RN CoverHere we have another prequel to Bored To Death… Rubbernecking explores two What Ifs…

In this one there wasn’t a flood and Eric retired and returned to Europe.

Based on the estimated ‘Spring of 2002’ date of The Great Revelation, this story takes off in January of 2002.

That’s right, PRE-revelation.


This will be a multi-chapter story.

Hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1: My Way

Chapter 2: It’s A Long, Lonely Highway

Chapter 3: Suspicious Minds

Chapter 4: I Love You Because

Chapter 5: Mean Woman Blues

Chapter 6: T R O U B L E

Chapter 7: Such A Night

Chapter 8: Amazing Grace

Chapter 9: All Shook Up

Chapter 10: Just A Little Bit

Chapter 11: His Latest Flame

Chapter 12: I’ll Remember You

Chapter 13: Didja Ever

Chapter 14: Heartbreak Hotel

Chapter 15: Finders Keepers

Chapter 16: Stuck On You

Chapter 17: She Wears My Ring

Chapter 18: I Can Help

Chapter 19: I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

Chapter 20: I’ll Be There

Chapter 21: Paralyzed

Chapter 22: It Feels So Right

Chapter 23: Help Me Make It Through The Night

Chapter 24: El Toro

15 thoughts on “Rubbernecking

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  4. For some reason it won’t let me comment on the chapter, so this is for RN17

    That was a great skip. I love how they aren’t going for the traditional HEA in RN, but this skip shows them the other side, creates an interesting dynamic.

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