The Dating Game

The Dating Game


Eric and Sookie both have strict ‘No Blind Dates’ policies…

How far are Pam and Amelia willing to go to put them together?

8 thoughts on “The Dating Game

  1. Ok, I’m pretty much in love with this two chapters here ❤

    It's such an ingenious idea! Original! and definitely a delicious read what with your great style (and Eric yummyness, of course)

    Movie buff Sookie cracks me up pretty much as well xD

    Can't wait to see what will ocme next! (you left us hanging quite precariously there with Eric's confession of playing dirty back at the game ;D)

  2. Ooh I hope you continue this one eventually, I know you’re busy with the skips but I loved this story (the same as all your work!) I can’t believe that I get to read such amazing writing for free… I feel like I’m stealing!!!

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