Banner Gallery

It’s probably pretty obvious by now that I’m incapable of creating my own hotness. I’m trying though… and if I can ever put together something that isn’t absolute tragedy, you can bet your asses that I’ll be having my own little rave (complete with binkies and glow sticks) over my triumph.

You’ll all be invited.

In the meantime I’m showcasing the awesomeness that has been so generously provided by my ever so magnanimous (and brilliant) friends.

And again, donations are always welcome and highly treasured.

I’m like Gollum with a gold ring every damn time I get a new one!

To see who is responsible for the art, just hover your cursor over the thumbnail. 😀


 MultiVerse Banners~>

Intrepid Banner by EricIzMine  KIITF Banner by EricIzMine BrightThings Banner by EricIzMine  Raw Banner by EricIzMine LAR SceneArt by EricIzMine CultureShock Banner by EricIzMine BoredToDeath Banner by EricIzMine  Meanwhile Banner by EricIzMine          Death'sDoor Banner by EricIzMine Precious Banner by EricIzMine Breathless Banner by EricIzMine

One Shot Banners~>


An Engraved Invitation Banners~>

AEI Banner by EricIzMine

The Dating Game Banner~>

Where You Keep Them Banner~>

Salt In The Wound Banner~>

Infinite Banners~>

It Can’t Be Banners~>

Saints & Sinners Banners~>

Alcide In Wonderland Banners ~>


4 thoughts on “Banner Gallery

  1. I just want to say that if i wasnt already in love with Eric Northman i would totally be in love with Alicide!!! Great job on the banners

  2. I just saw mavrosal moving gif. banner and I am now tempted to actually stick a dancing tabasco bottle in between pasty white buttcheeks just for fun

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