Brain Hog!

just because it's A-fucking-DORABLEI know y’all are keeping fingers and toes crossed for other Verses, but right now Intrepid is being a brain hog even though it’s not very popular.

I’m working on the others, but Intrepid’s muse is a loud enough bitch that I’m actually writing 4 chapters of it at once.

Other story news: Nuclear Winter, Rubbernecking, and Dead Tired: Resurrection are all begging for attention because their new chapters are almost done. The In The Dark finale is still on hold until another Verse catches up to it.

Newness since my last update:


Chapter 5: Erica Weiss

Chapter 6: Holiday

Chapter 7: Under Attack

Chapter 8: Big Balls


Hopefully, Intrepid will take a nap or some shit so I get to work on the 4 other chapters that are almost finished.



30 thoughts on “Brain Hog!

  1. Not popular? Well I’m really enjoying it. I don’t have to have a Sookie Eric story for me to love it as long as all the gang are in there I’m happy.

  2. I’m with stormash!! I might not be 100% happy that Eric and Sookie aren’t together, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the story. I’m waiting for Sookie to stake Gawain most of all!! I think it’s just as awesome as the rest of your stories because Eric walked back into this Sookie’s life thinking he was going to mentor her and she already had everything under control, and even knew partly about her heritage. I love him to death but this Sookie really doesn’t need Eric for anything more than a friend.

  3. Not popular!?! I love it. I wasn’t sure about the non-Eric pairing at first but you’ve really made it believable enough that I’m totally rooting for Sookie and Asa right now. Eric doesn’t seem to be suffering from lack of Sookie lovin’ the man just had a welcome back orgy! Write on Muses write on…..

  4. I think they’re all great …. some are sweet, some are sassy, some are funny and some are different (?) but they all make me “twitch”.

  5. I love Intrepid. I know some people have been whining because Eric and Sookie aren’t together romantically right away and thus it means it is awful, but I’m not one of them. I get really annoyed how many Sookie’s are pure, innocent, naive, dumb ass bitches. That’s why I love ALL your stories, Sookie isn’t like that. I love that this Sookie didn’t need Eric to guide her into the supe world with her abilities. He helped her when she was a child, but she doesn’t need him. I love her more for that fact. No woman should need a man/vampire. They should be strong enough to be on their own.

  6. I don’t know about anyone else but I think Intrepid is great. Not my favourite but still great…as is anything you write 😉
    We’ll wait patiently for everything else…”until the twelfth of never…”

  7. I don’t understand not popular. I love it. Just like all the rest. I can’t wait to see what you have going on. Yes I have been pondering what will happen. I am always happy to follow you down the rabbit hole.
    I can’t believe you have 4 chapters ready and I have to go to work. Shit

  8. It took me a few chapters to get into it after the initial ones because the Asa thing threw me off. We’re following Eric’s perspective, who things she’s just having sex with an engaged guy. Once we really start to see the two of them together, it came together for me too. Asa’s sexy, kind and a badass. I can see why they’re together. I don’t know where you’re gonna take them but I can’t wait to see. And I’d love to see chapters of Nuclear Winter and Rubbernecking again….but also Like a Rock and, probably my personal favorite, Alpha 🙂

  9. Are you kidding me? Not popular?? You have everybody going back and forth on whether Sookie should be with Asa or Eric? There isn’t a story you write that isn’t popular!!!! Every day hell more then once a day, I am checking to see what story has been updated as I never know what you are going to give us. Along with the Verses, I also love your older stories as in Saint’s and Sinners, Life and Death. I do hope you get back to that as I love S&S and the continuation was just starting. Also, love It Can’t be. Would love to see a new chapter of that soon too.

    We love anything and everything you write!!!!!!

  10. Not popular? Are you kidding me?!! Do you know how hard it was too keep myself from pestering you after the supposed-end of the Verse? I was only able to stop myself because I hate it when people do that. So instead I just read every other story in hopes that they’d skip and we would find out how it all turned out…I was thinking maybe Priorities from ITD, but now I’m kind of hoping not because I love Asa. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  11. I must be special then. I don’t like it. Read the chapters, and enjoy reading it, because of your writing style. Makes me laugh and the like, but at the end I want Eric and Sookie together. I mean, isn’t it all about them?
    I read everything that comes from you. Started with Saint and Sinners about a year ago or so, and since then I am at your blog at least once a day. Intrepid is the first story that I don’t LOVE. I can read it, if there is nothing better to do, but I do so a little bit reluctantly. In another hand if you were to update Alpha or Like a Rock I would make a fist pump for those stories for sure. It’s only my 5 cents, though.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that Sookie’s whole relationship with Asa is one big fake out? Because it would make a lot of sense. Even with the exceptional circumstances, I can’t see Sookie as entirely happy being cast as the other woman in a relationship. Her being involved with a packmaster, on the other hand, would deter a lot of unwanted attention from vampires she met on the job who’d want to claim her.

    It is part of Asa’s job, after all. He’s there to protect Sookie; not just from physical harm, but also from unwanted attention, which allows her to work without (as much) hassle. I could be wrong, of course, but I do think my reasoning is entirely plausible.

    • This makes so much sense to my mind (which always looks for ways to put Eric & Sookie together) But I think one of the many vampires that have been in their room would have noticed nothing smelled like sex. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are right!

      And I want to say that I LOVE Intrepid!!!! I love all of the verses, even Shitheel ( and I almost never like a fic when Eric isn’t w.Sookie)

      But I went from 8D when I saw there were 4 new chapters to 😯 when i read the titles to 8( i’ve already read them all…..

      Then I went <8D I CAN READ THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the updates and for sharing your very creative imagination and wonderful writing skills with us.

      • Eh, I was merely postulating a theory. I do have a preference for Eric and Sookie together (anyone know what CH was thinking? Really?) but you’ve really created something unique with Sookie and Asa. He’s an intriguing character, and it will be interesting to see more of their backstory and how their relationship develops. I’m also curious to know if you’ll keep them together and how skipping will affect them.

  13. I actually quite like Intrepid. I love the idea of Eric meeting Adele when Sookie was wee-little, but I think that the whole abandonment issue means that they’re unlikely to ever get together in that verse, so I’m glad she has Asa. (Side note, how do you pronounce it? I’ve never met anyone named Asa and I’m curious.)

    Also, are you heading back to In the Dark anytime soon? That verse was one of my favorites.

    One last question: just out of academic curiosity is there any kind of hierarchy when you post a chapter banner? I’ve seen ‘on the way’, ‘with betas’, ‘in the works’, ‘on the horizon’, ‘coming soon’ and I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten. Is there a method to it or is it random?

    -roxanne the arguably sane

  14. I’m liking Intrepid. I really want to see where it is going and love to see Eric and Sookie’s friendship that is developing and delving into Sookie’s childhood that involved Eric. Love the notes from the past. Oh and can’t wait for more In th Dark!

  15. I don’t not like it but I don’t read it unless I have nothing better going on. I enjoy my Sookie and Eric especially since the books ended so poorly. I read Sookie and Eric fan fic to set the world right so when she is paired with someone else it doesn’t quite help my cause.

  16. I missed the note about Intrepid not being popular. I love it myself. I am an Asa fan. The only verse I am not totally crazy about is Rubbernecking, but I still would not miss a chapter.

  17. I like the verse, it isn’t my favorite, but it is hard to compare the verses. Each brings out a new facet of Sookie and Eric’s personalities. My favorites are Like a Rock and Breathless. I also miss your human stories ie AIW and the S&S sequel.

  18. I love all the stories. I’m currently re re rereading them all. My favorite is always the one I’m reading at the moment which changes. I miss the updates. I think you’re brilliant. You have unmatched creativity.

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