Chapter 14: Bold

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Chapter 14



Still on my lap, tempting me with the way she nibbled her lip, Sookie narrowed her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head while I tried to figure that out. Something was causing Pam to feel miserable and Sookie must have been feeling my curiosity about Pam’s situation through our bond. “It’s not me. I couldn’t be more content… Willis, what was Pam planning to do before joining us?”

He rolled his eyes. “She was going to introduce herself to the new members of your party…”

Sookie drew a sharp breath and quickly leaned to put her mouth to my ear. “You think Brandon’s taking ‘the Willis thing’ out on her?”

I pulled her closer and answered, “She was fine until just a moment ago. If I had to guess, someone on the elevator has questionable hygiene. She’s already on her way to us.”

Sookie sighed as she sat back, completely relieved. “That’s good to know…” She seemed to be studying my forehead for a moment before she smiled and said, “She’s got everybody with her.” Willis tensed so quickly his muscles sounded like rubber bands.

I couldn’t help myself. “Willis, open the door for them.”

Sookie bit her lip so she wouldn’t laugh… he squeezed his eyes closed so tightly it looked like his face was caving in.

I didn’t bother resisting… I might have even exaggerated my laugh for effect.


The first one through the door was the little girl… She’d run ahead of the group despite Brandon’s order to ‘chill’.

Long blond hair, big blue eyes and a grin wider than should have been possible… The relationship to Sookie was obvious before she blurted, “Aunt Sookie!”

Willis’s instant loss of color could have been seen from a kilometer away as he realized Sookie was his Boogie Man’s sister. It was spectacular.

Sookie left my lap and squatted to greet her niece. Julie flung her arms around Sookie’s neck and whispered, “You seem nice anyway, but hug me back… Hunter’s freakin’ out.” Brilliant maneuver for such a young thing.

Sookie answered, “Awww. That’s sweet of you to think about him like that. Are you always such a love?”

“Nope. It’s fun to be evil sometimes.” I couldn’t argue with that.

Sookie giggled, “Uh oh… you’re so good at being nice, I’m not sure I want to see how good you are at being evil… I’m really happy to meet you.

Julie chirped, “Me too! Do you know how to be an aunt?” The rest of the group joined us and Hunter watched the scene carefully from Brandon’s arms.

“Um… Well, I had an aunt who was awesome. So I’ll do my best to be like my Aunt Linda. How’s that?”

“What was she like?”

“We used to make candles and cook together. She was really friendly and funny.”

Julie released Sookie and stepped back to demand, “Tell me one of her jokes then.”

Sookie waved at everyone and stood to approach Brandon and Hunter. “She wasn’t that kind of funny… she used to say things like, ‘If Barbie is so popular, why do we have to buy her friends?’…” Julie shrugged, only marginally amused… and proceeded to put her foot on the cushion between my legs and grab my wrist to pull herself up to sit on the arm of my chair. She grinned at me before turning to watch everyone else meet. She might have been as bold as the first Sookie I met, but thanks to recent tempering, I was amused instead of affronted… and I couldn’t help but notice Willis was practically cowering by the door rather than passing Brandon.

Sookie turned her attention to Hunter after kissing her brother’s cheek. “My Aunt Linda would have been amazing as a grandma. You look a lot like her.”

His chin was practically attached to his chest as he mewled, “She’s dead?”

Sookie nodded. “Yes sir… She got sick a little while before you were born. She fought cancer like a bear.”

“You know my mother too?”

“I used to. We weren’t ever close though. My ability freaked her out so she picked on me.”

“Daddy thought she was a monster.”

“Well, your Daddy is no different from anybody else who broke up with someone. When you get older you’ll realize after people break up, they forget the good stuff that made them love each other and remember all the bad stuff so they don’t miss them. Your mother was a selfish brat, not a monster.” What could be said about a man who could leave his son alone at an airport?

The boy nodded without looking up at her.

“All of us Stackhouses had a different defect though. Hadley was always selfish. I was always stubborn. Our brother Jason was always lazy… what about you, Brandon? What’s your one big flaw?”

He smirked, pausing for a moment to study the ceiling and I was almost sure he was trying to choose just one. He finally cleared his throat and said, “You could say I’m a little stubborn.”

Julie snorted, “A little?” under her breath and shook her head. She leaned slightly to whisper to me, “He forgot over-protective and bossy.

Brandon heard her and scowled. “And Julie over there is too sassy for her own good. She’s in everybody’s business. And she’s a side-picker. She can’t stay objective to save her.” It was official. I was sitting next to the miniature of the Sookies in the journal… and it was beginning to seem like Brandon was a male version. This was going to be interesting.

Sookie snickered. “So Hunter… what’s your flaw?”

He seemed to be relaxing slightly. “UmmmmI’m nosey?

Sookie shook her head. “That doesn’t count. You can’t help that. That would be like calling you short because you’re only 4. No… I mean, are you competitive, or easily distracted, or obsessed with something? That kind of thing.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

She giggled and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, little man. If there’s one thing you can depend on family for, it’s hearing about your flaws and being loved in spite of them. We’ll let you know if we see anything you should try to get a leash on.”

Sookie made it seem like she was going to introduce herself to Ema, but she stopped short to throw her arms around Pam’s neck. The look on Pam’s face was priceless. Shock. Horror. Confusion. Sookie didn’t say anything more than, “You know what you did. Thank you,” but I immediately wished I’d prepared my phone. A grainy cell phone photo would have been better than nothing.

Sookie moved on quickly, leaving Pam to ‘suffer’ in silence, and when she offered to shake Ema’s hand, Sookie was surprised by the same kind of hug she’d given Pam.

Ema told her in a heavy Texan drawl I’d almost forgotten until I called her the night before, “I didn’t think I was gonna get to meet you.”

Sookie cut her thumb through the air in my direction as they separated and said, “There but for the grace of Eric go I.”


With introductions taken care of, dinner awaited…

I was more amused than I should have been when Brandon waited until everyone else was on the elevator, save himself and Willis… He stepped in and blocked the door to shrug and declare, “No room.”

Of course there was plenty of room.

Pam reached for Brandon’s arm, but I stopped her. “Willis, I left my cell phone behind. Go back for it before you join us downstairs to be tasked…” I waited for the elevator doors to close before I answered Pam’s confused expression. “His thoughts weren’t ‘approved for young audiences’ earlier.”

Sookie curled herself around my arm and added, “And now he’s flipping his lid about when we’re leaving and his imagination is spinning that wrong too.”

Brandon cleared his throat and glanced over his shoulder to tell Pam, “I don’t really care what people think unless it’s around a telepathic kid. Sorry… I know he’s your boyfriend and all. It’s nothing against you.”

Pam shook her head and asked, “Do the children not have shields?”

“Julie does fine, but I can’t always trust her to stay out of people’s thoughts. Hunter’s aren’t what I’d call solid.”


I asked, “What’s wrong?”

Pam huffed as she leaned against the wall of the elevator and folded her arms. “I was going to have him tag along because I offered some of the staff overtime to pack my clothing for me.”

“You’d leave that to servants?”

“I arranged to have everything else professionally packed and shipped, but my favorites are all in one place… I was setting it up…” So she could call the servants incompetent for packing everything rather than admitting she wasn’t planning to return.

I interrupted, “Julie, Hunter, we need to send Willis on an errand. I’m sure you’ll be bored on the plane unless you have something to do…” Pam’s eyes lit up and she pulled a notepad and pen from her ridiculously large purse. “Books? Games? Snacks as well. We want to keep him busy for a couple of hours.”

Julie piped, “I listen to Daddy’s iPod and draw when I’m stuck somewhere.”

“Perfect. Anything in particular?”

She bit her lip and hummed, “Ummmm,” as she studied the ceiling. I’d seen that expression on Sookie. “Crayons and coloring books, activity books… that kind of stuff.”

Pam nodded. “This is a good start. What about snacks?”

Julie blurted, “Candy and chips and soda!”

Brandon cleared his throat. “Healthier snacks. Yogurt instead of pudding. Fruit instead of candy. Veg and dip instead of chips. Water, not juices. You do not want to see her confined with a sugar buzz after being cooped up in a hotel all day.” Julie blew a raspberry at her father while Sookie looked comically frightened by the idea.

I offered, “Pam, give Willis the added chore of arranging for a car to take them to the zoo during the day tomorrow to prevent cabin fever.” The flight back was long enough to bore the adults.

She nodded as she scribbled. “Brilliant. This is good. He’ll think I’m keeping Brandon out of his path instead of vice versa… Ema, do you need anything?”

She grinned. “Ummm. I’m 18. I live on junk food… Cool Ranch Doritos and Cherry Coke.”

Brandon chuckled and gave Ema a high five. “That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! Manna from heaven. Do you think we’ll be able to find that in Europe?”

Pam nodded again and muttered, “I’ll have him get those in bulk just in case… How the hell do you spell Doritos?”


Ema and Brandon were commiserating about how much they’d miss Mexican cuisine once they were in Europe when the elevator doors slid open…

Charlie Love was already waiting in the lobby.

He was wearing another beautifully tailored suit and in the company of an older, and just as well dressed, woman.

He offered a smile in our direction. “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought a date. My mother, Rosalie Love. Mom, that’s Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse.”

The woman was cheerfully reaching to shake hands with everyone before her son was finished introductions… It was fortunate we’d assumed correctly in regards to Charlie’s Fae heritage coming from his father. The woman could have found herself in an awkward position if her scent was stronger than Charlie’s given how friendly she was.

“Lovely, lovely, lovely to meet you. When Charlie explained your meeting…”

He mumbled to remind her to speak in vague terms.

“I’m senile, Charlie, not stupid… Anyway, I was just too excited for him. I had to meet you… special people like my baby are hard to come by, ya know.” Even if I was tempted to make a joke about her ‘baby’, I understood what she meant by ‘special people’. I used to think certain blood types were notable.

I nodded and offered, “And it seems you’re the individual tonight, Rosalie. You’re the only ‘average Human’ in company.”

She gasped, but her eyes lit up as she waved her finger to scan our group. “Even the little ones? Phenomenal.”

I was nodding when Ema cleared her throat just behind me. She held out a sheet of paper and when I flipped it over, Sookie giggled and let go of my arm long enough to high five Ema.

The sketch was a perfect depiction of Rosalie’s smiling face and dated four days ago.

I offered the drawing to Charlie. “Ema, Charlie was very curious about you when we visited with him last night. Your gifts are similar.”

She stepped forward to shake his hand. “If my stomach wasn’t growling, we could pick each other’s brains.”

He nodded. “I’ve been too excited to eat all day. Let’s get dinner out of the way… Brains for dessert.”

Julie giggled, calling them zombies so I took a moment to introduce Charlie and Rosalie to the rest of the group. Before I could introduce Pam, Rosalie jokingly asked, “And this goddess of high fashion is…?

Pam crooned, “Pam. Charmed… I couldn’t help but notice your fabulous dress. Vivienne Westwood is a favorite of mine…”

Rosalie agreed, “On a pedestal next to Dior, Chanel and Valentino.”

Charlie mumbled, “Jesus Mom. Clothes? Tonight?”

She snorted at her son and shook her head. “There is nothing wrong with a deep seeded appreciation for couture…” She turned to stand next to Pam and wrap their arms together casually. “This ensemble is stunning and it would be a crime to pretend it went unnoticed. This is what Vivienne Westwood thinks she looks like when she leaves her house.” I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing for Pam to find a kindred soul.

Pam’s eyes rolled up. “That poor woman, to have fabulous talent and look like a jack-o-lantern…” The women shuddered in unison.

No. Pam definitely didn’t need that manner of validation.


In spite of everyone seeming to be in high spirits as we were shown to our table in the restaurant, Sookie’s mood was deteriorating. She felt distraught and hostile… it was all very confusing given how amused I was watching Pam flounder to explain the bovine theme in a Vampire’s hotel.

I watched everyone for hints and paid close attention to Sookie, but I only came to the conclusion she was a remarkable actress.

As far as anyone else could tell, Sookie was raving to Julie about the quality of the restaurant’s food…

It wasn’t until the waitress left with orders for drinks and appetizers that Sookie seemed to acknowledge my curiosity.

She leaned to put her mouth to my ear and whisper, “It’s nothing to worry about… It’s just Hunter. He was already anxious, but now that we’re in public, he’s miserable.”

I nodded. “Too many minds?”

She breathed, “Yeah. The most he’s used to is maybe 6 at a time when he’s at daycare.” That would more than explain his misery… I couldn’t venture to guess about his range, but it was safe to say the dozens of diners and staff would be bothersome, not to mention the plethora of people milling about in the lobby.

I motioned for the boy to come towards me… if for no better reason than helping Sookie’s mood improve.

He stood between Sookie and me and took his time making eye contact. “Yes sir?”

“Call me Eric… Would you like to hear something funny?”

When he shrugged, I held my hand out… he reached out slowly, but as soon as his hand touched mine, he gasped. His eyes lit up and a quirky grin spread over his lips slowly. “That’s… that’s not funny. That’s awesome.”

“So I’m told. Does it help your problem?”

He nodded, seeming more stoned than I’d seen Sookie.

“Do you think it would help if you sat on my lap while you eat?”

He nodded again and whimpered, “Please.”

“You aren’t a sloppy eater, are you?”

His nose wrinkled when he giggled, “I’ll be extra careful.”

I pushed my chair back and put him on my lap while everyone at the table paid close attention, especially Pam.

The boy didn’t squirm or make any adjustments. He sat where I placed him and the only thing I had to go on was everyone else’s reaction… Brandon jokingly claimed he’d get to sit on my lap next, and Sookie’s improvement was immediate. Her relaxed and playful mood returned more quickly than I could have hoped.

She leaned over to kiss my cheek and whisper, “You’re my hero… thank you.”

“Heroes usually get a gratuitous kiss, yes?”

She giggled, “We already did that.”

“I’ll take an IOU.”

I was only joking, but Sookie asked Pam for her notebook and pen… I watched, hypnotized, as she scribbled the little voucher, including a stipulation for privacy and folding the paper neatly before handing it to me.


I nodded, unable to remember a time I looked forward to being tormented.

While I tucked the note into my pocket, Rosalie cooed, “Is the little man feeling alright?”

I leaned slightly, hoping her hearing wasn’t fading with her memory. “Charlie explained Sookie’s uniqueness, yes?”

She nodded astutely… she seemed universally curious about the nature… and oddly unfazed by the fact she was among Vampires.

“The crowd is a bit much for him at the moment. He’s going to need some practice.”

She inhaled sharply when the dawning came to her, but she didn’t balk. She pouted her lip and offered, “You’re helping him though, right?”

I nodded. “In a manner of speaking. Vampires’ minds are quiet…”

Hunter interrupted, “Awesome. Just awesome.”

Rosalie laughed quietly, “Sounds like you’ve got the ticket then, Hunter. Good for you.”

He was still nodding in agreement when Sookie gasped, reaching over to grab my hand… it took a moment for her worry to find our bond and by then, Brandon was scowling towards the front of the restaurant.


Sookie’s tension was almost unbearable. She’d only just been relieved of her concerns for Hunter.

Having a pair of telepaths on high alert wasn’t boding well.

Sookie breathed, “The Queen.”

“She’s here?”

She shook her head minimally. “She sent… he’s… oh no… he’s not thinking his own name, but he’s looking for me.”

“Where is he from? Is he Human? Any clues?”

Brandon began standing up slowly and offered, “Not Lupine, but along those lines…” Fabulously worded given our mixed company. “I’ll be right back.”

Sookie grabbed his arm as he passed behind her chair. “Brandon. Don’t…”

“I got it. I’ve got more experience with his type, but there’s a lot of interference. I’ll stay in touch.”

When he walked away, I moved, taking Hunter to Brandon’s seat so I could see things as they happened.

The collection of people at the hostess station made identifying the Were on sight improbable. Brandon stopped at the bar and ordered a beer… another telepath who could completely hide their inner workings.

After a few moments, Sookie blurted, “Quinn… John Quinn.”

Pam’s eyes rolled. “In my hotel? Feh.”

I pressed, “Who is he?”

“Lackey for the King or Queen of the month. Pit fighter. I’ve heard tales… get it. Tales/tails. He’s all brawn, no brains.”

“So Sophie-Ann sends a thug in search of Sookie, and all you have to offer is ‘feh’?”

“I doubt he’ll cause a public scene and being patient will give us the answers we need.” She put her finger to her temple to remind me of the talent in our party.

She’d matured too much in our time apart. It used to be the case I’d have to hold her back in order to get answers.

Julie mumbled, “Uh oh,” and left her seat to stand next to me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Daddy’s ‘bout to…” There were no obvious clues. Before Julie could finish, Brandon spun around and punched the chest of the large man walking towards the back of the restaurant. “Too late.”

‘Quinn’ fell to the floor like a slab of meat. If he was a pit fighter, he should have been embarrassed to have a Human drop him so easily.

Brandon squatted next to him and whispered, “What’s your business with Sookie?”

If Brandon wanted answers, his technique left something to be desired. Quinn was choking, gagging, gasping for air.

Brandon began digging through the man’s pockets, taking an envelope and a phone and returning to the table, leaving the Were in a heap. He handed the pilfered items to me and sat on the chair I left empty. He didn’t seem to care his back was to the Were he’d just embarrassed.

“Queenie’s pissed. She sent him to give that envelope to Sookie… Now she wants to talk to you. I don’t think the guy was given many details. Like I said, he was just supposed to deliver that. The Queen being pissed is new.”

I held the envelope out for Sookie, but she shook her head and said, “I’m not sure I want to see it.”

I tore open the envelope, wasting no time because Sookie’s tension was still building. The envelope contained nothing more than a cashier’s check made out to Sookie. No apology. No papers negotiating Sophie-Anne’s debt to Sookie as ‘settled’. Unless something drastic had happened to the American market, 80 million in American dollars was an insult.

She wasn’t compensating Sookie for sending Compton. She wanted me to think she was.

I offered the check to Sookie and explained, “She’s always been childish. She thinks I’m playing games with her.”

Sookie’s eyes bulged when she looked at the check. “It would serve her right if I tried to cash this.”

“I’ll have Dinh take you to the bank once we settle…”

“This is legit!?”

I nodded. “Insulting, Sookie. That’s only a fraction of what you earned for Gwen. That check isn’t even what I’d consider a ‘good start’.”

She gaped while I dialed Quinn’s phone… As he slowly put his feet under himself, I pointed to a barstool to have him wait.

Andre answered, snarling, “Let me guess, you’re so incompetent you can’t complete a task as simple as locating a target when you already know where he’s staying.”

“Andre. Give the phone to you Maker.”

Northman? I’m…”

I finished for him. “A petulant little prick to think a King would care to deal with an underling. I know. No need to apologize. I haven’t forgotten what you’re like. Put her on.”

I didn’t have to wait for long before she took the phone from him. “Northman.”

“I’ll bet you’re positively busting with how proud of yourself you are. You managed to find me. Nevermind Bartlett Crowe called you to simper about my supposed plans for his state.”

“You cocksure son of a bitch… I sent the settlement once Indiana called me, yes. You have some explaining to do. I don’t care what the fuck you’re King of. You poached in my Area.”

“How is that?”


“What about Hunter?”

You aren’t even going to coyly deny knowing of the boy? Given what happened to Sookie, I sent for him… When I rose, I was told he was put on a plane to Evansville. You’re going to give that boy to me. He isn’t yours to have. It’s bad enough I have to wait for him to mature to have a telepath…”

“How did you send for him?”

“I WANT HIM BACK! Give him to Quinn!” She’d shouted loud enough for Hunter to hear her.

“I have him as a protective effort, you trifling cunt. You obviously can’t manage your own affairs if you’re so daft as to let Sookie be tortured under your nose. How. Did. You. Send. For. Hunter?”

“Andre glamoured the father as a failsafe. If anyone were to contact him about relinquishing the boy for his wellbeing he was to let the boy go… I suppose you’re quite proud of yourself for that nugget of ill-gotten information. I want him back.” She was assuming I’d heard about Andre’s haphazard glamouring from the journal?

“Does his mother want him?”

“Her wishes aren’t a factor. He’s my investment…” That would translate to ‘no’.

“Silly girl, having a potential telepath is the least of your concerns. You have Nevada and Arkansas at the gate and your own child is a threat to your existence. If your Queendom hasn’t crumbled under the weight of your idiocy by the time Hunter is old enough to work as a telepath, I’ll remind him you’ll gladly do anything to hire one. In the meantime, Sookie will be caring for him. Yes, I beat you to the punch. Given what Sookie went through, she wanted to be sure of the safety of others like her. He’ll be cared for by someone with the same gift and he’ll be under the protection of 19 Lords in MY KINGDOM. The funny part of this is you don’t have any valid complaints. Even if I had designs to exploit his ability, you don’t have anyone to care for him unless you’re considering putting him in the care of the junkie who gave him away to begin with…”

“That’s my child you’re speaking of…”

“You say that as though I give a fuck. Have the sense to overcome this loss because you know better than to fuck with me. It’s why you hired me to begin with. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’ll let your petty little grudge match carry on for long. Do you want your courier back or is he disposable?”

“I’m not finished with you…”

“Yes, you are. Concede.”

There was a long pause so I chose to imagine her contorting in agony. “You won.”

“What did I win, Sophie-Ann?”

“You won the telepaths… Sookie and Hunter are yours.”

I snorted, “Good girl. Run along.”


Pam, Brandon and Sookie’s mouths were open to begin the expected barrage of questions, but I stopped them…

Since there were things I needed to get ahead of, I left the table, taking Hunter with me… knowing Sookie would be closely monitoring the boy’s mind.

I tossed the Were’s phone to him as he was dismissed and Hunter watched the scenery as I walked towards the men’s restroom… He had a puzzled look waiting for me when I stood him on the counter.

“Brandon explained you’re very upset about the way your father sent you away.”

He stepped back to lean against the mirror before he studied his hands and nodded. “He doesn’t want me.”

“That was a lie… actually a glamour. Vampires can make people do things against their will. The Queen, your mother’s Maker, just told me your father was glamoured to release you to family. Her intention was to be able to send for you if she chose, but when I contacted your father it interfered. He was glamoured to believe he didn’t want you if it was in the best interest of your safety.”

His eyes lit up for a fraction of a second before he shook his head. “How does it work? Glamouring?”

“I’ll show you when a Human enters. You’ll have to pay close attention to their mind. They operate like a puppet in most instances…  What you and I need to discuss is what to do about your father. What do you want to do?”


“I promised Sookie I would see to your safety. When I spoke to your father last night, I wasn’t clear about my offer including him. Since your father doesn’t seem to be an obstacle to your security, I’ll have him brought to us in the Netherlands if you want.”

The boy stammered, “I’m… I’m… I’m gonna miss him.”

I nodded. “Completely understandable.”

“But you’re gonna keep people from getting me… and Sookie’s gonna help my thing.”

“Telepathy. And yes, both are true. Your father won’t get in the way of…”

He interrupted, “Not yet.”

“You want to wait?”

He nodded, but didn’t clarify.

“Why are you choosing to wait when you could have your father back in a matter of days?”

He shrugged. “I wanna… I wanna give this a chance… Daddy’s scared of me. I don’t like it.”

“Like you’re scared of Sookie, yes?”

“Not no more… she’s nice… Daddy thought…”

“Your father thought Sookie would be a monster because he has a low opinion of your mother.”

He nodded and breathed, “Yeah… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Sookie understands. Her mother was frightened of her ability and she has her own reasons to be angry with yours… So, we’re waiting to contact your father.”

He nodded again. “I think it’ll be good.”

“If you’re sure… promise to let me know if you change your mind.”

He nodded again. “K. Promise.”

“Does it improve your mood to know your father wasn’t casting you aside? I’m sure if he hadn’t been glamoured, he wouldn’t have let you go.”

He grinned slightly as he nodded. “Why’d you care? I mean… I’m little. I don’t get to decide… anything.”

“I think you’re old enough to decide this. This is something you can change your mind about at any time. I’m unbiased…”


“I don’t have a strong opinion in either direction…. Which is why I asked for your feelings on the matter right away. Brandon would kill anyone who tried to come between him and his child. Sookie is jaded by the similarities between your father and her mother. Now that I know what you want, I can be your ally if they try to convince you in either direction.”

His face turned down. “They’d make me…”

“No. They wouldn’t make you do anything, but hearing their positions might change your mind. You could regret that later.”

He nodded, seemingly pleased by my answer. “I still wanna see it.”

“Glamouring? I thought someone would have come in by now…” I leaned against the counter next to him and took my phone out of my pocket.

“Hey! You didn’t leave it in the room!”

I put my finger to my mouth to jokingly hush him. “Sookie assures me that Willis is a nice man who’s simply confused at the moment. If he weren’t looking for my phone, he undoubtedly would have been hit by Brandon again.”

Hunter giggled, “For his own good, huh?”

I nodded. “Once in a while, being tricked isn’t the worst thing that could happen. We’ll wait for someone to come along long enough for me to make a phone call. Otherwise, we’ll glamour someone later. Deal?”

He nodded. “Deal. Since I’m here… can you lemme down so I can use the potty?”

I placed him on the floor and as he walked towards a stall, I dialed.

I was greeted with a simple ‘hello’…

“Eric Northman calling for Peter Threadgill.”

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