Saints & Sinners


S&S CoverAll Human story… Eric Northman comes to Bon Temps to speak to Corbett Stackhouse and finds Sookie first.

“This story is all kinds of good. It’s hilarious and it keeps you on your toes.  There’s a criminal/mystery plot that will remind you of Criminal Minds, and it’s all — that means 100% kit and kaboodle — in Eric’s point of view. I have been known to stop everything I’m doing to read a chapter of S&S. Not to mention reading chapter 21 while waiting in line to see Alice in Wonderland –Sapfirerose

Chapter 1: The Devil Made Me Do It
Chapter 2: Pimps & Hos
Chapter 3: Up To Speed
Chapter 4: Meeting Mommy Dearest
Chapter 5: A Swing With A View
Chapter 6: Rock & Roll High School
Chapter 7: Too Deep
Chapter 8: Lemon Jell-Oh!
Chapter 9: Men At Work
Chapter 10: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Chapter 11: There Has To Be A Morning After
Chapter 12: The Song Remains The Same
Chapter 13: With A Little Help From My Friends
Chapter 14: The Long Arm Of The Law
Chapter 15: And Baby Makes Three
Chapter 16: Sister Sledge
Chapter 17: Throwdown
Chapter 18: Whole Lotta Hoopla
Chapter 19: The Breakfast Club
Chapter 20: A Limited Engagement
Chapter 21: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Shit Moment
Chapter 22: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Chapter 23: Say It
Chapter 24: A Mother Of A Day
Chapter 25: Recovery
Chapter 26: Hello/Goodbye
Chapter 27: The Away Team
Chapter 28: Together


14 thoughts on “Saints & Sinners

  1. I’ve just finished reading Saints & Sinners. It has kept me glued to it all weekend and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading the sequel.

    Your characters are gripping and the whole stackhouse family is amazing. Your Eric is fantastic and I’d like one of my own.

    Thank you for such an amazing story (& I loved the part with Alcide ripping his pants!)

  2. just finished S & S outtake. loved it hope you can do more. now i am on to Bored to Dead another favorite.

  3. Hi Angela,
    I just love these stories! Have you ever thought of publishing them? Barnes and Noble has an app called PubIt where writers can publish their own stories. I would love to be able to buy them for my nook 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I am speechless, it is amazing!!
    To be honest, I started S&S while travelling, stop before the end of the first chapter. I have never love fanfic apart from 1. And your eric wasnt a vampire …..ect…ect. (didnt see it was a human story). My partner started reading it, and was laughing and/or feeling ashamed of enjoying the sex scene. He told not to think of Sookie and eric but a completly diferent story, which it is, apart from the name. AND I LOVE IT!!!
    I am in the midle of chapter 16, and cant just stop reading.

    Once again it is a mazing job, THANKS

  5. After the last AIW update I went back and reread S&S, AIW and L&D and now I am excited all over again about the next installment. I can’t wait to find out what exactly the “abuse of power” is and I’m curious about what the plot will be. With bitches like Amelia and Shelia in the wind and with Quinn’s idiocy finally being brought to light there are just so many possibilities! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind!

  6. I read this a few months ago, and I find myself thinking about THIS Eric and Sookie all the time. Of all the fics I’ve read, these are the most interesting and funny and adorable characters I’ve come across, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries or otherwise. Really, A+ here.
    Also, federal agent Eric sounds fucking hot, and I basically want to BE this Sookie.

  7. This is great is there and updates for AIW or L&D in the neer future. Don’t get me wrong love love the Multiverse series I just re-read these and fell in love with thme all over again and wondered if we would be seeing these stories moving forward. I love all your stories your writing is so capitivating and I love your stroy lines and characters.

  8. One of the best stories ever. It is what got me reading fanfiction when TB and CH starting disappointing story lines. I have lost cunt how many times I have read SS as well as AIW. I look forward to the sequels.

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