My stories are inspired by the world of the Southern Vampire Mysteries created by Charlaine Harris. Any SVM characters, plots and settings are her property.
Her characters and mine are dancing to the same band.

MultiVerse Stories

Chronologically by story timeline:

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Chronologically by post date: Bored to Death-> Meanwhile-> Death’s Door-> In the Dark-> Euro Pass-> Couldn’t Get Away-> Alpha-> Rubbernecking-> Nuclear Winter-> Breathless-> Bright Things-> Intrepid-> Like a Rock-> Culture Shock-> Keep It In The Family-> Raw

All Human Stories

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Infinite Stories

 ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????


**Keep in mind that my use of canon ends with Dead And Gone…
Anything established in the more recent books doesn’t exist in my little world.**

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  1. i love your saints and sinners, and follow it on fan fiction. but if you’re posting here, please notify me when chapters are up, and how to find them! thanks!

    • you can still follow it on FanFiction. I’m just posting here too. There are some things that i can do with this site like post pictures of items like the painting in Eric’s bed room, Sookie’s engagement ring and such. Then there’s the music…
      Feel free to sign up for the updates in the form in the margins. I’ll be posting new chapters to this site a day before I post them on Fanfic.

  2. Where is your site? You should move over… this site is Sooooo easy. Im kinda techtarded… if i can do it, anyone can…
    lemme know if you want some of the links i use.

  3. Why did your stuff get deleted from Dead Tired was finished there and you were up to about ch.6 on Dead Sexy which I was getting into so what happened? A lot of the fics I am reading from lots of authors all seemed to come down at one time any input on what is going on would be appreciated. BTW your series is AWESOME!!!!

    • I wish I knew… But I’m working on fixing the problem…
      From what i hear through the grapevine, there is someone who is a real critic and is abusing the ‘report abuse’ button.
      I just wish FF sent a notice or something as to why since i’m taking my chances by reloading… hence the Word Press site. I don’t want to lose it all again.
      BTW… Thanks! 🙂

  4. That really is unfair having a story taken down without warning. So many wonderful authors are being targeted by the attention-seeking, mostly UNDERAGE, trolls. As I understand it most of the members are teenagers! Well, I seriously thought of sending off a tirade, but my wiki sisters convinced me that they just crave the attention. So I am trying to ignore it. I’m just glad that you gals are finding better homes. Cheers!

  5. My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    • Blogging isn’t a hobby for me, it’s the stories I write that are the hobby.
      I use to post my stories but when some of my postings went mising recently, I decided to start my blog as a safety net.
      Thanks for letting me know you like the site

  6. Did you lose Dead Sexy or is it still on your computer, I hope so because I love it so much, I was searching for it so I could read it again but I couldn’t remember the name or find it anywhere and then I found Dead Tired and remembered it was the next one in the series so I’m re-reading that one first, hope you post Dead Sexy soon.
    Fanfiction is being stupid and I hope they sort out the problem soon or their going to lose so many writers, Thanks for writing, you rock!

  7. P.S. Wanted to say I LOVE Saints and Sinners, I tap my foot waiting for a new chap and I check every chance I get to see if theirs an update, LOL I’m addicted to your Sookie and Eric, SMOM is like the best mother ever and Sookie could get along with ANYONE (Except Bill, BTW Love what happened to him it made me LOL) Tx CG

  8. I so love your story Saints and Sinners, it’s so entertaining and better than most of the stories I’ve read. I started reading Dead Tired and have really enjoyed that also, now that I’ve found this site I’ll be starting on Dead Sexy. Your writing is absolutely wonderful. So far Saints and Sinners is my favorite and hope you continue it for a long time.

  9. I love your stories. I have enjoyed Saint and Sinners. And the Dead Tired and Dead Sexy, great new direction. Since I have seen that you posted you update here more. I will check in.

  10. I was on chapter 8 of Dead Sexy when it went away off fanfic and I was soooooo sad. I also love Saints and Sinners. I am looking forward to seeing more of S&S and DS… Let me know when you are going to have dead Sexy up and going. I cant wait to see what Pam does with Malken and the other girls!! haha!! HUGS Tracee:)

  11. OK… Is Dead Tired & Saints and Sinners different then what is posted on FF? I’m current on both stories as they are posted on FF. 😕

    Now I see Dead Sexy is a continuation of DT and it is taking everything I have not to read DS. Believe me that is asking allot!

    I read your two Halloween posting and love them. I would love to see what would happen next on both but if it’s not written in the cards I will wait patiently for updates for SAS & DT. NOT 😉

    • Dead Tired is slightly different from how it was originally posted on FF…
      The original chapters have only minor differences in edits, but the general consensus is that the alternate POVs add a lot to the story. On FF, the chapters were all ‘from Sookie’. As I post them here, one of the other ‘key player’ offers an alternate POV.
      A few people are rereading, just the alternates.
      Saints & Sinners is pretty much the same. Only a few things were changed. Some conversations were originally edited out, but made it to the WP version…
      Saints & Sinners is almost done… Chapter 28 is the end…
      Life & Death is the sequel and will be coming soon…

  12. Your lemons are unfair!! I am asked to read them from time to time and almost always at the most uncomfortable moments, ie: when the children are still awake and I need to hide “something” because of said lemons!!! They are well written and make me “antsy in the pantsy”! “Nough said! Anyway, keep them cumming and let me read when I can “flaunt it”! All I’m saying. Luver you!!!!

  13. OK – I am officially stalking your site. bahahaha! I hope you don’t mind. I might be single-handedly giving you one of the most popular wordpress sites — record breaking… 🙂

  14. I’m so glad I found Bored to Death –I think the writing is fantastic and love, love, LOVE the witty banter/interaction between Gran and Sookie. I do hope that this Gran doesn’t meet with an untimely demise –it would be such a loss to have this character exit early! This Eric is witty and wonderful –and I always love the strong, sexy, smart Sookie all your stories portray….

    Kudos on sharing your talent with us!

    • boredom. plain and simple. I wasn’t 100% happy with the other theme. Even now, I prefer reading white on dark, but i thought i’d run this up the flagpole and see what y’all think.
      Glad you likey 8D

  15. I enjoy your stories so much that if there are no new updates I just take turns re-reading them over and over…

    If I was in a bookshop I’d buy your stories before the latest Charlene Harris. I would love to have an ericizmine ‘collected works’ on my bookshelf !

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Sookies and Erics with us.


  16. I am really enjoying your stories & I look forward to reading more. Plus I love the layout & all the pictures you have here. It’s always nice to have a chance to drool over Eric.

  17. I am so in love with all your stories. Waiting anxiously, but gracefully for your next chapters for all of your ongoing stories. I just love the way you write with Sookie as a ‘don’t take crap from anyone’ attitude. I love your writing humor. I just wish I could write this way. Thank you for helping with the reprieve between Ch’s books.

  18. You, my dear, are even more addictive than my gorgeous choclcoate and that’s saying something! I read a story and then that’s my favorite, but then so’s the other one and, oh, what about that one!. So far my favorite flavor is Chili-Orange, no wait, honey-pistachio, I mean anything with booze in it, although caramel….
    Chocolate I can, with a lot of self control, leave aside. Your updates however, I HAVE to read, Even though it’s midnight and I’m getting up again at 5am. I can try and turn off the laptop and pull the duvet over but I just know I’ll be tossing and turning and it’s just no use. I HAVE to have my fix and am already suffering withdrawal symptoms: where’s Lefe & Dead, I mean The Dating Game, no what about Dead Tired…
    I love them all!!!

  19. I love all your stories girlie!! I will miss you while I am moving and will not have any internet service unless the hotels we stay at have wireless… Traveling with dogs 1500 miles is not ideal to get free wireless!! I’ll be looking forward to reading some of your yummies when I’m back!!!


  20. I am so happy to find this site! really enjoying your writing! you have talent! keep up the good work, i’m sure you will! lol!

  21. Love reading all your stories. Haven’t read the infinite series yet though. Finished S&S, reading L&D and Bored to death. read all your one-shots. You should post some of them on the Library Forum. Some members do not read FFN and may not know this site. Just a suggestion 😉

  22. You know what it would be amazing to see a new chapter of? The Dating Game. I just reread the two that are up, and now I’m craving more.

  23. Are you still working on the other POV’s for Dead Tired? I have read all of the original chapters and dead sexy except for the newer ones. You added so much more I have been waiting to re-read the last chapters and start over with dead sexy. Oh and I love Alcide’s pov and Bored to Death……really I just love it all!!

  24. Just stayed up all night to read Bored to Death. My sister writes fanfiction so I got on there to cyberstalk her and that’s how I stumbled across Bored to Death. Aside from one of her stories, yours is only the second I’ve ever read…I’m sensing I’m going to be spoiled from here on out. It is absolutely perfect. I’m a huge eric fan so I’m definitely sticking around. Can’t wait to read more!

  25. I’ve been reading Dead Tired and am totally in love with it. Great story. I was wondering if what’s been posted is the complete story or is there more to come?

  26. I love Saints and Sinners! And everything else too:)

    Could you direct me to which chapter explains the S Theory?

  27. just wanted to let know i love all of your stories can’t wait for your updates. loving the BTD and AIW but waiting for more L&D too. Well all of them you have me and my 15 year old hooked she loves to read your stories and she didn’t like to read before so my many thanks for getting her attention to change from myspace and Facebook 24/7

    thank you
    marie from Roanoke Va

  28. When you going to update Life and Death, i know you have so much going on and i am loving all your stories like a vampire on Fae Blood, but the Saints and Sinners story line is so my fave..hope you can update Life and Death soon


  29. I love your stories, you have a lot of different meals on there, do you ever consider posting some recipes? Mainly the breakfast food in Saints & Sinners, that story makes me hungry lol 🙂

  30. i would have to say the breakfast Sookie makes in chapter 11 for her, Eric & Jason…County style potatoes, sausage, milk gravy and cheese. i don’t know what that is, but it sounds fantastic with the biscuit crust 🙂

  31. I’ve read each of your stories MANY times… I was wondering – which is your favorite Sookie and which is your favorite Eric?

  32. I just want to let you know that I love all the pictures on your left hand side bar. Its bad enough that i load up my iphone with his images and screen savers at work. I would Alex is literally everywhere!!!!!

  33. Just found your story Bored to Death and I loved it! I’m new to E/S fanfic and this was a great one to start with. Looking forward to more.

  34. Love all your stuff–I can’t decide on a favorite. Whenever I read (okay, re-read, let’s be honest) [insert story here], I decide *this* one’s really my favorite, then I restart another, and change my mind again, heh.

    That said, I really am looking forward to more of TDG… 🙂

    I’m also joining the wordpress revolution (late, as usual), and hope you don’t mind if I link to your site and stories once I get my butt in gear and get time to do it right.

  35. Not sure if it’s just me, but I can no longer see the story/chapter listing on the right hand side of the page nor are the last chapters you’ve written for AIW or BTD on their separate index pages.

  36. My gosh –I think I’ve discovered “the missing links” –all the links on the site are gone and DS and the Infinite In-Betweens are gone –I’ve read DS again and again as a balm to help with the anticipation of the new Sookie book and the new TB season 11 months (ugh) down the road –help! Hope you can re-link soon!

    And girl, are you seeing that counter on your site! You’re a rock star!!

  37. In the upper right corner, click on Index. It is another link to a list of all the stories and chapters (what we recently saw in the right pane).

    • The only problem with that is because of my screen size I need to scroll to the right but as soon I do that the index disappears. Same when I try to get past the amount of chapters that show up on my screen. Try to scroll down and they disappear.

  38. I absolutely love your stories. I started with Saints and Sinners and have started reading all the rest of them while waiting for the new chapters of your stories. I have been reading Dead Tired when the site changed its format and now I cannot find any of the chapters. There is no link to get to the chapters like your other stories. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am living and breathing your stories.

    Also loved that you continues SS with Life & Death. Please continue writing.


  39. love you stories started to re-read then again ended up with not be able to read all of it when the system did it funky mix up waited patiently for it to be fixed and it was thanks but are you going to be able to fill in the missing chapters of Dead Tired jut curious. love Alcide in DT and Saints and Sinners. love you KY

  40. I would like to know why chapters are skipped ,42,44,46,48,50,51 on DEAD TIRED? Where can I find you I cant stop reading your stories .you are great keep up the good work

    • The missing chapters are ‘missing’ because they are yet-to-be-written alternate POVs…
      Chapter 40 is in the works now and written from Alcide’s pov.
      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘finding me’… I’m on wordpress (which you obviously found) and u can catch up with me on twitter… My homepage has a link.
      Thanks for reading.

  41. much love to all your stories i have read them all and was wondering when you were going to do some more on the Dead Sexy story i could reread all your stories love them that much. Can’t wait for any of the updates and AIW or L&D too.

  42. omg you are freaking harlarious : ) I love all your stories especially the humour that you add everywhere it’s beautiful! However you really need to finish/add more chapters cuz I am going crazy and I know that others probably are two. Not sure how you manage to keep them all going at the same time which is probably why not so many updates : (

  43. Just a note to say I love your stories especially Bored to Death, and looking forward to Meanwhile as well. I usually avoid all human stories but Saints and Sinners was a great mix of characters, mystery and banter. Are you published offline as well? I am sure your books would be flying off the shelf. Thanks for sharing your writing here!

  44. so Ive been following your stories for awhile now. but this is my first time reviewing. I love all your stories, but saints and Sinners/A.I.W. is my favorite, because the stackhouses are sooo much like my family. I also love how you made it snow, as I live in Florida and it is the closest I come to the real stuff. Thanks for writing!

  45. I’ve said it before and here I am banging the same drum – you should put out a collected works.
    I’m sure there are lots of ‘how to’ resources out there, I found this just as an example of how easy it can be, and all it will cost you is your time:
    Personally, I’d like to see AIW and L&D completed, then all 3 S&S stories included. Plus, BTD and Meanwhile and then the Infinite stories DT & DS plus outtakes.That there is a whole book full of ericizmine goodness and I have no doubt that people would pay for a proper downloadable version. It could even be 3 separate books, in an anthology, as each series is completed.
    I mean, it’s not like you’re busy with anything else, right ?!

    I hope that one day, you think about doing this and I’d certainly volunteer my time to help with any of the admin/formatting/boring stuff if it would be of use.

    Regards and seasons greetings,

    • This is absolutely great idea. Angela, I hope you are considering this…I would be the first (or maybe second, it is Alison’s idea) to purchase this. As soon as I have a working printer, I had already planned to print out S&S, L&D and AIW had put them in a binder so I could add as you wrote them…but to have them finished and bound? Love the idea!!!

  46. I love your stuff and have been following it on FF. I am PO’d that they delete without notice. So, I plan on following all my faves wherever they go. Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to your next story.

  47. Just wanted to let you know that I love your stories, and wondering if your going to continue with the other Dead Tird POV’s or continue with Dead Sexy? I know you have an actual life, and have other things going on, I was just curious. Love your other stories too!!

  48. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been looking for these stories for, for ever i lost the link, your writing is what started my no stop reading, i can believe i found it thank you for writing

  49. Just wanted to finally review as I’ve read everything on here, most of it twice. I can’t even explain how much I love your writing. Your characters are so unique, but still recognizable for the most part. You write some of the steamiest things I’ve ever read, but I LOVE the plots even when there’s nothing steamy going on. If the names were changed, you could probably be a best selling author all on your own. I check my email every day hoping for an update to any story you’re willing to give me.

  50. Hey, just letting you know (at least for me) your ‘What I Read” tab isn’t there anymore. And I totally love how you’ve re-designed this layout. Sexy pictures, especially the Rolling Stones cover. *drools* HA! 🙂 Love your stories, you are hands down my favorite fanfiction author. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  51. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I’m not longer getting emails about new chapters or anything else. I tried to sign up again, but the confirmation never came back in email either.

  52. Hiya, good afternoon! I run a community on LiveJournal, fangreadersLJ


    Every month we feature a writer in an author interview. So far missusT and fardesiremai have participated. TexanLady and NYC (The Arrangement) are featured this April and we are very excited to have Terri Botta (Let Love In) for May.

    Would you be interested in being our featured author for June? I would love it if you could, but will understand if you can’t, I believe you’ve just had a new addition to the family, congrats by the way.

    If you can, please contact me via my e-mail and I’ll send you some questions and all you have to do is fill them in and return them to me, any banners, links, websites etc are welcome as well.

    Thanks in advance,


  53. Thanks for the awesome chapter of ‘Meanwhile’…….I hope all well with your writing and we’ll all get something new to hold us over until your next update, then again you may be busy reading Book 11……I wasn’t too thrilled with parts of it but thats just me…..I do have to say that as I read it I was secretly wishing that it had the ‘Juice’ and ‘Style’ your stories have….oh well, thanks once again for the great update 🙂

  54. AT the start of the year on FF you said that there would be a sequal to bored to death called ‘The Death of me” but i cant seem to find it on this site??????

  55. Angela, I was asked for my password in order to view some of your posts and comments. The password I put it was rejected. Anyway to recover my password or change it to a new one? Thanks for you help.

  56. You know I’ve been the pigeon for a while now. I just have to say that today the pigeons ate some really bad food and it was an exceptional day for it.

    I appreciate your and effort. Coming home tonight and seeing your update really made me smile.

    I love all your stories. I know I do not say near enough. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  57. hi i was wondering what happened to dead sexy i was reading chapter 6 seeing things clearly last night and this morning i can’t find it i cannt find any of the stories about sookie and eric and the kids on the list will they be back shortly. Iwas enjoying your stories much more than the books thank-you for your version of books

  58. I’ve been re reading Dead Tired on fanfiction, and I know there was a sequel right? But they aren’t on here. I’ve read it before, so I think it might be worse that I know what I’m missing!

  59. I was just re-reading Dead Tired on when it disappeared. Was that you or was it the butting mashing gnomes? It’s not in the index here, so I was wondering is you were taking a break from it.

  60. I have the Dead Tired series for my kindle but I am missing the last chapter of Dead Sexy. Is there any chance I could read it before it gets redone?

    • the dt series is my favourite, is there any way you could e-mail me the original version or something, i would appreciate it
      tnx :))

  61. i also was reading dead tired on fanfiction and missed the ending to it. please dont leave me hanging! thanks for sharing ur wonderful stories with us.

  62. My neighbor and I have a pretty good story idea and was wondering if you wanted to look at it. We love how you write and thought maybe you could pick it up and work you magic on it. Please look at the info on it we posted at fanfic and let me know what your thoughts are on it. Thanks for your time. And as always we LOVe your work.
    Author: StephJ Story: ATTN Authors

  63. Your rendition of Eric is my absolute favorite. Every time I think “I’ll go fic diving…see if there’s something new out there”, I am invariably disappointed and come right back to yours.
    You have somehow managed to meld every arrogant quirk and trait he’s ever portrayed into a very real, very “human”, creation and other authors should take note: THIS is how it’s done.

    plus, I am never going fic diving again. Or until this afternoon. Whichever comes first.

  64. I love the fact that you change the look of your site. Keeps it fresh. This is no different. Love this look too. I have a, well not a complaint, I’ll call it an irritation. In previous versions of your site, any time I increased the text size, it did so but stayed within the same space on the page. (I know nothing about creating websites, so forgive me for not using the terminology correctly.) No matter how large I made the text, always in the same space. Now, when I increase the text size, it does so, but I would/will have to scroll from side-to-side. Is it possible to change/fix this? To end on a positive….I am now reading S&S for the gazillionth time. Laugh every time!!

  65. Love the new look, they say a change is as good as a holiday and we always need a holiday, although i must say i loved the eyes from the other day there is just something about them.

  66. I have been reading your stories since March and this is the first time to commenting. Love your stories especially Bored to Death/Meanwhile. Most of the time I would rather read your stories that do anything else. you’ve got me hooked that i’m pretty much stalking this page everyday to make sure that i haven’t missed an update. Well the page looks great keep up the great work…love your stories

  67. I love the new look of you blog.
    When I created my own wordpress, I used your old template (the pilcrow theme) as a model to build my site. You have great taste.

    I have three of your updates still on queue, but I’ll be reading/reviewing as soon as I get the chance.

  68. Found your “Bored to Death” on and loved it. Thought I’d check out the rest of your stories. Keep up the good writing!

  69. Looking for all your Infinite stories on this site but the links are all dead. Where can I read Dead Sexy and the others in that series?

    maya x

  70. i’m so happy it’s back as i wanted give it a re- read even though i never finished it the first time, stopping at ch. 39. here’s my chance to get another dose of hot vampires, telepaths and werewolves.

  71. I have a request. Could you possible add next links to your pages for stories that have been completed. I am rereading Meanwhile and have to scroll up to click the link to several chapters since all aren’t ../meanwhile/m(Chapter number goes here).

  72. So, can I just say that I must have developed a deep sickness recently…I’m signed up for update alerts and yet I still stop by daily to check for updates, lol. Your brain is addictive!

  73. As you are the mastermind, I’m sure this has crossed your mind, but I still have to ask. Ever thought of a one shot Jump between Bored to Death and Saints & Sinners? Or is that pushing it?

      • Yeah, it would be hell to figure out. And perhaps a bit pointless on the Saints and Sinners side, since I can’t imagine they’d gain any useful knowledge from the encounter. But asking odd questions is what I do best.

  74. Love both, but not sure if I would love them together. (Saints and Sinners is my all time favorite fanfic so I am a little protective of it!)

  75. My hurricane preparation: go to grocery store for water and other supplies, get fresh batteries for flashlights and radio, fill gas tank, and most importantly save Bored to Death and Meanwhile to Instapaper so I have something to do as long as the iPad lasts!

  76. I truely love all your stories but i am so jonesing for some LD updates…. I love any eric w babies but i an wait to see that one. He is too funny. Send your mom on over. Ill have cable (baring any tree limbs),generator and booze. good luck to the east coasters. Irene needs to find a rip current and get sucked out to sea.

  77. Ok, I had a dream that my inbox had an update by you and was so bummed that when I woke up there wasn’t one there. Does that make me officially hooked on all things related to your stories. I’m actually kinda worried for my mental health, but jonesing for an update badly. I swear your stories really are turning into my drug of choice. So that being said please give me a fix soon.

  78. Hate to be a buzzkill, but the drop-down list of the chpaters run into the banner and other words and so sometimes doesn’t let you click on the chapters. Dead Tired and Alcide in Wonderland are the two I noticed it on.

  79. OMG that is terrific! I adore your work! Guess I am not as up-to-date as your regular readers! I swear I have fallen in love with this blog… Terrific writing! You’re an amazingly talented person, keep up the individuality 🙂

  80. I love the format of your blog. It is so much easier to navigate. Any time I get board like Eric I just come to visit here and it is all better.

  81. I had a couple of questions about wordpress for you, and how you set up your site. I want to start writing some things, mostly about my most recent life stuff. I have been mostly absent for a reason. But i wanted to questions etc to be private. can we do that at all? Let me know. Id love to get a chance to talk to you soon. Thanks. Amanda

  82. Ya know, I just have to say THANK YOU. I know we bug you all the time for new chappies (they’re like crack to us…we need a fix…often)….but we REALLY do appreciate that you take the time out of your busy life to write for us (seeing as we all suck at writing…well most of us anyway).

    You add a little something special to our lives and we truly do loooove your stories. It brightens up my day to see a new addition to any of the stories you write. I always do a happy dance. I must admit to loving the BTD/Meanwhile/Multiverse world. The more verses you give us, the better (and clever little you has developed a way to give us multiverses until the end of time. Hehe) YOU ROCK, and THANK YOU again!

  83. not to sound ungrateful, because you update a lot. and your work is excellent. but when can we expect more of the Dead Tired: Resurrection pages? i was working on re reading it back before you took the originals down, and though i read it before parts of it are rolling around in my head lol. i cant wait to re read it. (also make sure the elements i am thinking of really do belong to that fic… so i can assure myself i am not crazy 🙂 like the crazy t-shirts)

  84. this is my first time leaving a message but i love reading your stories and i can’t wait to read more of the infinite series…will you be posting more of it soon?!?! i can’t wait! keep up the good work!

  85. Do you plan on writing the Bored to Death sequel at all? I just love that universe-reading it always makes me extremely happy. I’d love to see a continuation of that story.

    • Dual Shelter by Natasha Wescoat which replaced Tree of Life by Klimt,
      lol i so miss the unedited dead tired. it was good for a time filler.

  86. Love, love, love your writing! I’ve read all of the multiverse and got really invested in it. I’m curious about where you’re going with Euro Pass. Being Dutch, I hope they’ll go back to Amsterdam at some point. It would be fun to see Eric rule Europe.

    Keep up the good work! X Kirsten

  87. I love all your stories so much…..I just wanted to remind you that I love Dead Tired and I am hoping you will put more chapters out there soon.

  88. i wish i had the money to pay you to work less so you have more time to write stories for us. 😉 rest assured if i ever win the lottery i will insist you work for me full time to quench my viking thirst.

  89. Is there a mobile friendly version? I usually read via my phone and since this new set up. I can not view the index properly nor access the site correctly.

    I can’t wait to read the next installment.

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    • No no no… go ahead and suggest away! 🙂
      The themes of Rubbernecking was dreamed up in the BratPack during a conversation about What Ifs… That one in particular was a combination of three… I’m always up for new ideas. 🙂

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    • Good luck on finishing your thesis. This is exactly what I felt when writing my master’s thesis. I love EIM stories so much. When things get hard for me…I take a day and just read her stories….it is such a balm for what ails me. I loved your comment LadyAlesha…and agree. Thank you all.

  117. I am not normally someone who gets offended very easily or at all really, but I felt this situation warranted a comment. During this chapter Eric made the statement, “As long as her only reason to keep it isn’t her Christian upbringing.” After reading that I was instantly jarred out of the action of the story by the offensive tone of the statement in the context of Eric and Pam’s conversation. I don’t think there is any other way to interrupt it than being offensive to religion in general and Christianity in specific.
    A person’s religion is exactly what they would use to make such a decision in the tragic circumstances in your plot. All religions are a central truth in which a person bases their life around in order to answer the difficult questions we all face. The way you word this sentence is extremely dismissive to all people of any religion. A simple re-wording of “As long as that is her decision,” or “As long as that’s what she really wants and not what she thinks she should do,” would convey the same meaning. As its written it implies Eric would somehow take her choice away if she based her decision on a reason he doesn’t feel is valid. Isn’t the point Eric is trying to make to Pam is that it should be completely Sookie’s choice, especially due to the horrible things she has endured in this plotline? If you are implying Sookie would just do what she thinks her Gran would want her to do, then again, I don’t understand how trusting the teachings of the person who raised you, especially the positive way you usually characterize Adele, is somehow an invalid choice, as if Sookie had been brainwashed.
    Maybe I am being oversensitive and I hope I don’t come off as being rude and hurtful, but I really could not let this go.

    • As Eric was clearly upset and frazzled by the situation at hand… The line wasn’t meant to offend, but to bring attention to the fact that Eric was very out of sorts.
      Yes, he does have a generalized distaste for organized religions as a pagan who’s been a witness to many a heinous act carried out in the name of God…
      But he does usually show more respect outwardly, or at least, tucks his disrespect away neatly.
      He’s been in other situations in the MultiVerse when he’s shown disrespect to religions and religious figures, but the extreme of this situation knocked him off his game and he wasn’t his usual calm/rational/magnanimous spirit.
      Eric isn’t much of a sugar-coater as it is, but he’s panicking and in denial about it… Sookie’s religion doesn’t mean anything to him. A moral compass is important, but the aspect of Christianity he refuses to allow consideration for is hell/damnation/sin… a finality that isn’t in Sookie’s future because Eric intends to be her Maker. Why would Sookie need to worry about going to hell as punishment for an abortion when she isn’t going to die?

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    • They’re listed in order above…
      The book covers are arranged in order of when each story took place and there is a list below that listing the stories chronologically by posting date.

  121. Thank you Leah. That is my question. I love this concept but want to read the “whole shebang” in order.

    • They’re listed in order above…
      The book covers are arranged in order of when each story took place and there is a list below that listing the stories chronologically by posting date.

    • Intrepid, Bored To Death, Meanwhile, Home Fires, Couldn’t Get Away, Shitheel, Death’s Door, and Precious are completed.
      In The Dark and Breathless are nearly complete.
      Alpha, Bright Things, Rubbernecking, Like A Rock, Euro Pass, and Nuclear Winter are ongoing stories.
      I don’t just stop writing a story once Sookie and Eric are together, and I usually update much more often than once/twice per week, but right now I’m swamped in real life.
      Like A Rock and Bright Things are the most frequently updated Verses at the moment.

    • Amen to that – DEA is beyond awful (though not too surprising after Books 11 and 12) esp. in regards to Eric’s destiny and Sookie’s choices (esp. her going back to the prejudiced and small-minded Bon Temps from the first book presumably teaching that it is, after all, better to settle for boring) so glad to find a multiverse that ignores the final (and appalling books)

    • Agreed, love the new colors and look and the graphics. I understand that the listing of all the chapters was getting wayyyyy longggg but it is ever so convenient for all us stalkers to have the chapters in the navigation pane! Nothing quite like the thrill of spotting a new addition.

      Does the site give the option of setting story titles so they can expand with a click to display the underlying chapters? So not complaining about it…..don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything as I just love that you share your talent with us!

      • If you click on the the title it gives you a page with the chapters listed. It does not however let you know about potential chapters.

      • I guess I need to look at the side before I comment.

        Looks like we got our chapters back.

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    I know my visitors would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested,
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  130. A sad day in our obsessive fan fiction lives. A better writer of SVM FF would be difficult to find. Ericizmine, the person will be dearly missed, but in addition, for us brats the withdrawals will be hard to overcome. You will be forever missed, Angela. I don’t think when you set out writing that first story that you ever could have imagined how many many lives you would touch and how many people from so far and wide you would bring together. We were blessed to know you and touched by your work. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers and you will never be forgotten!

  131. You will be greatly missed Angela. Probably more than you know. I’m sorry you had to leave your sweet babies and your family. I’m stunned and shocked. Prayers to your family. I wish you could know how you touched my life.

  132. Angela, you will always be with us through your stories. You, your brats and beta’s were a huge bright spot in my daily mail. I hope somehow this site continues….
    Prayers offered to you and your family.

  133. If I could say anything to you–wherever you may be–it would be this: Even now, I’m sure that people are reading your wonderful stories–with lumps in their throats, smiles on their faces, and fingers at the ready to click to the next page. You and your writing entertained; it changed lives–made them better. You will be missed. You will remain appreciated and beloved. You will go on.
    My prayers to your family and friends.

    • Thank you for your awesome words Californiakat1564, as you know you and EricIz Mine are my two most favorite fan fic authors *EVER* and I hae read A LOT OF FANFIC..So as a fan of both ya’ll I appreciate your kind words. Because your right. She did all of those things and so much more. As devastated as I am I can only imagine how shattered her family and loved ones must be. So many of us truly mourn her passing. I hope her family knows how heartsick so many of us are for them.

    • Beautiful words Kat. Made me cry again but I am trying to stick with the thought that with all the joy Angela brought into our lives and the lives of so many, she will go on. I still can’t believe it though.

  134. I can’t even imagine the pain your family is in right now. You made me fall in love with Eric all over again and made me believe that Sookie wasn’t a complete idiot. You will be truly missed by hundreds of fans from all over the world. Rest in peace Angela.

  135. All I can think of right now after reading the postings is a beautiful story cut short. There are books that are so wonderful that when you finish reading you are suprised and kind of sad that the end came. Sometimes it even seems to come from nowhere the ending just snuck up and you feel that you would do anything for just a little more of that world. That is how I feel right now that the ending came too soon in the world. Thank you Angela for the years of stories, laughter, and putting up with our brattish ways. We loved your stories they became better than the original and I would have loved to get a chance to buy one of yours at a bookstore someday. I wish your story would have been able to have gone on longer just like the best stories the ending just came much too soon.

      • Thank you for posting that link. After the huge shock at such the loss of someone so young and with so much to live for, at least there is something one can do to help if just a tiny bit.

      • Kajsa, Will the EIM site stay up? Hope so! So sorry for this loss to us in the fandom community and to her family and friends. We’re all in shock, angry, and upset. Can’t believe the stories will actually stop. I found myself checking for a new chapter to Raw, in spite of myself. Thanks for your continued support of Angela’s work.

  136. I have no more words left at the moment.
    Tears. Loss. Grief. Shock.
    And this is after 16hrs.
    I wish I had stumbled on Angela’s work much earlier, and gotten over my Face Book phobia sooner.

    Even still, you were on this earth too briefly. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful soul, and your amazing gift with us Angela.

    My thoughts go to Angela’s loved ones, know that I will never forget her.

  137. I am just gutted. No words can express how sorry I am for the loss and hope her family and friends will know how much she touched others lives. We are far better for having had her for the short time we did. She will be missed.


  138. You have blessed so many of us with your kindness and writing. You brought so many of us together and let us read what your wonderful mind came up with. There will never be anyone who can fulfill what you have accomplished by bringing us all together. I hope you know just how much you truly affected all of us! You will be missed.

  139. It’s so hard to believe. I knew Angela had been sick recently, but this is such a shock. I feel like some of the light has gone out of the world. My prayers are for her family at this time. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now. Rest in Peace, Angela.

  140. i cant believe this news…. i keep reading and hoping this is a horrible joke and angela is going to pop and and tell us all her accounts were hacked. we lost a truly beautiful creative person who brought so much joy to us for no other reason than she could. my prayers and most heartfelt wished go out to her family as we head into the holiday season. we will miss angela vaughn so very much….

    • I tried to believe that it was all a joke too, even going as far to contemplate that April Fools was 6 months away until in horror I realized that it was all true. Angela you will be missed, Rest in Peace.

    • I know what you mean. I keep opening the website and just staring in disbelief. Not sure how to even process this. The only thing I know is she will be missed by all.

  141. RIP Angela, you will be greatly missed, but your work as EricIzMine will keep your memory with us. My thoughts are with your family through this sad time.

  142. You will be greatly missed!! Though you are gone, Your work will live on forever. You touched many people with your talent. My deepest condolences to family and those closest.

    • I’d heard the name EricIzMine but I was not familiar with Angela’s work. I just got my laptop and Internet connection a couple weeks ago and have been slowly catching up on things I missed in the Eric/Sookie fandom. I just found out about Angela’s passing a few hours ago. I haven’t had the chance (yet) to read her writing but hopefully I’ll get caught up on it. I have a tendency to gravitate toward people who also appreciate these characters. I feel horrible about this tragic news. To everyone who knew and loved, and will always love, Angela, including her mother and children, and the fans of Angela’s work, please accept my deepest condolences. I am so sorry for your loss.

  143. I just found out about this on Tumblr… I’m totally shocked right now. I didn’t know you personally but I can honestly say you will be missed. Your family and friends will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Rest In Peace Angela.

  144. Her stories are so warm and vibrant, full of life. I imagine she was the same. I can’t imagine what her family is going through, my thoughts are with them.
    She touched so many people with her writing, all over the world. I wish I’d had a chance to tell her that.
    My little patch of England is very sad this morning.


  145. I feel so sorry for her family and her children. RIP, You will be missed. Your readers lost great stories, but for your family its so much worse, I really feel sorry for them.

  146. Thank you all for your kind words and generous donations. It will be up to Angela’s family to decide on her legacy and at the moment they understandably have other things on their mind. Nothing will happen in the short term to this website. For all of you wanting to join the Brat Back, we will do our best to go through the list as fast as possible, thank you for your patience.
    Kajsa Brat Pack admin and Ericiz Mine beta

  147. I am so upset to hear this news, my thoughts go out to all your family and friends. You have left this world entirely too early. You are a phenomenal writer and you touched all of your readers hearts with your writing, you are so very gifted. You will be missed so much by everyone. RIP forever Angela.

    I can imagine even your characters mourning you because they are YOUR characters no matter who wrote their names down on a page first.

  148. A brilliant mind you had Ang. I could never fathom how you came up with all those amazing and incredible ideas. You have left your mark on my soul forever, I will never forget you.

  149. When a young, creative, and promising life is unexpectedly cut short, it is shocking and difficult to understand. In Angela’s case, it is all the more tragic given the six young lives that must now go on without their mother. My heart goes out to her children and her family.

    • My previous post just didn’t capture what I wanted to say, and so here it is.

      You can see the mischievous twinkle in her eye and a keen wit behind her secretive smile. Looking at Angela’s portrait on her memorial fund website gives us a rare glimpse at the author behind the fan fiction, who is typically shrouded in secrecy, with pennames and avatars hiding the true identity of the person behind the crazy stories.

      To say she was a gifted writer of fiction is an understatement. Her imagination was limitless. In addition to being well written, her multiverse was amazingly complex, with an intricately woven plot that “jumped” between several alternate universes within the “braid.” It was so complex and well constructed that I often marveled as to how in the hell she kept track of all the details, betas and brat pack notwithstanding!

      Her stories were witty, sexy, and touching. From the lighthearted, such as found in “Alpha,” to the hilarious scenes in “Rubbernecking,” to the darker, sensitive, and haunting such as “Nuclear Winter” and “Euro Pass,” each tale in the multiverse packed an emotional, long lasting wallop. As another fan pointed out, in all of her tales she incorporated core themes about the importance of love and family, in which children often figured prominent roles. It’s no wonder, since she had six children of her own. What an achievement to have brought so many precious lives into this world! I was only able to have one, and good lord, one is hard enough…I can’t imagine how she was able to do it and still find the time to write such incredible stories. Amazing.

      For those of us who were fans of her fiction, we will miss her creative gifts. All of us are understandably upset that her WIPs will no longer be updated, and that the multiverse will not have new tales to entertain us. But the saddest, most upsetting thing is that there are six young broken hearts left behind who now have to grow up without their mother. It’s tragic, heartbreaking, and so, so unfair. She was so damned young. Since finding out about Angela’s death, I have been haunted, sick and worried about her children. Based on what very little I am able to surmise, it seems that she had a strong family support system. But still, as a mom, my heart bleeds for the children.

      The childish, Peter Pan (small) part of me that has (barely) survived into my forties wishes that I had a cluviel dor. Maybe it would be cheating (of course it would!) to wish for more wishes, but I’d surely use one to make Angela whole and hale again. To rejoin her with her children and family. If only…

      For those of you who are so inclined and haven’t done so yet, the memorial fund for the funeral/medical expenses and children is a wonderful way to express our gratitude for her stories and care about her little ones she left behind. I would bet that Angela would appreciate the gesture to help out her family…

      Rest in peace, Angela. We will miss your light, which shone so brightly through your amazing stories.

  150. Angela may be on another realm now but Ericizmine will always be with us. Hopefully her words will always be available to us. What would this internet come to without our daily fix of ericizmine?
    So young and so so talented, Angela you will be missed and never forgotten.

  151. This website and Angela’s stories have been a near daily part of my life for over two years. I wish I had commented earlier to tell her how much I have cherished her writing, never failing to bring a smile to my face even on the toughest days. I hope her family may be granted peace in this tragedy. Good night, Angela. Our prayers are with you and yours. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

  152. The world seems somehow smaller, somehow dimmer. A brilliant mid and a warm heart is gone. Like all of you, I have enjoyed every word that was written by the ever talented Angela. Thank you for the memories and for this community of brats and betas. I will miss you terribly, and my thoughts are with your friends and family.

  153. Your stories were the highlights of my bad days and the funny moments of the good ones….. Life is not often fair and you leaving us so soon is a proof of it. You will be deeply missed even in my tiny corner of France. RIP Angela…….

  154. Since hearing the news I cant get her kids out of my mind. I know donations are coming in now; what happens next year? Here is my crazy idea… one or all of the betas take over writing the stories, in Angelas memory, and add a small monthly fee to the site with proceeds going to the family. Before anyone gets angry at me, I am in no way suggesting Angela is easily replaced, I am trying to think of a way to keep people coming to the site and thinking about Angela and her kids. Just a thought….

  155. Its such a sad and terrible loss and I still can’t fully believe she is gone. My heart goes out to her children and family. She was such a great writer and had such a wonderful imagination that made our darkest days brighter with her words and charisma. RIP and she will always be a part of our hearts

  156. I just heard about your loss Angela, and I am devastated. Although I never met you, you and your wonderful imagination have been a part of my life for 2 years now. You have made me laugh, made me cry, and always entertained me. I am crying as I write this, so i cannot imagine the loss that your family must feel. The world has lost a brilliant and generous soul. You will be missed.

  157. i literally just found out today ive been checking this website daily hoping for an update and the only reason i found out was because i checked inlovewithErics website for an update and after i read it, i didn’t believe it, i thought for sure this had to be a joke only to scroll down and read some of the comments and its still too shocking to comprehend im sadden to hear such devastating news ive been reading your stories since you started on and ive never been disappointed with any of your work and its beyond depressing to think ill never read another again you were crazy talented and super creative and my heart goes out to your loved ones because though im hurting over your loss I cant imagine how grief-stricken and heartbroken your family must be, the truth is I never really knew you at least not personally but i felt like i knew a part of you by reading your stories. im sorry i never took the time to write you personally but i felt like I knew the kind of person you were with every anecdote you shared or every little tid-bit you’d throw in about your home life with each update, and it truly makes me regret never having made the effort to get to know you you were a better person than most and you carried yourself with grace in the world of fanfiction.(which is a rarity (trust me)
    Many respected you and your work, valued you and your opinions, truly a great loss for the fanfiction world and an even greater loss to those who’s lives were touched by yours.( May God rest your soul) If any of her family members read this know that my heart goes out to you and ill keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers and know she was loved by many and she will be missed God Bless.

  158. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and kindness. I am Angela’s aunt. Her Mother is my sister. All of this still seems like a nightmare. There is a song that say’s, “When death, like a gypsy, comes to steal the ones you love…..” And it does just that. It steals the ones you love. I do ask that you all keep Angela’s parents, siblings, and children in your prayers. Her loss leaves a gaping hole that can never again be filled.
    I remember the day Angela was born, like it was yesterday. I never dreamed that her life would have such a profound impact, on so many people, around the world. You likewise had a profound impact on her. You kept her going through some of the most difficult days/times in her life. I thank you for loving and encouraging her through her writing. I am sure you will never know how much you touched her and gave her the strength to continue going. Know that she loved you all very much. Thank you for loving her unconditionally, and for being her friends and family….. God bless you all.

    • Donna: Thank you so much for taking the time in the midst of the struggles your family is having, to share with us your thoughts about Angela. I know that it touches me to hear that she used us as support during her down times as much as we have all used her stories to make us laugh, cry and pick us up as well. Many blessings for your family, and especially those children.

      • I didn’t know her personally but I followed her stories religiously and they made me laugh on dark days. It’s good to know that she too could get support from us. My heart goes out to you as her family and her children.

  159. Hi I know that anything I say will never be enough to curb the pain of loosing someone so loved. Her talent was amazing. I would search her writing out and hope there was always something new. I didn’t know her personally but her writing helped me through a rough patch and I thank you for her.
    Thank you Angela for sharing with us!

  160. I just recently found out about Angela’s passing and felt the need to connect here on EIM with the same method she used to connect with us – words. I did not know her personally though felt connected to her through her stories which she so artfully crafted for us so often. My sister found out on fanfiction about Angela’s passing and just couldn’t find the words to break it to me that one of my favorite writers was gone. I am still baffled by how someone so young and talented can be taken from this world. Angela’s writing not only touched people’s lives, it brightened them. Every time I saw an email pop up with an update, I did a happy dance as I knew I was in for a good read – one that brought escape into a new world she facilitated through SVM. She was creative and witty – a brilliant writer. She had this uncanny ability to take you through the motions with her stories. As someone mentioned in an earlier post, she made you fall in love with Eric over and over again and that is a true talent. My heart and best wishes go out to her loved ones. The world has truly lost a gem.

  161. I’ve been refreshing ‘Raw’ all week, hoping for an update and all the while I’ve been horribly out of the loop. I hope her friends and family can take at least a small bit of comfort in the profound impact Angela had on our little corner of the world.

  162. I wish it wasn’t too late to tell you that you’ve made a huge impact in my life these last few years. Your stories kept me afloat during my depression. Your world helped me hide from mine during a miscarriage. You’ve been there, unknowingly, with me throughout it all.

    And now, I can finally understand the joys of parenthood that your Sookies and Erics experience after the birth of my son.

    Thank you, Angela.

    “Goodnight, sweet prince
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

  163. Thank you for all the love and energy you put into the work that made all of our days a little brighter. You were one of my favorite FF authors, and I know you’ll continue to touch others through your stories. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  164. I’m going to start at the beginning again and re-read the multiverse again, yes I meant to repeat myself there. I love Angela’s multiverse it’s so detailed and multilayered, I find I notice new stuff every time I do a re-read.

  165. I have spent the past week or so going back and reading every effing chapter of every single verse and… still completely heartbroken. It’s so hard to believe that EIM is gone. Her amazing talent, wicked sense of humor, crazy intelligence and insane creativity are so missed. Part of me only wanted to stick to the completed verses because an unfinished story grates at me (why I only kinda liked What Maisie Knew – if ever a movie needed a damn epilogue…), but with the ways the verses so amazingly wrap and weave like the braid itself, I don’t think there’s a conceivable way the series could ever really be completed and I take some solace in that. Part of this is selfishly “woe is me! What am I going to read now?” but I also genuinely offer my heartfelt condolences to Angela’s family, friends, and Brat Pack for the monumental loss. I didn’t know her personally, but I hope that you can take heart in the fact that an actual LEGION of fans are still out there and will read, reread, and reread again her brilliant stories.

  166. I hope with all my heart that EIM/Angela knew how much her stories were loved and her talent appreciated. I still find myself looking for an alert to the new threads she had started, then realize that won’t happen ever again. I can’t help but think how difficult Christmas must have been for her family, especially her children. It’s such a family focused holiday. the loss her readers suffered pales in comparison to that.
    I think I’m ready to start re-reading the stories now….

    • You were a blessing to Angela. I/We can’t thank you all enough for your kindness. It makes me cry, every time I read one of your comments because your love for Angela is precious. I know you all met the world to her. Please continue to pray for her Parents, Children, and siblings. The children are lost without her.

  167. Yesterday my phone wiped absolutely everything, including the last post from EIM. I was heartbroken. I had resolutely refused to close the page but now I’ve reopened here and decided I’m ready to re-read from the start (again). I can’t wait to fall in love with Eric (and maybe Gwain a little) and laugh at her amazing wit. Miss you

  168. Jfozz. I am with you. I miss EIM everyday. I have re-read all her stories and am so grateful for all her wonderful, thoughtful, funny points of view. I appreciate you and all her gal fans that is keeping this site active.

  169. Three months have almost passed. Life has continued but… I still can’t read your WIP, knowing you can never finish it. I know I will. I want to! Why on earth would I deprive myself forever of such brilliant writing 🙂 Just, not yet… Soon I hope.

    Thinking of you Angela. I know you are out there watching over your little angels!

    All my thoughts and hugs to Angela’s family. No amount of time can make the pain go completely, but I’m glad you have some way of seeing just how admired and respected and missed Angela is 🙂

    ~love Gwyn

  170. My thoughts and prayer to Angela’s family.
    I’m definitely going to miss your stories. You are a wonderful writer. So sad that you were unable to finish your lovely stories.

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  172. I am so sorry for Angela’s family & friends that she has passed. She was a wonderful author who wrote some of the best fanfiction I have ever read. I hope they live on in her memory for a long, long time. I still reread every story & hope I never stop. I hope her kids are doing okay, as okay as they could be at least.

  173. I come to the site to read your stories almost daily, and I still can’t believe that you’ll never have a chance to let us read your finished works.
    I continue to keep your friends and family in my thoughts.

  174. i will truely miss you. i enjoyed your writing so much more than the original work. you brought eric, sookie, and pam to life with your wit and sarcastic dialogue. i loved all of your stories.

  175. Dear EricIzMine,

    CONGRATULATIONS! The Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards would like to inform you that you have been nominated in the following categories:

    1. All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic for Bored To Death
    2. All-Time Favorite Author

    Voting page will open to voters on March 31st, 2014. We will take votes for two weeks before closing the page on April 14th, 2014.

    Feel free to let your readers know about this event and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    -Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards
    fanaticfanficsawards. blogspot. com

  176. Seriously in love with the “braid” fics…obsessively reading them like the world is gonna come to an end before I’m done…can’t wait for more or the continuation of what’s been done

    • Dear Chariey6201,
      If you have not been told already it is my very sad duty to inform you that our DEAR Angela passed away on November 12,2013. I still cry when I think of this. She left behind some very beautiful children and very lovely and generous fans of her writing. She has been and continues to be sorely missed. You would be very proud of her brats here and over at facebook brat pack group page.

  177. So glad to see that Angela’s writings have been nominated. It brings me to tears to think of her not being here to see it but I will let her Mother know. Please continue to remember her children as they go through all of the first without her.

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  180. Dear Angela,
    Wherever you are, I hope that your having a blast! I just re-read the Multi-Verse in EIM order; I had so much fun remembering reading certain things for the 1st time, finding awesome one-liners, and all the times you teased us with chapters. Reading the last line in the chapter you updated…my tears couldn’t hide how much I missed you right then. Knowing that I couldn’t just run over to the BratPack & ask you a question. So freakin sad 😥 We never met in person, but I can hope that one day we will…be ready for all the questions I have for you! haha Until then, you are missed and your stories cherished. I would say be good, but we both know that’ll never happen 😉 lol

    Your faithful Brat,

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    • Dear Samuel, I’m sorry to have to tell you that EricizMine sadly passed away last year so there will not be any further updates to any stories

  182. I do not want to seem insensitive and hopefully my question will not come across as such, but I was wondering if any of the Brats were planning to add the missing chapters to the downloadable stories. I was reading Breathless and it stopped at chapter 5. On the website, there is another chapter. I ask because I do not know how to download a page and attach it a story other than to save the entire page.
    Once again, I do not mean to come across in a bad way and forgive me if you think it is an inappropriate question; especially on today. It is just that I loved Angela’s multiverse so much and want to be able to remember it and her for years to come.


  183. i cant believe its already been almost a year since Ive been to this page. i tried to come back so many times after Angela died but i just couldn’t its only after my own personal tragedy’s that i was able to turn back to the multiverse and find comfort here. weve all come and gone grown closer and apart and i cant help but feel saddness and comfort as i read about sookie and eric and all the endless adventures they had and continue to have as angela continues to write in heaven

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  190. i keep coming back to read your stories…it’s kind of bittersweet. i really feel as though i have lost a friend.

  191. Dear Angela, I hope you’re at peace wherever you are. Just wanted to say how much I still miss seeing new updates and stories from you and how much enjoyment I still get from re-(re-re-re-re-re) reading your stories. You are missed.

    • Dear Nicole,
      I’m really sorry to tell you that Angela (EricizMine) passed away last year. There will therefore be no more updates to the Multiverse though I’m sure Angela us still keeping an eye on all of us in the different stands of the braid.
      Kajsa (one of Angela’s betas and BratPack admin)

  192. Dear Angela,

    It has almost been a year since you left this plane of existence, still you inspire me. Often when I need a lift after a bad day or need a little motivation to keep pushing through working, being a mom and taking college classes, your stories give me that special something. So thank you and I wish your family all the best.


  193. I have just read your stories for the first time. I love them all!!! I know you are not around anymore, but hopefully they have computers in heaven… If they did you would probably still be writing your awesome strories…. Hopefully you can at least read all of the awesome reviews you still get on these!!!

  194. Just finished re-re-re-re-reading all the multiverse stories. And it was, again, bittersweet. Your writing brilliance is sorely missed, as is your sense of humor. I wish your family well, Angela. I know you are somewhere happily playing in the verse.

  195. The loss of a writer of this much talent is heartbreaking, feel so sorry for her family. I have read all the stories here. I love how she used a multi-verse to tie everything together and give different what ifs. The humour that shines through is just the thing that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. What happened to shitheel I don’t see it listed?

  196. I stumbled upon this blog a little more than two years ago, I never interacted with the author and I’ll always regret it. These stories inspired me. I know that sounds really cliche to say, and I’m sorry about that… But it was this fan fiction, her writing, that inspired me to write. She took a universe filled with beloved characters and made it her own, all while staying true to the original soul of the books. It was through this that I fell back in love with literature. To this day I find myself back on this site rereading my favorite chapters. Her stories are full of adventure and heartfelt moments all tied together with the perfect dash of comedic effect that leaves the reader (or at least me) laughing hard enough to bring tears. It’s perfection. It’s inspiring. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that it will not continue. To add on one last cliche, she may be gone, but she is far from forgotten.
    With that being said, if keeping this site up ever becomes an issue for whatever reason for who ever is running it now. I’d lend whatever hand I can to help.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you and i am sure Angela appreciates your kind words. she always told all of us to go after what we felt was good for us. if writing is that hobby , then write and be good at it. as for the site, thank you but we are fine on that issue. KY

  197. I recently discovered EricIzMine and I’m astounded by her talent and saddened by her untimely passing.

    The “Saint and Sinners” story links do not work. Is there some other way to read it this highly recommended story?

  198. Hi Trice, I’m sorry to hear there seems to be a problem with the link on this page. Her beta’s are still keeping an eye on things and will have a look. Meanwhile the page itself still seems to work fine so hopefully you can get your fix that way. We miss EIM terribly and not a day goes by there isn’t something that reminds us of her..
    Kajsa beta and Brat Pack FB group admin

  199. Feeling bittersweet rereading my favorite multiverse story Like a Rock and thinking of all the stories Angela had left to share with us…

  200. Hey guys, I know we won’t be getting any more of these gorgeous stories, still so sad. But does anyone know of anyway we can re-read Dead Tired in its entirety. It’s one of my favourite stories and I’d love, love, love to be able to read it again

    • Never mind, I found it. Thank you so much for the dropbox link earlier too, excited to be able to read these even when my internet isn’t working. Ang was such fantastic author, if I could thank her again for the many hours spent reading these stories I would

  201. Hello wonderful Angela, wherever you are.

    Just thought you might like to know that I have finally been able to reread your stories! Or more to the point, I have them loaded in my text-to-voice app so I listen to them 🙂

    Your stories still make me laugh, growl, cry, snort, and other such actions that has my daughter giving me weird looks while I do housework… as she’s 12, I listen with headphones on… eventually I will introduce her to your legacy . Being a mum, I’m pretty sure you’d understand me waiting 😉

    I go on MV binges when I am waiting for my fave published authors to release the next book. MV is on my re/read (listen) list, so they usually get ear time every 2-3 months.

    Your stories are a gift to the universe I hope to pass on to my daughter. Your Sookies are amazing. Awesome mums, friends, wives, and career women! All of them eventually find their confidence and groove, and each groove ends up being slightly different- but equally Sookie. Something I hope she can look at and see that she can find her way, and find confidence in herself to be and do anything she sets her mind on!

    And I want her to meet your Erics. I will warn her that Bored to Death Eric starts out a bit of a bastard, but he never treats Sookie badly. And having Sookie in his life helps him find a balance that wasn’t there before. But I definitely want her to meet your Eric’s and see how a man should treat a woman. Being a single mum, she’s never seen that as my dad died when she was 1.

    And as for me, mum-Sookies are fantastic. And are inspirational for me too.

    In short, your Sookies and Erics aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. Accept their mistakes. Learn from them (sometimes slowly). And are stronger people when all is said and done. Oh, and I want her to read your Grans wisdom!

    So Angela, I just wanted to remind you that as much as you loved your Brats when you were with us, we loved you right back. And we still do!

    My love and thoughts to all of Angela’s family. 11 years on I still miss my dad, so I know words won’t help. But please know that you are in my thoughts. And Angela and her legacy will live on with me, through my daughter.


  202. So here I am again, another sleepless night and I spend it exploring The Braid as I have done so many times in the past. My recurring nightmare is that some day I’ll come visit and you and all your stories will be gone. Tonight I’ll read BTD again and eventually I’ll sleep relieved that Eric, Sookie et. al. are safe here where they’re supposed to be, in The Multiverse.
    I hope you’ve had a chat with Prof Hawkings, I wish I could have eavesdropped.

  203. Just spent some time with the original infinite stories and even though she thought they were shit, they are fabulous.

    I miss her more than anyone should miss someone they never met or talked to in real life. She has left all of us with such a huge part of herself and the braid is my soft place to land when my life becomes too much. Have fun in the braid Angela!

    • Courtney as one of her Beta’s and friends, she despised that i love the Infinite series. i wish we had time to finish revamping it before she passed away. Thank you for reading and enjoying her work. KY

  204. Hey! The stories at the top of this page are ordered by When they take place with Intrepid starting with Sookie as a young girl, and underneath the story icons is a timeline by when the story was posted so starting with Bored to Death. Please bear in mind that Angela sometimes had several stories going on at the same time so once you’re a few chapters in, it might not be in order of posting date. Nuclear Winter and Europass have some chapters written at the same time. Saying that, as long as you start with Bored to Death and then Meanwhile, and bear in mind Nuclear Winter follows In the Dark, it doesn’t matter really in what order you read them.
    Kajsa Site Admin and EIM Beta

  205. I just want to thank the admins and those who continue to support this site and stories after so many years. Angela was such a talented writer, and I reread these stories every few months. She left us too soon, and it’s to your credit, admins and supporters, to keep her work alive. Thank you!

  206. Thank you so much for keeping the site up! Saints and sinners was my most favorite story, but everything she created was amazing hands down!! ❤ Miss you Ange!

  207. Angela’s multiverse and the braid are very special to me. They have gotten me through an MS diagnosis, along with several other serious health issues and scares. They have gotten me multiple hospital stays, through the night my severe insomnia is dragging me down, through multiple deployments by my husband, through loving cross country from all my family and support system and through crippling anxiety. They still help me through those things and I come back to them any time I need a good Eric and Sookie story.

    Angela I hope you’re having the time of your life hopping through all of the braid universes. I hope you know when you left this plane of existence you left behind beautiful stories that will live on and a group of readers whose lives have been made richer because of your talent.

    I’m headed back to spend some time in the braid universes again and really appreciate the brat pack for keeping this site going.

  208. I continue to come back to these stories and thank the Betas for keeping the site going.

    I hope Angela knows how much we appreciated her work and talent.

    Again, thank you.

  209. It’s been years since I’ve been here… but I needed a pick me up and these stories have that kind of effect on me where I can drown out the outside world and immerse myself in the world Angela created
    I’ll forever miss her.
    one of her BRATPACK

  210. Every once in a while i cant help but come back and reread these stories even as i cry that we wont see anything else posted. I cant help but think everyone involved in Angela’s life got cheated by fate/god/karma whatever you want to blame for the fuckery that is losing her so early

  211. I’ve been reading these stories since before she had this page and was the only place to find fanfic. I come back and reread them every year or so, and am so very thankful for the people who keep this page running. I cried when I found out Angela had left us, and it still breaks my heart when I revisit the Bored to Death or Saints and Sinners universe and realize that we don’t get to see her finished product realized. Thank you for keeping this page and Angela’s legacy alive.

    • hello you are welcome, this is kleannhouse, I keep her site up and alive and I answer the comments. thank you for reading and enjoying her stories, I know she is looking down at us and smiling. Stay safe and healthy. KY

  212. Every couple of months I come and dip into a couple of chapters of whatever story I need at that time. Multiverse stories always bring me a lot of comfort, my mum and sister both died before their time so when I first heard the theory of the multiverse it helped me deal with my grief. If the multiverse theory is real then in an alternate reality my mum, sister and best friend (my reason for tonight’s visit) are all alive and living their best lives so somewhere out there in another reality Angela is alive and still writing about her multiverse. Who knows, maybe someday our universes will collide and we’ll get a glimpse of Bored to Death chapter 438

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