I survived…

tumblr_mszr6t3Uus1qa2ovmo2_500But barely… I hate moving with a passion.
I’m sort of settled into my temporary home now, and hoping to dive into writing as much as possible… Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually get something done while I’m living with my parents/grandmother/brother’s family-

That’s right… We’re like the Waltons.
No. Maybe more like the Manson family? Branch Davidians?

Anyway- I owe y’all some words…

And you’re getting them.

A lot of y’all have already discovered the chapters listed below via the BratPack/site-stalking, but you’re getting a list anyway. If for no better reason, the insane amount of links you’re getting might eventually inspire me to be more proactive when it comes to notifications.


What have I done since the last time I visited your inbox more than a month ago?

Well… I’ve ‘hired’ new Betas and they’re all made of awesome…

And I’ve been writing in spite of the craziness of my move (actually I was hiding from it because being in Eric’s head is more fun that packing).



Chapter 22: Gift Horse

Chapter 23: Dinner Party

Chapter 24: Legendary

Chapter 25: Insult To Injury

Chapter 26: Dry Spell

Chapter 27: Hello There

Chapter 28: New Regime


Like A Rock

Chapter 18: So Much More


A new Verse that takes off from the end of Intrepid, Chapter 27. You’ll be completely lost if you don’t start with that.

Culture Shock

Chapter 1: Southern Hospitality

Chapter 2: Feelin’ Froggy


Also, I’ve been posting little outtakes to the BratPack for a while now. I’ve just posted them to WP to share with everyone.

*Pat likes for everything to be in one place. Who am I to argue with her? :*

Bored To Death


Junk Food

They both take place after BTD ended.



Business Trip

If you’re curious about the mysterious skip experienced by poor confused Intrepid Eric.



Massage Therapy

If you’re curious about how Sookie came to discover the highly coveted massage oil.


I’m hoping y’all are too busy reading to be too pissed at me.

Thanks for hanging in there with all the chaos.



Been a while…

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So it seems I’ve been up to my old tricks of forgetting to send out the word about new chapters.

I’m sorry.

alex arm pumpBefore I get to the chapter links, I need to take a minute to brag about the Fangie Awards… This is all just an excuse to let myself get excited about it all over again. I’m honored, and proud, and I appreciate every. fucking. vote! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I should have posted this last week, but my timing doesn’t reflect any bit of how flabbergasted I am by how much y’all seem to enjoy the MultiVerse!

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Now that I’m finished with my gushing, on to the chaps…

I wrote a short little one-shot ficlet in the same spirit as Salt In The Wound. It’s just a joke, folks.

The Lemon Cart


Dead Tired: Resurrection

Chapter 7: Quitting Time


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 30: Bedlam

Chapter 31: Teacher Teacher


Bright Things

Chapter 20: Damage Control

Chapter 21: Gas Light


If you haven’t already read them, I hope you enjoy them…
If you have already have already read them, rest assured there are more chapters on the immediate horizon.


HOLY FU*&$%%@*$&%*$&%!#@%@^*!!!!!


You have no idea how stupid a girl my size looks while simultaneously happy dancing, rioting like a drunk soccer fan and shitting her pants… but now my family does 😉

for all of your support!

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I celebrated with a steak dinner and now that I’m so bloated my fingers are stiff, I’m giving you the new chapter of Alpha… and Rubbernecking will be tomorrow night.

** 😀 **

Did I say THANK YOU?

Because I mean it…




Chapter 14: Black Sheep


Thank You!





EIM goes mobile!

Here ya go folks…

After this weekend’s post asking for portable/eReader files of my stories, I now have a stockpile of .azw, .docx, .epub, .mobi, and .pdf versions for you!

The thoughtful horde provided dozens of files and they’re all listed and linked to my MediaFire server. Let me know if there are any broken links!


To all of you who shared your precioussss treasures…



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PS… There’s a new chapter of Euro Pass in Team Beta’s mailboxes as I type 😉

Sorry no chapter this weekend. Life was life.


It’s been busy in the MultiVerse…


In honor of Irene… I’m posting all of my chapters tonight because God only knows what’s going to happen with the power and internet here in Dahlgren.

I’m going to trust you folks to pace yourself.

Five chapters in one week is a lot… Don’t overdose or anything.


First off… A lot of you folks are working under the assumption that Sookie is pregnant at the end of Shitheel. Sorry… She is not knocked up. Proof: Shitheel happens in February, and Death’s Door happens in March… Our Eric would never let Sookie battle with witches if she were pregnant. 😀


Next… some of you guys got what you asked for. I did write the follow up to In The Dark.

The MulitVerse

The Lighter Side


And to prevent some manner of confusion, Euro Pass will be separated since both sides of the story are being told by Erics…

Euro Pass

Chapter 1: Sunlight

Sookie wakes up with the wrong Eric and has more than a few obstacles between her and getting home to her family.

Chapter 2: Shadows

Eric rises to an annoying scent and has to piece together a way to help Sookie help herself.


As always… I’m dying to hear what you think…