I survived…

tumblr_mszr6t3Uus1qa2ovmo2_500But barely… I hate moving with a passion.
I’m sort of settled into my temporary home now, and hoping to dive into writing as much as possible… Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually get something done while I’m living with my parents/grandmother/brother’s family-

That’s right… We’re like the Waltons.
No. Maybe more like the Manson family? Branch Davidians?

Anyway- I owe y’all some words…

And you’re getting them.

A lot of y’all have already discovered the chapters listed below via the BratPack/site-stalking, but you’re getting a list anyway. If for no better reason, the insane amount of links you’re getting might eventually inspire me to be more proactive when it comes to notifications.


What have I done since the last time I visited your inbox more than a month ago?

Well… I’ve ‘hired’ new Betas and they’re all made of awesome…

And I’ve been writing in spite of the craziness of my move (actually I was hiding from it because being in Eric’s head is more fun that packing).



Chapter 22: Gift Horse

Chapter 23: Dinner Party

Chapter 24: Legendary

Chapter 25: Insult To Injury

Chapter 26: Dry Spell

Chapter 27: Hello There

Chapter 28: New Regime


Like A Rock

Chapter 18: So Much More


A new Verse that takes off from the end of Intrepid, Chapter 27. You’ll be completely lost if you don’t start with that.

Culture Shock

Chapter 1: Southern Hospitality

Chapter 2: Feelin’ Froggy


Also, I’ve been posting little outtakes to the BratPack for a while now. I’ve just posted them to WP to share with everyone.

*Pat likes for everything to be in one place. Who am I to argue with her? :*

Bored To Death


Junk Food

They both take place after BTD ended.



Business Trip

If you’re curious about the mysterious skip experienced by poor confused Intrepid Eric.



Massage Therapy

If you’re curious about how Sookie came to discover the highly coveted massage oil.


I’m hoping y’all are too busy reading to be too pissed at me.

Thanks for hanging in there with all the chaos.



10 thoughts on “I survived…

  1. Angela, when you put it all up like this, it’s very clear to me that you spoil us brats rotten. And that a few of these came out while you were moving is testimony of how much awesome you’re made of. Truly.

  2. I really don’t understand how you do all you do and still write great stories. I try not to feel entitled, but it’s hard sometimes. Seriously, I’m grateful for every chapter to write.

  3. Moving is the 7th circle of hell. I just moved my Mum twice in 3 months so I feel your pain. Thanks so much for continuing to write through all that! Funny thing – being in Eric’s head seems to be the cure all for moving stress. You keep writing; I’ll keep reading. Deal?! xo

  4. As an ex-army brat, I completely, one hundred percent understand your hatred of moving!!!! I’m sure from each prospective, we all think we have it the worst, but I remember every 2-4 years from second grade until eleventh being so upset, sometimes bawling my eyes out, because I was leaving behind the person I thought would have been my best friend for life if we hadn’t been separated. If it makes you feel any better, because I’m sure you’ve probably heard this once or twice, there are a couple I’ve kept in touch with most of my life, and they are from my home town that we kept coming back to every 5 years or so. My grandparents owned some land that my parents put a house on so somehow my dad would luck out and get stationed at the base about 30 miles from there (which is actually here now) and that’s how I met and re-met those friends to become life long friends.

    • Packing and unpacking still sucked, no matter if you were the service member or youngest dependent!!! And when those ignorant movers would drop a crate full of your kitchen wares or, my favorite, after you’ve been in a country where gorgeous hand carved wood furniture is dirt cheap and they were so kind as to put the forks on the fork lift through the gorgeous Black Forest china cabinet once you have waited 6-8 weeks state side for your furniture. Hopefully the movers the navy used were much better than the army’s!!!

  5. I’m on my 32nd house. Marine brat coming up is to blame for most of it. I hate living with relatives. Bless you. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for all your hard work and spoiling us. Much love and sympathy.

  6. It’s christmas in september!

    Wow, so many chapters. I had to stop myself from site stalking, cos i love being excited when i get your alert email. The time i got an email that had links to chapters i’d already read… My poor broken heart almost crushed me 😉

    So now i get an email with all this delicious tasty new ericy goodness, and you cant wipe the grin off my face with a sandblaster =D

    Thankyou so much, and I hope your stay is more Walton-ish than Davidian-ish!

  7. Firstly congratulations on surviving your move… As other readers have commented, it is one of the most stressful experiences ever… I am amazed at how much you could write while in the process…

    And I want to admit that months after I read and loved Bored to Death’s first chapters, I FINALLY understood what the multiverse (I am kind of slow at times…) is and I am in awe of what a complex and amazing thing this is… I actually read Alpha and at the end (which of course it is not the end cause it is not yet finished. Right? I may have gotten that wrong too), I had a massive moment of AAAAAAHHHHH! Now I get it… Of course now I am impatient to find the time to read Bored to Death and Meanwhile and then figure out what to read next…

    Thank you thank you thank you for creating such an amazing universe multitimeline with BTD’s Eric & Sookie at their heart.

  8. Angie angie…..when you type them out like dat….yum….LOL….have I told u lately that I looove u…..LOL will we get more of cultural shock ? Please…see ya next ones….and I missed u…hope all is well with your move…

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