Death’s Door

Death's Door Cover**THIS STORY IS COMPLETE**

Yes! Another Bored To Death spin-off.

The what if…

What if Hadley overdosed? What if Hadley died before ever meeting Queen Sophie-Anne?

This skip brings Eric to Bon Temps in search of His Sookie, but he finds another Sookie unconscious and judging by the state of the house, she’d been living a miserable existence.

8 thoughts on “Death’s Door

  1. Wow-You have three Eric/Sookie stories, each having approximately the same events, but each one different, and each one is superb. I love Eric’s compassion even if he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. And your Tray is a jewel. Realistically, or as realistically as you can get in fantasy fiction, this is what would probably have happened in the books if the good guys hadn’t found a way to defeat Hallow and company. I love Eric’s last statement, “I was wishing I was a dreamsicle”.

    And the new banners are delightful. I saw that interview with AS and Regis/Kelly, too.

  2. I want to read deaths door but when i click the link for chapter 1 on the title page it just takes me back to the title page.

  3. Even after an earthquake and hurricane in our neck of the woods, you’re still cranking out the best fabric on the planet…you’re a wonder! Pat

  4. Just re-read this for the third time and it is such a great variation on the amnesia incident but works so well picking up as the curse ends… Loved the way Adele played such a big part and also the way the two skips mixed into things… Another PERFECT story!

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