I’m aware that I suck!

tumblr_m58ll8aTvT1rqkf12I swear to God, I didn’t not realize it’s been so long since I posted an update, but the chapters are still rolling out except for a little unintentional vacation I took thanks to tech nightmares.
I’m really sorry if any of  you have been wondering why you haven’t gotten update emails.

This is sooooooooo bad. I’ve only been able to concentrate on Intrepid as it is… but nine chapters since the last email?

Holy shit.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.



Chapter 12: Goodies

Chapter 13: Answers

Chapter 14: Chaperoned

Chapter 15: Monster Under The Bed

Chapter 16: Hot Coals

Chapter 17: Dirty Laundry

Chapter 18: Sanctuary

Chapter 19: The Whole Famn Damily

Chapter 20: Checkmate

Chapter 21: Splish Splash

13 thoughts on “I’m aware that I suck!

  1. I’m with theladykt, at NO time do you suck!! I get surprised when I get emails anymore, and that’s not to put you down about sending them, but when I was on fb all the time, I didn’t pay attention to the emails since I usually had more up to date info than they did. So, as a noncompliant brat, I think you’re doing great even if I did tease you in my last review 😉

  2. Oh, and if me apparently having the headaches for everyone in the whole world for the last month has helped, or at least it’s felt like it, you’re welcome!! Seriously, for you I’d do anything!!

  3. Suck(ishness) is a relative description – u suck(?) at updating your update page (maybe?). As far as getting that awesome goodness that is more chapters ……. you rock!! Most of us stalk on FB anyway, twitch twitch

  4. Please take all the time you like. I love your creation of these characters and their world. Thank you and all your betas. I’ve had a horrible summer (my dog died) and re-reading all your stories really helped me feel better.

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