Stackhouse Family Recipes

Finally and by popular demand, I’ve gotten around to start posting the curiously popular recipes from Saints & Sinners.

With the help of my lovely friend CarolinaGirl96a, I’ve found a way to relieve myself of typing out each of the recipes one at a time.

Let me know if I missed anything and I’ll add it to the page ASAFP.

I’ll make them up by popularity and post them until y’all stop asking. 😉

To see which card is which, just float your cursor over the card…


35 thoughts on “Stackhouse Family Recipes

  1. YUM! I’ve been waiting for those cranky balls. In AZ, it’s green chilis all the way, and I like serranos and chipoltles, but for some reason I hate jalapenos. I actually have the crab in the house! Whoopee!

    I want the squash recipe. Love my veggies. You’re a doll!


  2. I love getting recipes! I would be interested in a recipe for fish tacos because I love them and I am not completely happy with the ones I have.

  3. Okay…I’m pretty much culinary-challenged so I need to ask what you mean by flat bread in the Suicide Roll recipe and I too am interested in the Fish Taco recipe.


  4. I LOVE that you posted these!!! The recipe graphics look amazing. I love how they look aged and ‘love’ splattered. The shamrock is a nice touch as well.

    It is a great way to pull the reader into the story and family.

  5. I’m looking forward to the fish tacos and the pineapple cake recipe!!! This is a fabulous idea by the way. And I love your inspiration for Corbett 😉 I meant to say that a long time ago.

  6. ouch. and of course i can’t get some ingredients in my country:( but great idea of those recipes!
    lastly i sucked in reviewing, but you should know i read eveeeeeerything you’re updating, and i love every word! yeah, DS is the thing i wait for updates the most, but every bit of Eric’s hotness (Alcide’s too:)) is much anticipated!

  7. I am having such a crap day, and then I see this, and magically, rainbows have appeared!

    And yes, please, I’d like the breakfast casserole recipe. And the chicken salad recipe. And the schmear that Hadley uses in her poppers and on her bagels.

    Thank you for this!

  8. Thank you soo much for putting these up! I would love the recipe for the breakfast cassarole and Hadleys schmear. Thanks again 🙂

  9. How about the corn chowder recipe. If Sookie can get Jackson and Carmichael to eat corn soup, maybe I can get my son to eat it as well!

  10. Oh oh oh!
    The cheesesteak in the oven recipe!

    I’m from Philly, and I LOVE a good cheesesteak; the problem is that the grease doesn’t allow for them to reheat well (or to be more accurate, you can reheat the steak and onion and mushrooms and cheese, but you need a new roll).
    The other day, I was splitting one with my daughter, and thought of this recipe. I’d love to try it out and put it to the Philly Cheesesteak test! (And for the record, I don’t like either Pat’s or Geno’s cheesesteaks.)

  11. Wow! There were several things from Dead Tired I would like to see –like the Birthday Pineapple Upside Down pancakes, Gran’s Breakfast Caserolle, the Chicken Pot Pie recipe, the Pot Roast….oh, there were SO many things that Sookie made that sounded good!

    What about the venison kabobs? Wow!

  12. I made the cobbler and it was phenomenal! It took about 15 min longer to cook in the middle because of the “DO NOT MIX” instructions so I’m going to try mixing the peaches with the batter before pouring it into the butter. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  13. Hey I was just reading chapter 20 of Life and Death and now am super hungry for some of the Pina Colada Torte could you please post that recipe even though it is pretty descriptive in the chapter I would like to print it out to make. Thanks a bunch I love the recipes I have tried out from the ones you have posted already.

  14. OK so i know you haven’t put any more recipes up for a while, but I just wanted to say that coming from the UK, I am obviously no where near raised on this stuff (much more likely to be a roasted chicken then a fried one) but my god the food in your stories makes me drool!
    I love cooking, so I am looking forward to printing these off and trying them out, but I too would love to see some more of the recipes from all of your stories, or if you don’t have an original recipe for something, a link to a tried and tested one would also be great 🙂
    G xo
    p.s. These recipes just made me so hungry!

  15. When you have a chance could you please add Smom and or Hadley’s spring roll type things? Thanks a million for these and all the literary yumminess you have given us. I’m still mentally crying over the death of the infinite series but the other stories ease the pain… and i’ll hold out hope that, like a vampire, the death is only temporary rather than a stake making it final 😉

    I am perpetually in awe of you!

    Con cariño,

  16. This weekend I made the suicide rolls, the breakfast casserole and the pina colada cake for my family. Everyone waddled away from the table a little happier! 😎 Thanks so much for the great recipes. I hope you will add more in the future.

  17. Since reading Saints and Sinners I have been dreaming of the poppers. Is there any way you could put that recipe up. I’m also excited to be trying the cranky balls this weekend

  18. I’m making those cranky balls for Thanksgiving!!! My family likes to try new appetizers & this one looks like a winner!!!

  19. Have you ever tried freezing individual servings of the Breakfast Casserole? My family loves it and I thought I might try freezing them so they could heat them up anytime. BTW, I have tried the Suicide Rolls and the Cranky Balls as well, huge hits! Thanks for sharing

  20. Love it…It’s like my family recipe album. I don’t know if you use a pressure cooker, but it is my family’s microwave We hate prepackaged food. Anyway, I make homemade Mac and Cheese in 20 minutes from uncooked noodles to table. If you want the recipe give me a shout. I can post it on the Facebook page.

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