Chapter 7: Such A Night


Chapter 7

Such A Night


Sookie stormed out of the penthouse as soon as I accepted her father’s offer. The errands I needed to run didn’t require a sports car, but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity… I probably would have taken the loaner if it had been anyone else’s car.

Even better than knowing I’d be driving a Viper instead of a Taurus, was that when Sookie stormed out of the apartment I was urged to go after her so she couldn’t ‘ditch’ me.

The perfect excuse.

As quickly as I could move, I barely made it to the elevator in time to keep it from closing.

She rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall, pouting and saying nothing until the elevator opened on the floor where our rooms were. Even then she only ordered me to hold the elevator while she grabbed her things.

When she returned with a purse and wearing a coat, I asked, “Am I allowed to speak yet?”


“But I want to know what a nut-tap is.”

“Do you want to know bad enough to risk pissing me off?”

“I’m not exactly intimidated by you.” Aroused and curious, but not intimidated.

She narrowed her eyes and swung her arm to the side, and yes, tapped my nuts.

All I could do was growl and keep my mouth shut so my fangs weren’t exposed when the elevator door opened… It wasn’t as though I knew how soon that would happen since my eyes were squeezed shut.

And it was my fucking fault… not only had she confirmed what I wanted to know, but I really should have seen it coming. Nut. Tap. Nut-tap.

And it wasn’t as though Brandon acted like a nut-tap was a good thing.

But… nut could have meant head.

Should have known better…

I might have kept my eyes closed longer just because I didn’t want to see how amused Sookie was. I wasn’t on the floor (not that it didn’t seem like a great place to be), but I’m sure I looked like I was heading in that direction.

If she was half as amused as Pam would be, I would have forgotten that I’d asked for it.

But when I did open my eyes, after feeling that trademark dip just before the elevator stopped, Sookie was as straight-faced as she was when I checked in.


She led the way, avoiding the main entrance and taking me through the service corridors to a delivery bay…

And directly to a gorgeous sapphire blue Dodge Viper roadster.

She disarmed the alarm and unlocked the doors via remote, tossing the keys to me, quietly walking around to slide into the passenger seat.

I was almost sure she thought letting me drive would make up for my nut-tap.

She remained quiet until we were nearly a block away from the hotel, but she finally offered, “This worked out pretty well.”

“My nut-tap?”

She giggled, “Sorry about that… It’s really hard to pull off acting like you’re pissed when three people have the ability to tell otherwise. I had to get out of Brandon’s range.”

“Could you have not explained that a nut-tap is a vicious attack on a man’s balls?”

She snorted, “First of all, it should make you feel better to know when I get Brandon, Jason, Jude or Alcide, I hit much harder. And no, it only took me half a second to imagine where the topic of balls would have taken us…”

“I’m not sure an explanation of…”

She laughed, “Don’t lie! As soon as I told you a nut-tap is a sneaky shot to the balls, you would’ve asked if there was a female equivalent… leaving me to define titty-plucks… So, there we are in an elevator discussing balls and boobs while I’m trying to act like my father’s overzealous attempt to take me fishing in the morning isn’t the best excuse ever to be alone for a while.”

If she wasn’t fucking with me about asking Pam for the keys to her chastity belt then why the fuck would she want to be alone with me?

“We won’t be alone though. Aren’t Bubba and Adele at the house?”

“In the main house, yeah… I guess Pam didn’t mention…” She giggled, “Before the rest of the family migrated to the city, Brandon and I were already staying there with Bubba… A storm set one of the neighbor’s boats adrift and it took out the little pier and shed… Brandon and I offered to build a proper boathouse with ulterior motives. It’s far enough away from the house we can’t hear what the other one is up to unless we try. By the time the rest of the family moved in because they were sick of the drive to and from Bon Temps, Bran and I were staying at the hotel more often than not anyway. So we take turns using the house as a telepathic vacation.”

“You built a house? On the property with another house?”

She nodded. “It increased the property value for you by 20% since it’s a two-bay boathouse and guest-house. Two bedrooms, three baths, full kitchen… We keep Daddy’s pontoon boat there for fishing and Brandon’s Bowrider for waterskiing and whatnot.”

“And what would you do if I opted to sell the property?”

She shrugged. “Uh… buy it? It’s an awesome house. Easy to see why it’s on your favorites list.”

“What was done with the access tunnel to the saferoom?”

“It was incorporated. Bubba uses it all the time because he feeds out there. He drains the cats and tosses them out. The fish and gators get rid of the carcasses for him.”

“He’s become more tidy since I saw him last too. He caused a rabies scare after leaving a mess in an alley once.”

She giggled, “He also didn’t know Jack back then… The pack has an in with animal control, you know, to repress wolf-sighting reports… The pound euthanizes twice a week. We joke and call it drive-thru. He gets eight healthy kitties that would have died anyway every week…”

“And one ample serving of Sookie.”

She giggled again. “That too.”

“Do you have any idea how bizarre it is that you’re a willing donor?”

“I don’t know… Pam calls me his wet-nurse… How weird is it that I’m kind of offended that he prefers cat blood?”

“Your feelings aren’t weird. His preferences are…” Leaving the subject of her blood as soon as I could think of one… “What made you chose a Viper?”

“I didn’t. Luck chose it for me. I won it in a card game.”

“You won a Viper?”

“We had an eBay store for all the weird shit people would bet and lose. Watches, jewelry, cars… We didn’t buy either boat. That giant crystal chandelier in the lobby was from an IOU.”

“Do you literally take the shirts off players’ backs?”

She laughed, “Hell yeah. If they aren’t smart enough to stop while they still have their dignity, far be it from me to not get any entertainment out of it.”

“Tell me you have a deck of cards in your house.”

She giggled, “Isn’t strip poker a little… juvenile?

“We could start with articles of clothing…”

“And then move on to favors, huh?”

I nodded.

She giggled evilly, “I’m sooooo going to take pictures of you while you’re naked and scrubbing deck chairs.”

As tempted as I was to laugh, I offered, “It only seems fair… I’m planning to take pictures while you give me a blow job.”

The way she grunted was ambiguous… when I glanced at her, she offered her hand. “May the best man win.”


The mood in the car was oppressive at best for the rest of the short drive.

Five minutes of conversation, followed by fifteen minutes of anticipation and the occasional glance that made Western Hills seem that much further away.

Even the short call Sookie took from her father so he could apologize didn’t put a damper on my mood.

The driveway to the house had once been gravel, leading from the street, past the portico and around to the detached garage.

The gravel had been replaced with blacktop and a split had been added… Not only did it lead to a garage that had mysteriously doubled in size, but it led down to the recently added boat ramp.

I couldn’t bring myself to complain about the unauthorized renovations. Everything had been tailored to match the style of the house. Nothing was out of scale. The Stackhouses had gone as far as replacing the wood shingled siding on the house so it would match the new structures.

Before I could ask if Pam had a hand in the work, Sookie offered, “The storm that came through and messed up the pier delivered a fatal blow to the old garage in the form of the neighbor’s tree. Brandon lost his Porsche too. I’m pretty sure he cried.”

I chuckled, picturing Brandon weeping over the crushed hood of a Carrera, while I followed Sookie, but she stopped in her tracks.

She breathed, “Oh, hell no,” and scowled at the boathouse.

When I asked what was wrong, she waved her hands to silently urge me to come closer.

She whispered, “Those little shits are in my house…”

“What little shits?”

“My kid sisters. They’re supposedly at a birthday party for a friend. Sleepover, my ass.”

“You have younger sisters?”

“Twins. Actual twins. Jessie and Josie: Sixteen year old monsters… and they brought boys with them.”


“And? And I’m gonna kick their asses. They lied to Mom and Daddy.”

“What are we waiting for?”

She snickered quietly and shook her head. “Are you up for some fun?”

“Absolutely. My phone battery is fully charged. I have time to decide if you’ll be on your knees or bent at the waist.”

She snorted, “I meant…” She covered her mouth when she couldn’t quiet her laugh. “Asshole. I meant fuckery. Common fuckery… We need to scare off the squatters if we’re going to break out the card deck.”

“Scare them off?”

She nodded and focused on my chest for a moment before she offered, “Just a sneak attack… but I can’t walk on the hollow deck without them hearing… Fly us over and put us on the upper deck?

“Pam really talks too much.”

She shrugged and put her hands on my shoulders, raising one of her knees to my thigh. She didn’t wait for me to lift her… as soon as my hand was under her ass, she lifted her other leg…

Squeezing her legs around me… biting her lip as she adjusted…

What was I annoyed by again?

She whimpered, “Just to be sure, since we pay rent… Eric, won’t you please come in?”

“Are you still talking about the boathouse?”

She smirked and answered, “Even if I was issuing an invitation to something else, we still need to get rid of the teenagers.”

“Not necessarily… the garage is closer.”

She tilted her hips to rub against me, “I do my best work on a softer canvas…”

I tried to interrupt her, remind her that we didn’t have the keys to her chastity belt yet just to let her think I was playing along, but she cut me off by wrapping her lips around my chin and dragging her teeth away slowly, rubbing the whole time.

When she was finished pushing me, she whispered, “You’re wasting time.”


I had the brief thought as I landed on the deck overlooking the lake that I wished I had thought to do the same while I used the property…

The thought dissolved when I realized there were two settees and several chairs with thick cushions on the deck… softer canvasses

She giggled as she lowered her legs. “Hold that thought.”

As she turned around she stopped again and held her breath. The façade of the boathouse was nothing but framework for glass doors and windows… completely open to the view of the lake from the inside, but from the deck, there was a perfect view of the teen orgy…

To the left there was a bedroom… home to a king sized bed where a spindly blonde girl was happily pinned to the bed under a dark haired boy awkwardly trying to find somewhere to put his hands.

To the right was a large all-purpose room… kitchen, dining area and living room… on the large sectional sofa, another blonde was straddling a redheaded boy topless. He was smart enough to know where his hands should be.

Beer bottles were scattered here and there… and there was large peacock sitting on one of the dining room chairs. I thought it was stuffed until it turned its head.

Bright blue, his plumage cascading to the floor from its perch…

A peacock?

Sookie pulled the door open as quietly as possible and stepped into the large gathering room, leaving just enough room for me to step in behind her.

She blurted, “Statutory rape and under-aged drinking!? Damn, we’re missing all the fun!”

Prince Valiant covered the chest of his ‘friend’ with a throw pillow, but his mouth was left open as though her nipple was still in it.

Sookie elbowed my ribs for chuckling.

After a loud thud in the bedroom, that girl hissed, “It’s just my sister.

Sookie nodded and walked towards the couple on the sofa. “You can call me Cockblocker though. Nice to meet you….”

The sister snarled, “Don’t say it. She’ll… nevermind. Just shut up.”

After a pause, Sookie gave a wicked giggle. Whatever her sister didn’t want Sookie to know had already crossed the boy’s mind.

The sister pruned her lips together and shook her head. “You’re such a bitch, Sookie.”

“I try.”

“And a hypocrite!”

Sookie snorted, “How the fuck am I being a hypocrite, Jess?”

Jess snorted and left her toy’s lap to search for her shirt. “Well, Miss High and Mighty, what did you plan to do with him?”

Sookie’s head tipped back as she cackled. “That’s hilarious! We’re both consenting adults… even more, in order for me to be a hypocrite in this situation, I would have needed to lie to our parents about where I’d be, lie to him about who I am, raid your fridge and take someone who can be arrested for touching me to your room. Are you clearer on the definition of hypocrisy now, little girl?

Jess clenched her jaw and yanked her shirt over her head. “You’re embarrassing us. Shut the fuck up!”

“Get the hell out of here. You’ll go to the house. Your dates will go back to their nursing home…”

While I snorted, the girl in the bedroom jeered, “Oh, ha ha. Nasty bitch. ”

Sookie tossed herself onto the sofa and patted the cushion next to her as my invitation to join her.

As I settled, I pulled Sookie’s legs over mine and happily tucked my hand between her thighs… The way she looked at me when she licked her lips

She cleared her throat and turned her attention to her sister’s date. “Lemme guess, you and your buddy went to a bar for a few drinks and lucked onto a pair of twins with incredible legs and they suggested you go back to their place.”

He cringed and shifted awkwardly. “Uh… yeah.”

“Except the sexy blondes have fake IDs. They were playing dress up in their older sister’s clothes. And brought you back to my place because they have keys. Even the watch-bird knew who they were.”

He was still cringing when he nodded.

“The way I look at it, it was reasonable for you to believe that they aren’t jail-bait because they probably had a couple of Mojitos… The bartender had to check their IDs, right? Cells, a car, having keys to a place that totally looks like a rental property… I’m not blaming you. In fact our father won’t either. He knows how mischievous they are…  Mama Bear’s a different story. Y’all should get out of here. Our folks should be home in just a few minutes.”

The boy on the sofa seemed as though he thought she was trying to trick him, but the dark-haired boy darted from the bedroom and through the door…

Sookie rolled her eyes and offered, “Jesus Jess, he’s retarded.”

“He is not! He knows stuff!”

The other twin emerged from the bedroom with her arms folded just in time to see me chuckle.

She shook her head. “This kind of shit is why Pam’s our favorite sister. You suck.”

Sookie snorted, “Pam sucks too… Because she’s old enough!

Josie’s lips curled. “And how old were you?”

“You know how old I was… I never claimed to be a nun. He was a virgin too and I knew his family. It wasn’t a one-night-stand with a stranger. I was actually dating him. That’s the type of thing I’d be willing to discuss with you over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s… This is different. I’ve got the right to be annoyed that you’re bringing strangers to my quiet place. If you want to be a grownup so fucking bad, start with thinking rationally. That guy is terrified of ending up on a sex offender list because of your actions…”

“Stop acting like you’re our mother.”

“I’m not. If I were, I’d be pacing the floor, wishing I still smoke, crying and planning to take you both in for a Norplant while Daddy argues for self-defense classes and a condom application lesson because babies aren’t even close to the biggest problem this kind of shit could bring on… So… as your sister… I suggest you go enjoy your car while you have it, because once I tell Mom and Daddy…”

Jess corrected, “TATTLE!

Sookie nodded. “Yeah, that… Once I tattle, Daddy’s going to start sleeping with your distributor cap under his fucking pillow.”

Josie was the first to begin walking away, with Jessie following shortly behind…

As they stomped away, I couldn’t help but notice that their cadence was so in sync it sounded like one set of footsteps.

Sookie whistled and tossed a pillow to the other end of the sofa to get the last squatter’s attention. He looked around the room as though he’d just awoken from a nightmare and finally stood and walked out.

It was about fucking time.


Sookie left me, complaining, “Suzie won’t fly, but that doesn’t mean my baby won’t try to run off…” She closed the door and stopped to pet the bird.

“You realize that’s a male, don’t you?”

She giggled and lifted him from the chair. “Sure… He’s a ‘Boy Named Sue’… You know, old Johnny Cash song. I couldn’t think of a pretty enough masculine name for him, so Daddy’s temporary name stuck… Pam suggested I name him Eric.

“Of course she did.”

“He was part of a bet too. I carried his egg around with me for two weeks and he was hand fed as a chick. He’s my baby.”

“And a formidable watch-bird, yes?”

She giggled and walked towards the bedroom. “Absolutely. Peacocks sound like cats. Bubba can hear Sue from nearly anywhere on the property… I’ll be right back.”


While Sookie used the restroom and rummaged through drawers, Sue watched me wait. Staring, reminding me of why I initially thought he was stuffed.

She emerged from the bedroom with a deck of cards in her hand and a smirk on her face… She leered at me as she crossed the room to sit at the table, tilting her head to urge me to join her.

As walked I over, I mentioned, “You’re wearing panties.”

She nodded while she quickly shuffled the deck. “You’re wearing socks.”

“That hardly seems like an even bet.”

“How do you know I don’t have a thing for giant feet?”

I couldn’t help but be impressed that she managed to say that with a straight face.

I sat across from her and offered, “Because you’ve used your allotted ration of eccentricity by having A Boy Named Sue.”

She giggled, “Fair enough… Your socks come off with your boots. My panties come off with my jeans. Good?

Too easy.

I nodded. “Shoes. Shirts. Jeans. In that order.”

“Sounds good to me…” She shifted to remove her phone from her pocket and placed it in the middle of the table. “Loser calls Pam to get the keys.”

Oh… this was almost adorable… She was going the extra mile. I’d give her that.

I shrugged and added my own phone to the pot. “Now that ‘trolling the casino’ isn’t an option, what happens if Pam rejects your request?”

“Well, if she turns you down, I think I’ll wear your clothes while you steam seat cushions.”


Five-card draw.

That should have been simple. We agreed on the game because there wouldn’t have been any suspense involved in Stud or Hold Em since we wouldn’t be raising any bets.

Even though I preferred my idea of skipping the cards and going straight to my blow job, I agreed to five-card draw.

My flush of clubs beat Sookie’s pair of sixes…

I could have missed that she slid her pumps off and left them on the empty chair… the way she eyefucked me while she did it is what had my attention.

My pair of queens beat Sookie’s pair of jacks…

She pulled her top over her head so slowly it was as though killing me was on her agenda… watching the silk pull over her nipples, two perfect little bumps under the fabric… Braille shorthand for ‘bite me’… She calmly tossed her top onto her shoes. I couldn’t help but wonder if reminding her cousin that she wasn’t modest was a warning meant for me.

My full house of fours over eights beat her heart flush…

She groaned as she stood, complaining about losing with a respectable hand rather than the fact that she was only a few seconds away from being completely nude while I was still clothed… She pushed her thumbs into the waist of her jeans and removed the last of her clothing, sitting indifferently to cross her legs… She resumed shuffling the cards while my mouth watered.

And I let myself hope we’d only play one more hand before Sookie was forced to admit she was fucking with me about needing Pam’s blessing.

Her ace-high beat my king-high…

We’d both been hoping for a diamond to complete a flush. She watched as I removed my shoes and socks and giggled, “If I was going to be impressed by feet, those would do it… But… no.” Cute.

Her jack-high flush beat my hand full of fuckall…

I lost my shirt to a slaughter. While I pulled my shirt over my head Sookie sucked air past her teeth and crooned that the game was getting interesting. If I hadn’t dealt that ridiculous hand myself, I would have been sure she was stacking the deck to toy with me… and I was 110% sure if I lost two more hands, she’d actually have me call Pam just to have the fun of making an ass of me.

I actually felt like I was holding my breath when I was dealt three fives.

She wiggled her eyebrows as she flipped her cards over, one at a time…

Two of hearts…

Two of spades…

Two of diamonds…

Ten of hearts…

I bit through my cheek waiting…

Sure she was about to show a full house…

But it was an eight.

She had three of a kind, but it was lower than mine.

It was over.

Time for her little joke to come to an end.


She sighed and reached for her phone, licking her lips while she dialed…

I couldn’t care less that she was going to brag to Pam about how easily she’d teased me…

She strolled around the table suggestively swaying her hips, redialing when Pam didn’t answer…

Keeping up her charade while I guided her to stand between my legs…

Closing her eyes as I put my hands behind her knees…

Humming quietly as I ran my hands along the backs of her legs…

Trying to distract herself by whispering that we’d have a dilemma if Pam didn’t answer.

When Pam finally answered, she growled, “Yes, we’re okay. No, I wasn’t just dropping it because I was outnumbered. I saw your point. Leave me alone. I’m busy.”

Sookie snorted, “Liar. You’re getting busy. There’s a difference. Am I the only one not getting laid tonight?”

“How about Alcide?”

“Ew. Cousin.”

“Well then, I guess you’re on your own. Find the closest dick you aren’t related to and ride it. Ride it hard.”

I nodded, wholly endorsing Pam’s suggestion.

Sookie scoffed, “That’s sweet and all, but I think Maker-Man has sole ownership of the closest dick… Think he’d be interested?

“God knows he needs it. Something’s got him close to bloodlust…”

I took Sookie’s phone from her and said, “Good enough for me,” before ending the call…

Sookie was laughing hard enough for her whole body to shake before her phone landed on the sofa.

“You’re such a good sport. I expected you to keep me from calling.”

“And spoil your fun?”

She giggled, “Not usually a great method of getting laid, but I could have handled it if you called me on it.”

“Good to know.”

She pushed her fingers through my hair, fisting her hands at the back of my head, leaning over to bring her mouth so close to mine I could feel the warmth from her lips…

She purred, “Your jeans are in my way,” and caught my lip between her teeth to nibble…

Because she hadn’t already pushed me enough.

Because I needed a reason to finally give up.

The way she held us together…

Massaging my tongue with hers…

Giggling into my mouth when I broke my impossible belt buckle…

Chewing down my chest…

Biting my nipple…

Licking slowly, forcing my impatience…

That prideful little bitch knew she was in complete control as her knees met the floor…

Pitched eyebrow, licked lips…

Lingering with her mouth open and an iron grip on my cock.

Forcing a warm breath before taking me in…

Pushing down and looking up at me, watching my reaction as she tilted her head to force me into her throat…

By the time my eyes could focus again, she was smiling around my cock…

Pulling away slowly only to shove down again…

And again.

And again.

Never taking her eyes from mine…

The way her cheeks caved in every time she pulled back could have hypnotized me…

Grunting when I tangled my hands into her hair to pull it out of my way…

Giving the perfect blowjob without any guidance from me…

Realizing I was holding back, enjoying her…

Instead of tolerating her like so many others.

I rode the edge long enough to wonder if she was using her ability against me…

She finally broke me, stabbing my cock into her throat and pulling away to leave me in need…


And again…

Smirking every time my cock twitched while I waited for more…

Yes, she was using her gift against me and it was unfuckingbelievable…

She dove down, staying where she was with my cock buried…

Swaying her head from side to side, humming as I came, and raking her teeth over my head as she finally pulled away…

And she was brazen enough to ask if I had anything left for her.


Four hours…

Four hours and nearly every fucking surface in the boathouse…

Fucking until I was sure she’d need to stop only to be spurred for more…




Nipping and chewing…

Stealing little samples of her…

Growling and cursing…

Ruining the house with cum and broken furniture…

So much more than I would have guessed…

Only holding back from one thing.


As eager as I was for that, especially after the little tastes I’d had, I couldn’t be disappointed. I was planning to stay in Shreveport for two weeks…

I’d have that too eventually.

As I begrudgingly searched for my clothing so that I could leave before dawn, Sookie traipsed into the kitchen to prepare her breakfast without dressing, jokingly scolding me for wasting too much time on foreplay…

Warning me to take care of her car or else

And swatting my ass and blowing a raspberry at me as I left.

It was all too fucking perfect… being able to enjoy a fuck without the awkward and pathetic scene afterward…


There was a remarkably satisfied grin looking back at me from the highly polished copper doors of the elevator.

I was already looking forward to returning Sookie’s Viper after my errands.

But when the doors slid open, there was an ill tempered scowl waiting.

Folded arms, rigid stance… Pam was livid, but I couldn’t feel it.

Being bonded to an empath had some privileges it seemed.

“What’s this? Tucking me in?”

“You fucked Sookie.” A lot.

She fucked me too. I think we’re tied, but I lost count a couple of hours ago.”

“You fucked Sookie.”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“You fucked my best friend.”

“I thought I’m your best friend.”

“You fucked my best friend…”

“Do you realize you’re repeating yourself? Yes. I fucked your best friend. You should have seen this coming since she called you. What is the problem?”

“Did you feed from her?”

“Not that it’s any of your concern, but no. She fed Bubba earlier.”

“Good. Don’t.”

“Pardon me? If I’m so inclined, I’ll feed from whomever the fuck I want. You’re in no position to order otherwise.”

“She’s not just a designated fuck for you to ride while you visit me. I love her. She’s Mine.”

So. Not. Like. Her. Completely uncharacteristic for her to behave this way, let alone towards me. Me?

“Yes, we’ve established you love your friend, but your possession of her is only a technicality that you, yourself, explained was nothing more than a protective measure. It’s just sex, Pam. Settle down.”

“If you feed from her, you’ll be addicted. You won’t be able to think about anything but her. It’s their blood. I can’t feed from anyone but Jason because everything else tastes like hot ass. If you feed from her, she’ll ruin you.”

“I’ve already tasted her blood. Yes, it’s phenomenal, but I’m hardly addicted.”

“You said you didn’t feed from her!”

“I didn’t feed. I nicked.” A lot.

She huffed and began stomping towards the stairwell. “Stupid sonofa bitch… It’s all over now. I miss her already and she isn’t even gone yet.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Sookie’s fine. It’s not as though I hurt her.”

“It’s only a matter of time before she’s gone.”

She slammed the door to the stairwell behind herself, leaving me sure there was something Pam wasn’t telling me about her relationship with Jason…

Just like the morning before, I laid in my bed knowing there was a clusterfuck at my feet and there wasn’t the time before dawn to do anything about it.

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