Five freaking weeks…

tumblr_mup9s8PNcl1qdljtto1_500There really isn’t any excuse. The Betas and the Brats have reminded me that I’m slacking on keeping the public at large in the loop, but I’m so scatterbrained right now…

I don’t think there’s any hope for me at this point.

I added a button in the sidebar so you can let me know about any technical problems you might notice… Just click on the adorkable Alex pic and it’ll take you to the Help page.

So unless y’all ran out of give-a-shit, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Keep It In The Family

Chapter 1: Pets

Chapter 2: Bitter

Chapter 3: Deep Blue



Chapter 1: The Cons

Chapter 2: The Pros

Chapter 3: Blood

Chapter 4: Gestures



Chapter 29: Religious


Enjoy, if you haven’t already.


I survived…

tumblr_mszr6t3Uus1qa2ovmo2_500But barely… I hate moving with a passion.
I’m sort of settled into my temporary home now, and hoping to dive into writing as much as possible… Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually get something done while I’m living with my parents/grandmother/brother’s family-

That’s right… We’re like the Waltons.
No. Maybe more like the Manson family? Branch Davidians?

Anyway- I owe y’all some words…

And you’re getting them.

A lot of y’all have already discovered the chapters listed below via the BratPack/site-stalking, but you’re getting a list anyway. If for no better reason, the insane amount of links you’re getting might eventually inspire me to be more proactive when it comes to notifications.


What have I done since the last time I visited your inbox more than a month ago?

Well… I’ve ‘hired’ new Betas and they’re all made of awesome…

And I’ve been writing in spite of the craziness of my move (actually I was hiding from it because being in Eric’s head is more fun that packing).



Chapter 22: Gift Horse

Chapter 23: Dinner Party

Chapter 24: Legendary

Chapter 25: Insult To Injury

Chapter 26: Dry Spell

Chapter 27: Hello There

Chapter 28: New Regime


Like A Rock

Chapter 18: So Much More


A new Verse that takes off from the end of Intrepid, Chapter 27. You’ll be completely lost if you don’t start with that.

Culture Shock

Chapter 1: Southern Hospitality

Chapter 2: Feelin’ Froggy


Also, I’ve been posting little outtakes to the BratPack for a while now. I’ve just posted them to WP to share with everyone.

*Pat likes for everything to be in one place. Who am I to argue with her? :*

Bored To Death


Junk Food

They both take place after BTD ended.



Business Trip

If you’re curious about the mysterious skip experienced by poor confused Intrepid Eric.



Massage Therapy

If you’re curious about how Sookie came to discover the highly coveted massage oil.


I’m hoping y’all are too busy reading to be too pissed at me.

Thanks for hanging in there with all the chaos.



I’m aware that I suck!

tumblr_m58ll8aTvT1rqkf12I swear to God, I didn’t not realize it’s been so long since I posted an update, but the chapters are still rolling out except for a little unintentional vacation I took thanks to tech nightmares.
I’m really sorry if any of  you have been wondering why you haven’t gotten update emails.

This is sooooooooo bad. I’ve only been able to concentrate on Intrepid as it is… but nine chapters since the last email?

Holy shit.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.



Chapter 12: Goodies

Chapter 13: Answers

Chapter 14: Chaperoned

Chapter 15: Monster Under The Bed

Chapter 16: Hot Coals

Chapter 17: Dirty Laundry

Chapter 18: Sanctuary

Chapter 19: The Whole Famn Damily

Chapter 20: Checkmate

Chapter 21: Splish Splash

On a little roll…

28gxhfs.jpgSo that brain hog of mine has at least had a productive muse…
Intrepid has much more on the horizon…

Earlier today, I posted…


Chapter 9: Doppelganger


In just a little bit, I’ll be posting…

Chapter 10: In The Genes

And tomorrow I’ll be posting…

Chapter 11: Wedding Bells

Since I’m really bad about keeping up with alerts, I was kind of proud of my flighty self for thinking this far ahead.

I hope y’all enjoy the chapters.




Brain Hog!

just because it's A-fucking-DORABLEI know y’all are keeping fingers and toes crossed for other Verses, but right now Intrepid is being a brain hog even though it’s not very popular.

I’m working on the others, but Intrepid’s muse is a loud enough bitch that I’m actually writing 4 chapters of it at once.

Other story news: Nuclear Winter, Rubbernecking, and Dead Tired: Resurrection are all begging for attention because their new chapters are almost done. The In The Dark finale is still on hold until another Verse catches up to it.

Newness since my last update:


Chapter 5: Erica Weiss

Chapter 6: Holiday

Chapter 7: Under Attack

Chapter 8: Big Balls


Hopefully, Intrepid will take a nap or some shit so I get to work on the 4 other chapters that are almost finished.



Hello all!

tumblr_mb1iox9v6L1qk4jbqo1_400_zps0b616451At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ve had a pretty productive couple of weeks and I’m still making headway on other chapters (some more than others, of course).

So since my last post, I’ve added six new chapter for your reading enjoyment. There are a few place-holder pages mixed in for upcoming chapters. And I’ve updated the Casting and SceneArt pages. There are a few new faces in Intrepid, so you might want to check those out.


In other news: For those of you who aren’t interested in joining the BratPack, I’ve started an EricIzMine page on Facebook where I’ve been uploading links to relevant references. It’s independent of the BratPack, and you don’t have to provide any information about yourself to join. Just ‘Like’ it.  Nor will it flood your news feed with posts. 😀

And for those of you who like using Facebook, like the 498 Brats do, there’s another group I’d like to recommend. The SVM/TB FanFic Library is a spectacular resource for anyone struggling to keep track of authors who wandered away from And the ladies there are excellent at naming ‘that fic’! You know the one: I read a story once where Eric did ____ and then _____. They’ve refreshed my memory several times. 😀



Chapter 3: No Man Is An Island

Chapter 4:  Counterculture

*brought out of retirement for an undetermined run. My weakness is whining Brats, apparently. 😉


Bright Things

Chapter 22: We’re Gone

Chapter 23: Double Whammy


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 32: Cold Outside

Chapter 33: Limelight


If you haven’t already read them, I hope you enjoy them like everyone else seem to. 😀


Been a while…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So it seems I’ve been up to my old tricks of forgetting to send out the word about new chapters.

I’m sorry.

alex arm pumpBefore I get to the chapter links, I need to take a minute to brag about the Fangie Awards… This is all just an excuse to let myself get excited about it all over again. I’m honored, and proud, and I appreciate every. fucking. vote! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I should have posted this last week, but my timing doesn’t reflect any bit of how flabbergasted I am by how much y’all seem to enjoy the MultiVerse!

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Now that I’m finished with my gushing, on to the chaps…

I wrote a short little one-shot ficlet in the same spirit as Salt In The Wound. It’s just a joke, folks.

The Lemon Cart


Dead Tired: Resurrection

Chapter 7: Quitting Time


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 30: Bedlam

Chapter 31: Teacher Teacher


Bright Things

Chapter 20: Damage Control

Chapter 21: Gas Light


If you haven’t already read them, I hope you enjoy them…
If you have already have already read them, rest assured there are more chapters on the immediate horizon.