The Multi-Verse

Best Series of 2013*Winner of ELEVEN awards from the Fangreader Community*
Thanks to everyone for their continued support and encouragement!

Best Series of 2012

I think it’s safe to say this Alternate Universe has taken on a life of it’s own.

For anyone who’s discovered it later, Bored To Death is the original story in this collection of realities. It was the first one written and is the basis for the MultiVerse.

One commonly asked question is regarding what order to read the stories in…
Long story short, read Bored To Death (BTD) first, and just be sure to read In The Dark (ITD) before trying to tackle Nuclear Winter (NW). There isn’t a particular reason to worry about being ‘out of order’.

*Not all of the stories are romantic and happy.

**Not all of the stories have a true birthstone. Who says they picked gemstones to keep track of things? 😉

intrepid buttonINTREPID

**IN PROGRESS** What would have happened if Adele Stackhouse went out on a limb and applied for a position as Erik and Liz’s Personal Assistant (Day-Guy) back when she was first beginning to struggle financially? Who knows who could have happened if the Stackhouse hadn’t been struggling since Adele took her grandchildren in.


alpha buttonALPHA

**IN PROGRESS** This story begins in late June just after Sookie Stackouse graduates from high school. The Eric and Sookie from Bored To Death were lucky enough to avoid a lot of grief… but what would have happened if Eric and Sookie met when she was just 18? This skip is mentioned in the last chapter of Death’s Door and as of March, is the earliest known coupling of Eric and Sookie in the MultiVerse.



**IN PROGRESS** This story takes place back in the summer of 1999, like Alpha. After a few months of being spoiled by the mysteriously sweet blood of his bar back, Eric is greedy for more and explores her family tree, calling her cousin… of course he finds more than he bargains for. Doesn’t he always?


brightthingsbuttonBRIGHT THINGS

**IN PROGRESS** As treatment after treatment fail to give Linda the remission the family had been praying for, Jackson Herveaux makes a desperate (drunken) plea in the hopes that someone will spare Linda from losing her battle against cancer. Erik finds more than he bargained for when he visited Bon Temps on a whim.


Raw buttonRAW

**IN PROGRESS** This story takes place in the fall of 2001, while Vampires are still planning the Great Revelation… After discovering the Julie was carrying Brandon, Corbett says goodbye to his hostile wife and starts over. But… What happened to Sookie while she was being raised in Monroe with the mother who, as standard, resented Sookie and her gift?


rubbernecking buttonRUBBERNECKING

**IN PROGRESS** This story begins in January of 2002, just a few short months before The Great Revelation. How could things have gone if Eric retired and went to Europe without Pam, but was still on good terms with her? How could Sookie’s childhood have been if she’d been raised with a different family dynamic? Elements from Euro Pass, In The Dark, and Alpha combine to make a very unique Verse.


likearock buttonLIKE A ROCK

**IN PROGRESS** As mentioned in In The Dark and Couldn’t Get Away, there was a Sookie who discovered a way to ‘medicate’ her telepathy. She manages to settle down with a Human… but after he dies, she’s left to raise their son alone. Sookie finds her niche as a Sales Associate at the Chevrolet dealership and meets a certain sexy blond Vampire while he’s shopping for his new Corvette.


culture shock buttonCULTURE SHOCK

**IN PROGRESS** You met Big Apple and Shy in Intrepid (chapter 27)… Life for this Sookie has pretty much been the same as for several others (the humble life in Bon Temps, waiting tables at Merlotte’s), with one difference… The Stackhouses know where Hadley ended up. Eric, on the other hand, has carved out an unfamiliar niche for himself… He isn’t a shark swimming in the fishbowl of Shreveport, he’s swimming with the other sharks in New York City.


boredtodeath button BORED TO DEATH

**COMPLETE** Takes place in late August through the beginning of September. It diverges from Dead Until Dark just before Sookie and Bill arrive at Fangtasia to look into the deaths of Maudette and Dawn. What if… Sookie’s first visit to Fangtasia had gone differently? Without Bill’s influence, Sookie would’ve met Eric with the same curiosity and excitement as she did Bill. If Bill didn’t have the chance to terrify Sookie and jade her against most Vampires, things could’ve gone much differently…


meanwhile buttonMEANWHILE

**COMPLETE** Starts as a skip in BTD (chapters 35- 37) at the very beginning of September… This story takes place as though the events of Dead Until Dark happened… Eric rises one night without Sookie, or any trace of the family he’s grown quite fond of. In his search for Sookie he finds Sookie, but not the Sookie he was looking for. This Sookie was recently brutalized by Rene Lanier and belongs to Creepy Compton… but she soon learns a few things that help her make some changes in her life.


inthedark button IN THE DARK

**IN PROGRESS** A Shortie that takes place in October… The seasonal flood that caused the loss of Sookie and Jason’s parents killed someone else instead and things went much differently for Sookie. Once everyone settles down from the shock of their encounter, it’s time for questions to be answered and lies to be revealed… And a pretty big mess will need to be cleaned up.


couldntgetaway buttonCOULDN’T GET AWAY
blue zircon

**COMPLETE**Another Multi-Verse Shortie… Here we are, in December… Post Club Dead, after Sookie uninvites Eric and Bill she has some time to think. Unfortunately, how she plans to straighten out her life doesn’t make anyone happy. This isn’t the same version mentioned/met in Shitheel.


europass buttonEURO PASS

**IN PROGRESS** Takes place in January… What if Eric served out his contract as Sheriff of Area 5 and moved on instead of renewing… He enjoys a simpler life abroad without the trappings of political fuckery. Two Eric’s coming to grips with the Sookie’s that have been dropped into their lives. This story will be a multi chapter story, but still, a short one.


nuclearwinter buttonNUCLEAR WINTER
quartz druzy

**IN PROGRESS** We’ve only heard of a Verse without Pam… but what would Eric be like if he lost her without having Sookie to help him cope? Being betrayed by his own Maker, left to rule a Kingdom he has no interest in, and the miserable reality of not having Pam by his side makes for a miserable Eric. This is the continuation of the skip from In The Dark (Chapters 19 & 20)… A little Euro Pass mixed with a heap of In The Dark.


deathsdoor buttonDEATH’S DOOR

**COMPLETE** Begins as an Outtake after BTD. This story picks up at the end of March… Without Hadley’s whining about homesickness, Bon Temps is left untouched by Vampires until a sexy blond pisses off the wrong Witch. Eric seeks shelter and finds the perfect companion until she dies unexpectedly.


breathless buttonBREATHLESS

**IN PROGRESS** We all know how much of a douche bag Bill can be… We all know how he covets and stalks Sookie… What happens when his jealousy gets the ‘best’ of him…
Just how far would Bill be willing to go to prove to Eric that Sookie is ‘His’?



Bubba Award 1[4]Mr C Award[4]AP Award[4]sookie  Award[4] Nan Award[9]Bill Award[4]

112 thoughts on “The Multi-Verse

  1. You’re awesome. I can’t wait to read these. BTD and all the skips are some of my favourite fics at the moment. I’m always happen to hear you’re writing more skips.

    • Dang girl, your Mensa mind is working overtime!
      Excited about the “skip” journal. Its going to be interesting to read all the different scenarios.

  2. I love that I will have at least 3 more skips to read about. This is excieting. I think I am at a loss for words and am sitting here with a big smile on my face.

  3. cant you give us a code or something in story title or in parenthasis what color journal the stories are? been reading a lot about color journals and getting confusing. can you help with that somehow. thanxs

  4. I adore everything you put outand really can’t wait for more. I am also a little confused about which color stands for which universe. Could you make a chart or something.

  5. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..YOU’RE MY SHERO….lol….I Luuuuuuuuuurve this…your talent amazes me daily. It’s hard enough keeping one story straight but you have literally an entire universe, worlds etc going on here…

  6. Love what you are planning to write, and so nice of you to let us know what is coming. Anything with Eric & Sookie is delightful, especially written with the skill and humor you exhibit.

  7. Love your plans for the BTD universe! The multiverse page is perfect. As an aside, does anyone get a little excited when they first see an ad on HBO for their series called Bored to Death? Of course it is promptly followed by the bitter realization that it is not the right/best/most perfect Bored to Death! Thanks for all the story love.

  8. I’m so excited about the new stories, I love everything you’ve written! I was wondering though, are you planning to write a sequel to Meanwhile? That’s one of my favorites, and I would love to read more about that Eric and Sookie!

  9. I’m really excited about “Precious!” I was wondering if you’d do any outtakes further along the timeline, when E&S actually do have some strange passive/agressive quasi-relationship…lol

    and i know you didnt read beyond DAG, but even meeting up with E/S post ATD and the meeting of her extended family would probably break open the whole skipping thing and Fae heritage. and BTD’s gran would have some ‘splainin to do..OY

  10. The timeline diagram is awesome! Multiverse theory is a favorite concept of mine which makes this brilliant collection even more exciting for me.

  11. So, I’ve made it obvious that I’m addicted to your writing. That said, I know I shouldn’t ask but I’m going to beg anyway…
    I’m 1000 miles from home sitting Shiva for my grandfather who just passed away, putting me on emotion and family overload. I’m not asking for new chapters but I’ve re-re-re-read everything this week. Could you take mercy in me and put the rest of the original 2 infinite stories back up on that alternate site, pretty please? You are probably thinking I’m a freak who should pick up a new book and quit whining, but there is comfort in familiar stories I know I love rather than trying to focus in something new I may end up hating.

    Ok, enough whining…

    Either way, thanks for giving me stories I could use as a security blanket during this rough time! Hiding in the multi-verse has helped more than I can say.

  12. This series is hands down the most impressive FanFiction ever crafted. In my opinion it even surpasses the writing quality of most popular fiction in recent memory. CH may have originally created the foundation and names of the characters but you have raised them and their stories to far more impressive heights. Congratulations on weaving winch an intricate and enthralling work of intertwined worlds. Damn impressive!
    I love all your work, even the AH stuff which is a subgenre I tend to ignore. You have serious talent and we are lucky you’ve chosen to share it.

  13. any chance you could label them with the stone color as well? i’m having a hard time deciphering the colors, like what peridot and aquamarine are…lol

  14. So, I was rereading the multi-verse stories, (again) and got incredibly sad when I realized there are only three more months that you have not posted for yet. 😦 The multi-verse is my drug of choice, what will I do when there are no more skips to look forward to?!?!

      • I will be terribly sorry if there aren’t any even any more one shot skips left in the multi-verse! But you are incredible, so I guess I will have to trust you plot decisions. Truth be told, you kinda have me by the short hairs, so I am at your mercy, lol!

        As for a flash forward- Yes! I am super excited at the thought of a young adult Hunter! And to know what happens with in vitro?! So many possibilities! You don’t know how much you have made my night. Sorry about all the exclamations, but, ohmylanta, I am super happy now.

  15. So…I’m pretty sure I’ve officially lost my mind now. I re-read the Multiverse over the holiday weekend and woke this morning having drempt about your versions of these characters and what comes next in thier lives. From big events to small details, my mind made up parts of thier lives. Apparently I’m anxious to see what happens….lol!

    Just thought you’d like to know that you’ve managed to work your imagination into my subconscious:)-

  16. I just love the multi-verse. Alpha is my new favorite. I am looking forward to the skips in the future. Love your writing.

  17. I love all the multiverses so far. However, my favorites are Alpha & Europass. I see the potential for Europass to be a full length story in the vein of BTD or Meanwhile. I am curious about the ultimate outcomes of these stories. Since skipping is a result of Fae/Vampire bonding was any of this anticipated by the Fae? We have heard of times that Claudine has visited in the past but nothing very concrete. Is the ultimate end to all this going to be a big Fae reveal to all the verses? I would be very interested to finally see any Fae input/reaction/results to all of this. In the meantime, please keep up the good work. Love the stories. Love the pictures. You are simply great!!!! 🙂

  18. okay i can’t hold it in any longer, what is up with the farie thing!?!?!?! we know Gran slept with Fintan in the actual books but we knew that Gran knew about it, why has she not told anyone!?!?!?! sorry but i am seriously pulling out my hair in clumps i feel like im on the edge of a cliff trying to figure out when the big reveal is going to happen. I keep re-reading everyone of the multi-verses just to make sure i havn’t missed anything out. i do apologise for my impaitience but its a family trait i constantly blame my mother for lol. btw absoLUTEly loving Alpha, still waiting for That big reveal too, hint hint, lol.

    • The way CH wrote the nature of Faeries, knowing that Fintan disguised himself as Marshall, that Prescott disguised himself as a Were, Niall can disguise his essence…
      Since I don’t subscribe to anything that happened in books 10 or 11, I’m simply contending that Adele wasn’t allowed to remember meeting Fintan and truly believes Marshall is the father of her children.
      Honestly, it would make sense to me…
      -as morally upright as Adele Stackhouse was, I would think that she have let guilt eat her alive.
      -I don’t think she would have let Sookie go on with an active ability without giving her an explanation. There are several years within the scope of the story when she could have confided in Sookie without risking the feelings of her children.
      -I don’t think if she knew about Faeries she would have been so keen to let Sookie be involved with Bill.

      • Wow! I totally agree. I like what you have done with the Alphas story as far as Adele being the one who was lied to. It always pissed me off that SVM Adele never explained anything to Sookie & never prepared her for the supernatural world. Even if Adele’s knowledge was limited, wouldn’t be better to give Sookie some knowledge about fairies, vampires & demons & how to protect herself. As a person who loved to learn, Adele would have known that knowledge is power.

  19. I have a suggestion for another spin off, it’s really out there and may not work but it’s worth mentioning. How about when Gran was Younger she was turned Vampire, and not only does she still take on jason and sookie, (with a day counterpart obviously) They both grow up around a vampire, Were’s, Witches and stuff and when sookie meets eric, obviously she is still the same person but less naive of the supernaturals. maybe it could be a short chapter thingy, just a suggestion to think about, let me know if you think it sucks or not. i know seeing gran as a vampire is reallllllllllllllllly out there but thought i would put it out there. x

  20. Alphas & Rubbernecking will have to be added to your flow chart soon. : ) I can wai until the next chapters of Rubbernecking & Europass come out. I just read your latest & greatest chapter of Alphas. I think Eric is almost being too clever at positioning Sookie where he wants her in that story. He is getting everything that he wants right now by pretending it is all a joke on Pam, etc. What happens when it stops being a joke? She is so young in that story that he is gonna have to really finesse her into staying with him.

  21. I love this guide, it makes a lot more sense and much more understandable. I can’t wait to read the shorties you posted as “coming soon”,

  22. Wow after I read BTD I didn’t think I’d like their alternate realities at all, but here I am going through your fabrics like a fat kid on his birthday surrounded by sweets. Thank you for writing and sharing with us all.

  23. So looking forward to “Like a Rock”. I think it might be my second or third favorite, right after “In the Dark”.

  24. I love the skips where Sookie is a mom. I keep looking for a new chapter of “Alcide in Wonderland”.

  25. Are we going to get to see a Vamp Sookie meet an Eric? I would love to see what Sookie turned by Andre is like. Or a Sookie turned by Bill who staked him straight away (Happy Thought!) I can just picture Gran taking Baby Vamp Sookie to Eris for Vamp Lessons.

  26. I feel as though I am stalking these stories waiting for the latest crumb (chapter). Especially on a day like today when I am home sick. I love them all!

  27. This is NOT a criticism just a hopeful plea……When are you going to post Breathless and Like a Rock? I’ve been waiting with baited breath (HARDY HAR) to see what Breathless is about. Please let us know if your just stuck or too busy or just plain forgot. The anticipation is killing me.

    • I haven’t forgotten them at all…
      I’ve just been crazy busy (not just with other stories, but with RL) I’ll be sitting down with those stories once I’m done moving my family of 8 to a house we haven’t found yet…
      Lol… Maybe crazy busy was an understatement?
      Anyway, no worries. Theyre still on the drawing board 😀

  28. OKay Good news for all us who still have to find a way to keep our sanity while we wait for new chapters. I have posted the Multiverse stories in MP3s in the following folder Please share it out with all of your readers. I know the Brats are having a blast downloading them. As I am typing this the last 7 are uploading. It’s said that it takes longer to upload than it does to actually make the files. If there are any errors I am sorry I am no where near a professional. Just think of how many houses might now get cleaned since I use mine to keep my mind entertained while I get other things accomplished. Thank you again for creating a wonderful world we can all enjoy!!

  29. After rereading the end of Death’s Door I’d love to see a verse where Eric met Adele when she was young and unmarried.

  30. You know I wonder Is there an order that you think would be easiest to read these in? I mean I have read them a ton and STILL have issues keeping them all straight in my head. Great new first chapter in Breathless. A really great way to start, and a good way to touch bases with the Meanwhile crew. I just reread that the other day when my internet was down.

  31. Hi there. This is my first time commenting but I have read every single thing you have post in the Multiverse and I think you’re BRILLIANT. Your Eric(s) is one of the best written ever. I like how you integrate book’s characters with original ones and your plot lines are definitely great.
    I can honestly say that I’m one of the page stalkers. I actually check several times a day. But come on your stories are just too good.
    I have a few questions for you (sorry if you addressed them before and very sorry to bother you but I’m interested):
    1. About Breathless: Can two vampires bond (without the maker/child connection)? If Eric and Sookie exchange blood will they bond?
    2. It was mentioned in Breathless that Sookie was Queen Consort in some realities. So as long as Sookie stays human she’s Mrs. Northman but after she turns, does she become Queen?
    3. Not to pressure you or anytthing but are you going to stop writing any multiverse story after you complete the stories in progress? That could be soooo sad 😦

    Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let you know that I love your stories. I think you are a great author (one of the best in the SVM fandom IMO) and I appreciate that you take time to develop this incredible series. So thanks for writing 🙂

  32. Hello, I had a thought for a strand in the braid. What if Sookie moved to Europe and stayed – Sookie Auers like in Nuclear Winter, but Eric and Pam went to California and then to Louisiana. Maybe Hallow and Mark get up to their fuckery and a Sookie wakes up with a memory wiped Eric.

  33. I want to download your storiesto my phone to read, I need to adjust the font to be able to read it, it is too small. on fanfiction there is a way to make the font larger and to make the backround darker for easier reading. how can I do this on this site. Thank you

  34. Debbie: I’ve been wanting to download the stories for my ereader, so much easier then. The pages take too long to load on my phone :(, cuts into reading time.

    I’ve been thinking about different versions of the braid as well, suzbc. I was thinking a version where THREE separate versions end up in the same time/place but the hilarious part, at least to me, is one of them wakes up in bed with Bill!. The Sookie who wakes with him….well, brain foggy but you get the drift.

    Sigh, so many ideas, so little time!

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  38. This is my first post – I love these stories so 1st thank you. Second I would like to petition to have couldn’t get away and deaths door continue I think they have more hurdles to overcome. Lastly (I know I am demanding – sorry) if you get inspired for a new skip can you have Billy live longer? I would love to see him scheming and always undermined by Sookie and Eric.

    Whatever you do I will read; you are extremely talented.

    Thank you for all your hard work

  39. Thank you again for these wonderful stories. I was wondering in Meanwhile there was talk of going to various mental hospitals looking for additional sups. Did they or any of the other Sookie’s ever find anyone else they could help?

  40. Hi Angela,
    Just wanted to wish you a bit of sanity in the midst of moving house with so many munchkins.

    (I have no idea how you find the time to write for us, really, seeing as my one toddler makes it damn near impossible to find time to read anything! Maybe you’re a supe of some sort?)

    Take your time, breathe, have a drink or five, and we’ll be here waiting. 🙂

  41. Just dropping you an appreciation line. I love all of your verses. ‘In The Dark’ will always be my favorite though. I have to say I was intrigued by ‘Intrepid Chapter 27: Hello There’. Are you planning another verse about NYC Eric and small town waitress Sookie. Curious minds want to know??!

  42. Is it wrong that my favorite authors can’t hold my attention enough for me not to come check to see if there are updates? It’s a completely different genre that I’m reading, a highly best selling author, her books have even been made into an award winning television show that I love, but again, will let the dvr record and watch later if there’s a shiny new update. But other times I stupidly let the updates build to two or three, or *gasp* even four, before I read them. While I do get more immediate fun, the left over twitching from the larger group of reading material is exponentially more painful!!! So like even though I’d read most of the outtakes listed in the most recent email, rereading them and the 3 new to me chapters has left me wanting to go to Angela’s temp home to help with any and all housework that’s needed even though I’m physically not able to do it at my own house 90% of the time. But anything to help the twitching cause!!! So Angela, you’ve beat out Kathy Reichs, author of the highly acclaimed Temperance Brennan series that the TV show Bones is VERY loosely based on. It has been a favorite of mine for years, well before I got into the supernatural arena, but I stopped at the end of a chapter just to make sure you hadn’t updated in the few measly hours I slept. Better luck next time for me, and may the words flow easily from your mind to your fingertips!!

  43. Fabulous!!! Awesome!!! Incredible!!! I absolutely love your stories, the way you weave your ‘what if’ senerios through your storytelling is an inspiration to me in my own writing. Ever new chapter makes me want re-read all of multi-verse! Your human stories are equally exceptional, you have a tremendous talent, thank you for sharing it!!!

  44. I have a suggestion for a new verse, but I admit I’m not sure on it’s execution, but whatever, maybe a short story. I won’t be offended if nothing come of it, but I would be curious to see a ‘multi-skip’ in a sense where all the ‘children’ like the half-siblings younger than Sookie and all the children skip together to a strand like Raw. And maybe copies to, like the Hunter from BTD and the one from Meanwhile. They could all compare note, give advise to work against the adult, create a little chaos and just generally spending a few hours all together.

    • I wanna see Eric wage bloody war to save Sookie some day. I always hated that in the SVM books she never appreciated how far he was willing to go for her. That’s why I like EIM’s Sookie… Her Sookie’s appreciates Eric like he should be appreciated… But…Just once I’d like to see how BABMF (bad ass berserk-er mother fucker) Eric would be to save his Sookie… because we know it wouldn’t just be BAMF.. it would have the B for berserk-er-ness in it for Eric..

      • Heart that! Must have happened for a braid that Rubbernecking encountered. The Jason/Pam who tried (within their skip) to stop Rubbernecking Eric/Sookie from getting together.

        Those 2 let their mix of Stackhouse terror/Pam’s fear of being replaced by Sookie damaged Sookie’s relationship with her family( who had become a unbounded vampire due to an attack from Eric’s traitor lords when she found some; but not all who were working with Halfdan). Eric MUST have made a mess of the Vamps once he figured out what was happening. Possible to read that journal entry? Have that strand cross with Raw Rhianonn’s as a confirmation that Stackhouse’s really want 2 love her? While that love can result in some venomous, misguided, painful, thorns; Eric’s will really protect a Sookie /Rhianonn & give her what she needs despite (within what she allows him 2 give)personal cost to them (space/few people to adjust her shields, not allowing Stackhouses 2 visit because their assuming was too painful to communicate otherwise). Update(?), maybe while Raw Jason & Pam hook up?

        Or did Rhianonn visit them while making recovery from Vamp attack? Just long enough to meet that Sookie? With Becky/without? Is that why she stayed/returned 2 Eric’s in chapter 4 (Kinda surprised that they did not leave during the day, since Rhiannon had no one to trust; did she become convinced while damaged? What changed mind? All the vamps? Lack of ill intent?)?

        ITD also took out Halfdan’s peeps to stop threat to their family/Pam. But that was a planned attack on many fronts. Was BAMF, not quite BABMF.

        When Eric killed Alexei (2 prevent him from killing Cort) in LAR would have been Eric going all BABMF as well. (Love that btw!!).

        Looking forward to those accounts/more details one day….

  45. Thank you! I can’t claim to have made up the BAMF thing but I did indeed add the extra B for Berserkerness. I agree I hope we get to see all of those accounts someday. happy and yet bummed hearing that LAR Eric had to protect Sookie and Hunter and Cort from Alexei and us not getting to see it. I’m sure we will some day. It would be awesome if we could!

  46. Angela, honey, you are missed. My heart goes out to your family, as they try to manage without Supermom. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us for so long.

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  49. I’m not sure how often someone checks on things, but I have a question. A year or two before Angela passed away, there was a chart listing all the intersections of the multi-verse. Is that still around? Was it taken down because there were more stories than available space to link them together? If it still exists, I would love to see it again. Thanks for keeping Ericizmine’s work alive!!

    • I’ve been looking for that chart for ages, as well. It was such a useful cheat sheet.
      I still miss Angela’s genius every day.
      Blessings to her loved ones.

  50. I wonder if you, or some one you know, made the request of her Facebook group, they might know where that chart is or what happened to it. I however, do not belong to Facebook, or I would have signed for hers long ago.

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  54. I know you have gone in to the summerlands , u just wanted to say that I live the legacy of your writing that you left for us. I wonder if charlaine Harris ever read your multi verse and was bitter about the fact that you knew how this Eric and sookie thing was supposed to be written instead of that crap she wrote. You are sorely missed. I wish some of your betas would finish some of your stories. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. 😇😇😇😘😘😘

  55. Back here again enjoying all that you left…
    you left such an amazing universe where I can heal and hide and rest. You changed my life. Thank you.

  56. This winter I’ve re-read all the Multiverse stories. Slowly, to make them last. They are as brilliant as I remembered them, and so good that right now I just want to re-read them all again. Warm, witty, and wonderful. Just like the lady herself.

    I love that these stories demonstrate how much difference a single twist of fate can make to a life, and yet at the same time, demonstrate how constant people are. Her Sookies are always fiesty, her Bills are always weasels, her Pams are always fabulous, and her Erics are always Eric – fighting feelings with logic, and yet feeling deeply all the same.

    She was so talented, and such a loss.

    I’m going to console myself with the thought that if there’s any justice in the universe at all, there are thousands of other Angelas out there, in the braid, still hugging her family every day, still typing away, and still beaming her love out into the universe with every word.

    Thank you, Angela. Bless you for sharing all this with us.

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