for molesting Sookie ooooooooorrrrrrrr 3,,,,,,,BOTH 1& 2 happen. OR Eric arrives with Adele or just as Adele catches Bartlet in the act and during the resulting ‘confrontation’….Eric is exposed as a Vampire.

        Crosses fingers that I’m close.

  2. Chapter 2 of Intrepid is asking me for a password. Am I doing something wrong? That’s never happened before and it’s making me a sad panda 😦

  3. I created a new WordPress acct so I could read the chapter, but even with my new password and profile (displayed at the top when I opened the EricIzMine page), it still would not let me view chapter 2. So methinks that something else is going on. Angela, thanks in advance for looking into it.

  4. Just popping up like a bad penny to whine things like “I can’t wait to read more of this story” and “I really hope you decide to add a shit-ton to this story” and add words like “soon” and “when?” (hey, it *IS* a whine, after all)…

    Srsly, I’m sensing LOTS of pasta’bilities with these two…he’s got a “pissed off but loves him dearly” Sookie AND Gran to practice groveling to with a great back story, lol. Love this Sookie, too.

    Anyway, back to your regularly-scheduled way-too-busy-as-it-is life now~! 😀

  5. just so you know, the link to go from chapter 8 to chapter 9 doesn’t work correctly. instead of going to chapter 9 of Intrepid it goes to chapter 9 of In the Dark. it threw me off there for a minute until i realized i was reading a different story.

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  7. I was hoping that my luck would hold out and when I dropped by there would be a third chapter in two or three days. Damn that would have been epic. I’ve been in and out of consciousness for really the last three or four days and I really don’t know other than I’m fighting some skin infections and I had to half my caffeine. Oh and the full moon is like three days away. My body always freaks out around the full moon. But anyway, I was super excited to see the two new chapters today (technically still today here, barely) since my body hasn’t let me enjoy anything else since Thursday when I last saw my step-great-nephew, who will be all of four whole weeks old tomorrow!! And three days is two long to go without some baby snuggles when he lives next door!!!!!!

  8. It’s a bit late, but I absolutely love this verse, it’s the one I always return to! Sookie is the perfect example of a strong woman in this story, completely unapologetic for being beautiful, smart, gifted and most importantly for not sharing the ideals that everyone else wants for her and not regretting it!

    So very sad to hear there will be no more, Angela will be missed by a great many people (like me) who read the stories and eagerly awaited updates, but didn’t comment regularly or at all.

  9. Love the story. About time Sookie/Erica is using her mind the way it was to be used. Not everyone could pull off a story like this one. I want to thank you for all your hard work and the time you put into your reseach for this. Can we all be excepting more of this story? Again thank you.

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