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56 thoughts on “Report a problem…

    • Have no idea if you can help or not. Just did a search and ended up with you. Haven'[t heard back from so….I’ll give you a twirl.

      I write under FemShem for starting last week I have zero hits in my stats. No idea why. I know it’s a technical issue. average maybe 50 clicks a day if nothing is going on. What should I do? Who should I contact?

  1. Thanks for this! Awesome to have! Now I know where to go if I stumble across somethin’. Also absolutely dying to know where you got the Geek!Alex photo… I thought the only time he’d ever donned glasses was in True Blood…If you get the time do tell please! 🙂

      • Oh wow thanks for that. And yea that’s the word for it..completely “adorkable”. I would never have guessed that was the movie because there’s so little about the movie itself. He’s such a sexy geek. *sigh*

  2. The teasers page is gone – it says “Oops! That page can’t be found.”…. But its still in the special features menu……

  3. I was wondering if you removed the timeline? You know the page with the dates and such linking each multi-verse in the braid? I’m not finding them. Are you updating or have they been removed?

  4. The ‘next’ button at the end of Intrepid Chapter 8 links to In the Dark Chapter 9. Just FYI. It didn’t keep me from finding my way to the next chapter. I love the picture of geeky Alex, too.

  5. *giggles* I hope so! You poor thing. My response was, ‘Fuck a duck! She’s gonna spit nails if this keeps up!’ Followed by me lamenting my ignorance of all things html and web page building-esk.

  6. Oh shit.. I’m seriously NOT fucking with you..but I swear I just clicked on Raw and it goes to Rubbernecking *ducks behind a desk*

  7. *winces* That sucks.. Remember I know jack all about web stuff other than SURFING the web.. but my first thought was because both stories start with an R..but after that they’re not the same at all… and again..just because both stories START with an R doesn’t mean jack about all the behind the scenes webmagic that goes on. *goes back to lamenting my web page coding ignorance*

      • Lyndel! Whoever you are! Awesome! Thank you! I felt bad for bringing the SAME thing to EIM repeatedly… I literally whimpered when I discovered the last one! GOOD JOB LYNDEL!
        EricIzMine hopefully the coding bugs will leave you the fuck alone now.

      • I LOVED that show. My mother and I still give each other wicked evil grins when we use the word “moist” in a sentence. Sssooo funny… Death by toilet seat. I miss that show. Movie wasn’t the same w/ out the original Daisy and not the same w/ out Rube.
        Gravelings works for me.

  8. Not a specific problem, just a general issue. You dont always put ‘next chapter’ buttons at the end of the chapters. This isnt a problem when I’m on my desk top computer or laptop, but it’s a pain in the butt when I’m using my tablet…

    • Sadly, my button-maker has been choking down a jumbo-sized shit sandwich in RL…
      She’s aware that she’s behind, and ridiculously apologetic on the matter…
      I have the utmost faith in her though.
      They’ll get done soon 😀

  9. Looking at the chronological list (with the covers of each book), 2 stories are missing. Not sure if it’s a grid issue (since Raw and KIITF were both just added) or what, but Home Fires & Shitheel are MIA. I also see that they’re both missing from the chronological list as well, but I could have sworn they were listed there before … ?? Not a huge issue since I know where they go chronologically, but I figured I’d give you an FYI, at least, as I finally have internet again and can get caught up on all the new goodies you’ve given us!

    • Home Fires, Shitheel and Precious were all moved to the BTD page/chronology because, in essence, they’re all on-shot outtakes of BTD.
      They’re also included in the BTD eEPUB.

      • I have a dumb question.. no excuses other than tired. When you say “They’re also included in the BTD eEPUB.” Do you mean by “eEPUB” like… what you have posted on this website or do you mean like ePUB document? The whole wonderful bit of that in one document all together? Where does a person find the BTD ePUB at? Is that something the we have access to?

      • Scroll…. keep scrolling…
        Scroll some more… down there at the bottom of the margin…
        See it?
        Where it says Downloads…
        Downloadable EIM stories available in Epub!
        That’s a link to my stash of epubed EIM stories.

  10. OMG.. hellfire and damnation. and several F bombs. Seriously. Not seeing that made me blush on top of cursing OUT LOUD. I’d say I need sleep but that only applies to today… *Groans and facepalms* How did I NOT see that.Its probably been there for like *ages*.So brain dead I’m not even going to read the new chapter of Raw atm I’m going to sleep because my brain obviously need it because I have shite for them at this rate. I’m shutting up for like EVER now. *sheepish grin* Thank you.

  11. A big THANK YOU to all who got the EIM to go files done! It rocks. I am so happy. Now I will always be prepared for long flights, hurricanes/nor’easters and all other methods of PEPCO fails. You guys are the best

  12. Evenin’. 🙂
    Was just enjoying a re read of Like A Rock and I got to the end of chapter 17 and discovered that there was no button to forward me onto chapter 18. I only mention it because I almost forgot that there *was* a chapter 18 and I’d hate for folks to miss out. Its a good chapter. Good story. Just too short. 😛

  13. Ach there isn’t any NEXT button from Chapter 28 to 29 in Intrepid.. (I was re reading the last couple of chapters before the new update.) and after I read the update and finish my re read of IN THE DARK I suspect I’ll give Intrepid a re read from the beginning..

  14. thx a lot 4 everything u write, I really love it & I am so grateful u created this place where u can escape the real world problems…I found some comments about “dead sexy” – but I can´t find the story??? And now I am so curious – could it be there is a story left I didn´t read. maybe someone could enlighten me???? 😉
    Sorry 4 my bad English & Hello from Germany

  15. You will be sorely missed, you are my most favorite fan fiction writer my prayers are with you family. Losing you like this while it affects us fans that love your work affects you family more. Just know that you have inspired me and many other to try to write on our own because of your work. We will Always love you and you have always had and will have even tho you are no longer with us my deepest repect.

  16. You were an amazing talent with an awe inspiring imagination…You will be truly missed by all of us…I just want to say thank you for sharing the wonderful world that you created…and for taking us all on one hell of a ride! God bless you and keep you close…

    • Bored to Death was written first and then Meanwhile. Best to start there and then just go with the flow of where the MV takes you next. Make sure to catch all the outtakes which are listed in the index

  17. I have been reading all the stories in this site. I saw a comment on the main page telling people that the author (you) have passed on. Is this true? If this is it would be my only “problem” because I am addicted to your writing style!

    • I still miss her. I didn’t know her personally, but her work has gotten me through some unpleasant times, and continues to do so. I still get sad when I remember I’ll never see another update. Don’t know if you check the comments here anymore, but thank you for continuing to keep the site up.

    • I still miss her. I didn’t know her personally, but her work has gotten me through some unpleasant times, and continues to do so. I still get sad when I remember I’ll never see another update. Don’t know if you check the comments here anymore, but thank you for continuing to keep the site up.

      • hello Alexis, i am one of her Beta’s -Kleannhouse and i take care of her site for her. I do not check the comments often but i will answer you when i do. One of the others Betas might answer as well from the page. and you are welcome , continue to read and enjoy. KY

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