Couldn’t Get Away


Every situation has variable outcomes…

Sookie had several dating options by the end of Club Dead.

  1. Bill…
  2. Eric…
  3. Alcide…
  4. None of the above…

Couldn’t Get Away (CGA) is centered on D… loosely.

As per canon, Sookie goes to Jackson with Alcide to help find Bill… Every one of the events in canon through the end of Club Dead happened…

But at the end, after Sookie uninvited Bill and Eric from her house, and she finally had some peace and quiet to think…

What could she have thought about?

This story begins on Dec 26th, just a few nights after Sookie had some alone time.

Chapter 1: Dear John

Chapter 2: Oops

Chapter 3: Always Fun

Chapter 4: Coming Around

Chapter 5: Ding Dong

Chapter 6: Sweet Dreams

3 thoughts on “Couldn’t Get Away

  1. Idk.. I’m not a Sookie fan really. I’m more of an Eric breaking down her self-righteous indignant walls. Even more of a fan when she is written with an open-mind and still has a strong spirit. I’ll chk it out.. hard to imagine someone stronger than Eric to handle that Queen-B!

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