Dead Tired: Resurrection

DTR CoverAfter I thought I’d given up on the Infinite Stories entirely, I discovered that I’d dissaopointed a lot of people…

Now that I have a team of World Class Beta Ninjas, I’m trying to clean the story up… make it less repetitive… omit some redundance and hopefully make it more enjoyable to read.

Thank you all for supporting the project…

And for those of you who haven’t already read it…

This story was written as though everything after From Dead To Worse (book 8) didn’t get published. Any truths established in the SVM in Dead and Gone are irrelivent to this story… This story is very adult… This story contains unorthodox relationships… This story’s characters come off as being very OCC (fucking hate that tag) until the story line unfolds to explain the change.

Now that you’ve been warned, I hope that you enjoy the ‘Less Fucked ;)’ version of my first ever attempt to write more than a grocery list.


Chapter 1: Prelude

Chapter 2: The Beginning

Chapter 3: The Competition

Chapter 4: Unwarranted

Chapter 5: A Babe In The Woods

Chapter 6: Welcome Mat

Chapter 7: Quitting Time

Chapter 8: Highland Rollercoaster

21 thoughts on “Dead Tired: Resurrection

  1. Is the old version posted anywhere? I read it quite awhile back and really loved it. I wanted to reread it but could not remember the name or author, oddly enough I later stumbled across Resurrection entirely by chance, realized what it was and started going nuts about it even worse than before.

  2. I just want to say that I would really like to write like you do when you wrote “fucked” version. I am just sorry that I do not have it in my computer ´for reading again. Anyway I really like your new version too.

    • I took down the original because I was so unhappy with it as it was, I was embarrassed by it.
      I honestly think that it’s much better now though.

      • I disagree I loved, loved, loved the original version. Are you going to re-post it or get this newer version posted anytime soon because I would really like to re-read it.

  3. You were being too hard on yourself. I enjoyed the story so much that I wanted to read it again. I’m currently reading Bored To Death again. I love your work and you are a great writer. I’ve also reread the first 10 chapters of It can’t Be again. 🙂

  4. Hello Angela i know you said you all are cleaning this story up, even though we love it as is…… Do you know when any more of it will be posted? I love this story and also the Infiniite Series. can you share with us when there will be more updates? I love the Mutiverse but this story is what got me reading your stuff, love your take on everything SVM. Let us know. thanks and my best Kristie

  5. S&S and the Infinite are the best things to read when I simply want to relax, unwind and let normal life become completely insignificant for a few hours! Thankyou so very much!

  6. Hey, I still love this story and hope your muse is thinking about continuing. I love how bad ass Sookie is and how well her family came together. I love to reread this, It is one of my guilty pleasures ( I really do not feel any guilt at all). Please do not forget about this story. I am longing to see the boys being born.

  7. I miss this story, please continue it soon. I like both versions, and I think you should repost the original at least until you get the new one complete.

  8. I love the remake! I love Infinite, but this sounds more like Sookie and Eric. The other sounded like everything us fans wanted to read, but both are spectacular and please please please keeping redoing Dead Tired!!!

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