Just in case anyone has been curious about any of the pets mentioned in any of my stories, I’ve added this as an offshoot of the Casting page… but only until the Wiki page is complete. That will be these guys’ permanent home.


Dali CharacterBanner by EricIzMineDali: Ocelot

Dali was given to Sookie while she was working for Wallace Milne. Her name was inspired by artist Salvador Dali because he kept an ocelot as a pet.

More about Ocelots ->


Tina: Keeshond

After a running joke about Erik stalking Sookie, he finds the cutest puppy possible to use as bait. Tina is short for Grand Duchess Constantina Lenore of the House of Barge.

More about Keeshonden ~>


A Boy Named Sue: Indian Peafowl

Sookie won Sue’s egg in a poker game and raised him from a chick.

More about Indian Peafowls~>


Swede CharacterBanner by EricIzMineSwede: Blue and Yellow MacawLike A Rock

Swede was found while the family was ‘shipwrecked’ in the Caymans, and his name was inspired by his coloring.

More about Blue and Yellow Macaws ->


Monte Carlo: Green Iguana

After fulfilling the ‘Monaco Challenge’ given by his Uncles Bert, Hunter is rewarded with his own ‘dinosaur’.

More about Green Iguanas ~>


Pam: Capuchin

Originally named Genevieve, this little monkey proved to be a handful and found her way to Pam’s menagerie.

More about Capuchins ~>


Snuggles & Sunshine: Ball Pythons
In The Dark

Pam promised Tina and Shelly pets while she helped them move.

Unfortunately, when Eric and Pam brainstormed, he forgot to say ‘no snakes’ while nixing other possible pets. Sunshine was named for her bright coloring, and Snuggles earned his name by escaping his cage to sneak into the closest bed.

More about Ball Pythons ~>


Pinkus : Andros Island Iguana
Couldn’t Get Away

Purchased and smuggled back to Shreveport for Hunter, Sookie kept him when he was excluded from the braid.

More about Andros Island Iguanas ~>


 Versace, Armani, Izod, Oleg Cassini: Sphynx
Multiple Verses

Over the years, Pam has developed a love for Sphynxes for their hairlessness.

Izod lives in Alpha

Oleg Cassini is mentioned posthumously in Rubbernecking

Versace and Armani appear in Death’s Door

More about Sphynxes~>


Tina: Common House Cat
Multiple Verses

Tina was found as kitten and taken in by Sookie and Gran. She quickly trained the avid readers in the house to pet her while they read.


9 thoughts on “Pets

  1. Love this page. The animals are so brilliant in every verse. you forgot about cujo and tippy from life and death though and bob from it can’t be

      • Super sweet banner for Swede & Dali! Thank u!! Should Meantime host a skip in the future; can pet Pam get from ink/keystrokes? Would enjoy learning how Hunter gets along with monkey Pam; will he try and train/rename her Ampersand (like monkey in comic book; Y the Last Man?)


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