On a little roll…

28gxhfs.jpgSo that brain hog of mine has at least had a productive muse…
Intrepid has much more on the horizon…

Earlier today, I posted…


Chapter 9: Doppelganger


In just a little bit, I’ll be posting…

Chapter 10: In The Genes

And tomorrow I’ll be posting…

Chapter 11: Wedding Bells

Since I’m really bad about keeping up with alerts, I was kind of proud of my flighty self for thinking this far ahead.

I hope y’all enjoy the chapters.




9 thoughts on “On a little roll…

  1. Such a wonderfully descriptive word Squeeeee is (lol) it captures so very very well how we feel – so flip, flop, twitch, SPASM …… Squeeeee 🙂

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