Chapter 3: An Abuse Of Power

Life & Death

Chapter 3

Abuse of Power


“Shit! Love, wake up!”

As my eyes opened, I realized that Sookie was facing me on my lap with her hands on my stomach. The room was full of morning sunlight and the fire had long since burned out.

When my eyes met Sookie’s, she giggled, “We crashed.”

I rubbed my eyes. “No shit. What time is it?”

“8 o’clock.” That gave us half an hour to get to the airfield… 20 minutes away… shit!


She laughed, launching herself out of my lap towards the kitchen, still wearing the green evening gown from last night.

It took me a minute to get my bearings. My knees were stiff from the way they’d been propped up and since Sookie had slept on me, Tippy used the extra room on the chair to snuggle in next to my hip. It brought new meaning to the phrase ‘up my ass’.

I reached down to pick her up… getting her most of the way to her ‘to-go’ box before she woke. She started squawking ‘go-go-go’ right away… at least there was one thing I didn’t have to argue with her about. She didn’t mind a travel crate because she liked a change of scenery.


I could smell the coffee brewing when I came back in from letting Cujo hose down the lawn. Sookie was already wearing painted on jeans a snug blue sweater and boots and unplugging the chargers for our phones, the docking station… My clothes were laid out on the bed already.

She kissed my cheek as she sped through the bedroom in hyper-drive… It was enough to make me dizzy…

And by the time I was on my way down the hall Sookie had filled two giant travel mugs with coffee and set them on a cooler bag… and was using a lint roller on our P-coats.

“Is there anything left for me to do or did you do everything already?”

She smiled while she worked. “There wasn’t that much to do and you got to do the fun part… you got to take your clothes off.”

This was going to be an interesting flight…


When we got to Dirges, the pilot, Terry and Rene were busy loading the cargo hold of the plane… and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

“Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Sookie, how much…?”

“That’s not us… or Alcide. If it isn’t in the car, it’s in New York already. That’s the rest of the locals… there’s more than 20 of us… squared.”

“The family should’ve arranged to have an entire Target delivered to the apartment.”

“They might have… but if it makes you feel any better, Linda, Tara and Had are all fond of gift bags and they take up a lot more room than the gift itself.”

“Maybe… but how are we all getting home?”

“Love… we own the plane… if we need it to take extra trips, it will.” We own a plane… holy shit.

“Do you think we need to do some extra shopping for Lex? So she gets as much… I don’t want her to…” I stopped talking when Sookie started looking around like she’d been up to something.

“Lex is more than covered… after overdosing on boy stuff with Hunter, Jack and Carm… even the Horsemen had fun shopping for her.”

“Your father?”

She cleared her throat. “He won’t tell me.”

“Has he given you a hint?”

“Brace yourself… It fits in his pocket.”

“Oh hell! It could be anything with that damn Mary Poppins jean jacket of his!” She started laughing, but one day he was going to pull a coat rack out of that fucking thing, I swear.

“He promised that he cleared it with Rachael.”

“I suppose she’s been sworn to secrecy?”

“So he says.”

At least I don’t have to worry about Rachael not wanting to talk to me anymore over it, if she knows what’s going on.


The plane was… Ok, I’d been picturing a Patsy Cline/Richie Valens type of twin engine, gliding death trap.

I could tell it wasn’t from the outside but it wasn’t until I stepped inside that it really hit me.

There were couches. A desk. An entertainment center. A kitchenette. A bathroom that I wouldn’t have to turn sideways to get into… and a bedroom. The damn thing had a fucking king sized bed in it.

Sookie went straight to the kitchenette and started taking things out of the insulated bag…

In the amount of time it took for the dog to spray down the yard, Sookie had managed to put together breakfast burritos and a fruit salad…

I’ve watched her work and I still don’t understand how she does it.

She disappeared into the cockpit for a minute to deliver the pilot’s breakfast and then returned to sit next to me with our plates.

I had just taken a bite of my burrito when my phone started ringing.

I heard laughing before I had the chance to say hello.

“Morning, Kenya. What’s so funny this early?”

More laughter. “Oh, federale! When do you leave?”

“We’re about to take off now. Why?”

“Because we’re waiting for an ambulance to come fetch our special guest.”

“Did you shoot him?”

She started laughing a little harder. “No… somehow a raccoon managed to slip into the cell and bite Quinn… then he somehow slipped out again.”

I finally understood what was so funny and nearly choked on my breakfast. “So someone needs to go get a… series of rabies shots.” That was all the Christmas present I ever could have asked for.

“Poor guy.”

“Oh. My. God! You’re my hero!”

“Don’t thank me. I don’t know anything about raccoons.” Kevin. That funny mother fucker.

“Well thank you for the update.”

“Anything to make your holiday merry and bright. You make sure to send us some pictures.”

“Will do.”

I didn’t explain to Sookie… I called Alc.

“Hey old man. Need a favor.”

“Good morning to you too, asshole.”

“Kevin arranged to have Quinn attacked by a raccoon last night in holding. Can you run to the gun shop and pick up that scope he’s been creaming over?… from Santa.”

He hissed out a creepy laugh. “You bet your dick I can… How’d the dog do? He’s not fucking with the bird, is he?”

“No. He’s fine… Sleeping in his crate. We’ll let him out in a bit.”

“He didn’t fuck anything up did he?”

“Nope. He crashed in front of the fireplace when we came home… he’s a good dog.”

“Thank God for small favors.”

“You’ve gotta think of a name for him though… He’s going to get used to being called Cujo.”

“Yeah… I wanted to let the boys name him though. Hopefully he’s smart enough to not get too confused.”

“Loves table food.”

“You dick! He’s going to be a beggar!”

“Like you?”

He laughed. “Fuck you. I’ll eat whatever gets put in front of me, but I don’t beg!”

“But you’ll lick anyone who feeds you.”

“So!… that’s not the point… So just the scope, a bow and a thank you note from Santa?”

“Yeah. It’s the least I can do.”


As soon as I hung up my phone, Sookie slapped my leg, laughing. “You’re awful!”

“Which part? Being happy that Quinn needs to go to the vet? Or being proud of Kevin for thinking of a raccoon? Come on! It was a raccoon! That was fucking brilliant!”

She laughed. “You win… I wonder where the bite is.”

I smiled, texting Kenya and went back to my breakfast until she replied.

I nearly choked again… Her reply was a photo of the back of Quinn’s neck… 3 bites… swollen and nasty… he wasn’t nibbled… the raccoon in question went after Quinn like he owed it money.

The swelling and bruising was going to make moving his melon fucking head hurt like hell for at least a week. After the kidney shot he got from Jason and the punch to his dick from Sam, pissing was going to be miserable for a while too… I couldn’t think of a ‘better’ guy for it to happen to.

Sookie snorted coffee through her nose when I showed it to her.



Once we were done eating… we tried to stop laughing about Quinn’s ‘luck’… but it took a while.

Finally… “Ok. Spill. Your dad and Keisha. What do you know?”

Her eyes got wide and she started to look excited. “I don’t know. I heard rumors about her… but it was hard to not get excited when I saw her sitting with him last night.”

“What did you hear?”

“Dawn said that one of Daddy’s houses has a new tenant, but there isn’t a lease. They just moved the house from the available list.”

“Hannah hasn’t done any gossiping? Doesn’t she babysit for her?”

She shook her head. “She’s gonna get it too… Nearest I can figure… Keisha and Supaul didn’t work out after all.”

“Why’d they split in the first place?”

“Daddy and Kenya both mentioned that they just weren’t working out. No cheating or beating… just didn’t like each other anymore. She started dating Daddy after he moved out… but they were still in counseling because of Crystal. When they found out Dixon was on the way, Daddy was furious that he didn’t have a good reason to put up a fight. Especially since he hadn’t put Sheila out… He was a complete prick for a few months.”

“Dixon was all over him last night.”

She giggled. “I saw that!”

I shook my head at her. “It won’t be weird for you to sort of have a stepmom our age?”

“Never… No more than it’s weird for Daddy to let me marry a guy I met 2 months ago… she makes him sooooo happy… And I love her to death.”

“Kenya would be… like your aunt.” And she’d have step siblings in the same age bracket as our kids.

She shrugged. “Might as well be family. Their dad, Hugh, volunteered with Daddy for years until he got too fat for his turn out. That’s going to be the problem… Hugh flipped his bigoted little wig when Keisha married a Cambodian. Hugh will completely gloss over the fact that Daddy is his age and be pissed that his little girl is dating a white guy.”


“Oh yeah.”

“Even though, your father doesn’t have a racist bone in his body?”

She laughed. “Like it or not, we’re still in the south and you’re still going to find the old school problems. You might have been in the Stackhouse bubble too long.”

“Not long enough. It’s nice there.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. “Tell me about it.”


Sookie sat at the desk wrapping the stocking stuffers we got while shopping yesterday while the entertainment center played The Ref.

Classic dysfunctional family Christmas dynamic. It was absolutely hilarious and it easily killed the first couple of hours of the flight.

By the time it was over, the dog and the bird had been set loose… and both came to me for attention since Sookie was busy.

Tippy pecked at Cujo’s muzzle for getting to close… and he got her back by huffing snot all over her.

I was called an ‘ass-oh’ for laughing.

“You shouldn’t have pecked him.”


“No, he wasn’t. Be nice.”

‘Noooo nooooo.’

“Sookie, I’m arguing with a damn bird.”

“I still love you.”

“Even though I’m retarded?”

“A retarded sex god that gets me.” She looked up from her wrapping station to smirk at me.


Sookie finally stood up, proclaiming herself ‘all done’ and disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes.

When she came out, she was wearing a wicked smile… like she was up to something.

She shooed the animals away and put her hands on the couch behind me to lean over for a kiss…

It only took a few seconds before I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to my lap.

Her hands worked to open my pants until she pulled away for air, working her way down my neck… and moving just enough that I could see that we had an audience.

Tippy and Cujo were leering at us. Fuck…


She hummed against my ear… chills… throbs…

“Sookie, we’re being watched.”

“Is this going to be like the flight to Miami?” She barely broke contact and went right back to my ear…

“I’m never going to live that down, am I? Someone kept knocking on the door.”

She giggled and raked her teeth down the side of my neck… “You left me high and dry.”

I had to clear the lump from my throat. “You weren’t all that dry if I remember right.”

She sat back wearing her ‘rape face’ and tugged her sweater to pull it over her head…

Underneath, she was wearing a dark blue push up…

And then she backed away…

And started opening her belt as she swayed back to the bedroom…

I didn’t have the patience to watch her walk away.

I caught up to her, scooping her up and barely managed to close the door before we could be followed.

We fell to the bed and I pulled her bra away… my mouth to her nipple and my hands started fumbling with her boots…

The only thing to not like about her tight jeans was getting her out of them…

She was trying to yank my jeans away while I was trying to get hers out of my way…

We gave up… realizing that it was going to take forever and started peeling away our own…

And crashing together again as soon as they were gone…

She wrapped her lips around my cock…

One of my hands tangled into her hair… the other found her clit…

She moaned and whimpered… twitching while I tried to distract myself even a little…

It was too good…

Every noise she made vibrated around me…

Feeling it in my teeth…

So fucking good…

Her hips bucked when my fingers slid in…

Wet and waiting…

Pushing until neither of us could take anymore…

She straddled me, facing away… and when she slid onto me… tensing, gripping around me…

Mmmmm… Fuck

She braced herself against my legs, leaning forward… riding slow… faking patience…

Giving me nothing but her hips to hold on to…

Nothing else to do but feel what she was doing to me…

I sat up enough to take her arms, leaning her back…

Lacing our fingers together so she could brace herself…

Grinding down on to me…

Faster and faster while her breathing became a constant whimper…

Her break… her body took over, wrenching, pulling, holding and she laid back against me…


I rolled us over, putting her on her knees…

Pulling her back, bouncing my thighs against hers while she growled into the mattress…

Watching the sweat bead up in the small of her back…

Watching her knuckles turn white, grasping at the covers…

Until her hips pitched…

Her tell…

I was robbed…

Knocked off of my stride…

Bullied into finishing and collapsing into the bed next to her, trying to catch my breath.


I slapped her ass. “One of these days I’m going to win, damn it!”

She giggled into the mattress, not moving otherwise. “Is cuming at the same time such a bad thing?”

“No, but I was doing fine until you came again.”

“You figured out how to get past the first time.”


“Quit crying. It could be worse.”


“You make me cum so hard I could break your dick… Ask around. Not a problem.”

“I’m allowed to have goals.”

She giggled again. “Yes sir, you are.”

She rolled over, snuggling up to me…

And we dozed off.


We woke up to the pilot’s voice…

I missed the first part of the message, trying to grab for blankets until my dumb ass woke up enough to realize his voice was coming through the speaker system.

“…final approach. You should secure the animals… The temp on the ground is 22 so you southerners should bundle up… It’s snowing.”


All it took to get Cujo back into his crate was opening the gate and pointing… he wasn’t happy about it, but he hung his head and went in all the same.

Tippy was a complete pain in the ass… She was mad about being locked out again. She flew away making me feel like a complete douche for having to chase the little bitch.

Sookie came out of the bedroom, straightening her belt to my cussing and Tippy’s… “Awwww… Is he being a meanie again?”

The feathered shit fell for it. She thought she had a defense team and flew directly to land on Sookie’s shoulder and nibbled her cheek. Sookie calmly reached up to pet her and grabbed her to hand her to me.

“This is why we don’t like taking you anywhere.”

Sookie smiled at me while she grabbed a couple of teas for us and snuggled next to me until we landed.


It took a while for the doors to be opened and Tippy cussed and squawked the entire time. The dog even seemed to tell her to shut up… the surprisingly deep and menacing bark he gave stunned her, but she went right back to being a twat while Sookie put away all of the gifts and supplies from her busy work.

The blast of cold air hit us in a blitz. It had been 54 degrees when we left Bon Temps…

Even though Sookie had brought blankets to cover the crates, they both glared at us like it was our fault they were cold for the whole ride to the building… In a fucking limo…


There was a plump man in a long cashmere coat with jet black mutton chops standing on the sidewalk. He smiled with his whole face as he opened the door for us so at first, I thought he was the doorman.


“Miss Sookie and Mr. Eric. Nice to finally meet ya in person.” The familiar drawl belonged to none other than Bubba.

I held my hand out to shake his. “Good to meet you too.”

Sookie, of course, hugged him and as she stepped back, his ‘belly’ moved. “Oooh! I didn’t hurt him, did I?”

“No ma’am, he’s just restless.”

She smiled at him. “Well then let’s get the critters out of the cold and you can show me what you’ve been up to.”

He grinned with a nod and swung his arm out to let Sookie lead the way.

Sookie nodded to the doorman who greeted her with a very formal ‘Miss Stackhouse’ and he followed her closely until he went behind his reception desk.

He stiffly slid a stack of papers and envelopes to her and a pair of keys. She thanked him and got a very stiff ‘yes ma’am’ in return.


The fucking place was amazing… The main room of the apartment was as big as the gym at the high school. Easily big enough for a basketball game if it weren’t for the humongous 20 foot tree lit with nothing but blue and white lights.

I looked over the room as I set the crates down. Hadley had ordered the furniture and sent it ahead.

Dark blue couches, club chairs and ottomans…

Light blue and white pillows and rugs…

Steel lamps and side tables…

The dining room table was the biggest I’d ever fucking seen and there were 24 chairs…

And the room had space to spare.

The living room area was just as spacious… 4 couches and 6 chairs and a tree that was easily rocking 10,000 lights because it was 8 feet across at the base… and there was still room…

No wonder Sookie didn’t think twice about having so many people here at once. We wouldn’t have this much room if we took over Dirges. And we hadn’t even gotten to the bedrooms yet.

Had and Alc were going to be here a day early with the kids and the plane is stopping in St. Louis to get Rachael and Lexi… That way Had can tend to her interior design OCDs before everyone else arrived.

With Cujo to worry about, Sookie went straight to the door to the terrace and whistled softly as she opened the door. He bolted.

His feet tried to spin out on the slick floor before he got the traction he needed and Bubba and I followed her out. The snow was too much of a draw for me. Most of the places I’d lived considered snow to be as mythical as unicorns and dragons.


While Sookie chatted with Bubba and Cujo pissed everywhere, I grabbed our phones out of my pocket to check for messages.

I had one from Alc. “Scope bought & paid for. Card says: ‘You were a very good boy last night this year. From, the Clauses’.”

Fucking perfect. Alc could be a personal shopper.

Sookie’s phone had a text from Corbett though. ‘call home asap’

Oh shit. “Hon, your dad texted.”

I handed the phone to her and she looked confused and concerned as she dialed.

“Hey Daddy, what’s up?… Oh shit!… Yeah…. I can try… We’ll figure something out… Ok, love you too. Bye.”

“Do I want to know?”

“Our to-do list just got longer… We need to find a way to squeeze 4 more into the apartment.”

“Why? Who?”

“Keisha, Kenya and the kids. Hugh heard who Keisha was sitting with last night and flipped his shit. Disowned her. Kenya called him to talk some sense into him and got the same treatment.” Merry fucking Christmas.

“Supaul isn’t going to be torqued that his kids are in another state for Christmas?”

“He’s Buddhist. He doesn’t observe the holiday.”

“How the fuck are we going to get 4 more people into the apartment though? We’re at max capacity… your dad was bunking with Terry and Unc.” I was going to get pictures.

Sookie stared into the sky and I watched a couple snowflakes get caught in her eyebrows while she put things together in her head and a smile stretched across her face suddenly. “An abuse of power.”

I didn’t have the chance to ask what she meant before she ran inside.

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