What I Read

Once in a while I read something that I didn’t write… Not often, but it happens. 😉

There are stories that I read because I enjoy them. Then there are stories that I wait on baited breath for teasers and updates…

I’ve put together a list of my faves to A) pimp some very worthy reads and B) hope that with your help (i.e. reviews) we can inspire these geniuses to deliver more of their addictive works.

So if you haven’t already read them (and there aren’t any EricIzMine updates, of course) give them a feel.

And please, please, please… Feel free to point me in the direction of new stuff.


If you just want to laugh your ass off…

wicked18writer has written a handful of hilarity! Warning: pee first, then read…

 55 Things You Don’t Know About Eric Northman

52 Things You Don’t Know About Bill Compton

54 Things You Don’t Know About Pam Ravenscroft

…and there’s more.


A spectacular pair of One-Shots

Twoo Wuv: A Bloody Fairytale By PixieGiggles

Princess Bride meets SVM for some Halloween fun. Will our hero save the most beautiful girl in the world from the evil Prince? This was a hilarious entry for the Eric and His Great Pumpkin Contest.

Darkness By Nox-Alatus

Sookie goes to Eric, just not how she expected. A tragic One-Shot that never ceases to amaze me. This is probably the most powerful chapter I’ve ever read in the Fandom.


Completed darlings…

The Heat Is In The Tools By Miss Construed

AH/AU Alcide & Sookie… It’s a fun and sexy flip/flop POV… A sexy Alcide who knows what he wants and a difficult and sassy Sookie.


Dead Or Alive By Honeypop

Canon Eric & Sookie… This story was the first one I ever properly pimped. It was addictive from the first chapter.


Let Love In By Terri Botta

Canon Eric & Sookie… This is probably one of the most popular SVM fanfics ever written… it’s rare to see a veteran’s Top 10 list and not see this one… It has everything and there are spin-offs for extra fun.


Studybuddies By LindsayK

AH/AU Eric & Sookie… One of my all time faves. Eric as an ‘adorkable nerd-virgin’! It’s sweet and lemony and funny… I was oh-so-sad to see it end.


Graveyard Of Good Intentions: Redux By LindsayK

AH/AU Eric & Sookie… Grade school besties all the way through high school… teen angst… sexual tension… I have big love for this one!


Dying Love By Mavrosal

True Blood Crossover… Eric/Sookie/Godric… very steamy story spinning off of the rooftop scene between Sookie and Godric… I loved this one in a marathon.


 Fixing The Problem By ColourBlonde

Canon Eric & Sookie meets Freaky Friday with the help of Pam & co’s meddling… It’s riotously funny and smart… I’ve read it more than a few times.


Love Is  Four Letter Word By Sleepy Lotus

Sookie didn’t like the idea of belonging to anyone. Not Bill, nor the Queen, nor Eric… She tried to remind herself of that, staring up into those intense eyes, deep and blue as the north seas he once sailed, a thousand years ago…


The updates I wait on baited breath for…

**Some update more often than others. Please take that into consideration.**

 Collide by NumberedWordsAH and In Eric’s POV… From the moment he laid eyes on her, Eric couldn’t get Sookie out of his head. Nothing worth having comes easy, but is what they have worth it?


 Fangtasia Stories By Honeypop

Canon Eric & Pam… Abso-fucking-lutely pants-pissingly hilarious. The chapters take place during the SVM storyline as a behind the scenes look into ‘life’ at Fangtasia.


Betas’ Faves

Not only have these ladies been keeping my participles from dangling, but they’ve managed to find the time to do some recreational reading.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to the list of their faves to do my own reading.


The River by EtheHunter

All In by KJWrit

Burning Down The House by MakesMyHeadSpin

What Happens In Vegas by AllAboutEric

Immortal Beloved by AllAboutEric

Dead At Sea by SeaStarr08

Over The Moon by Suki59

It’s About Time by SheWalksInBeauty

Dead In Denmark by Thyra10

Leap Of Faith by MissusT

Couple’s Therapy by Evenflo78

You guys can take advantage of the comments section below to pimp your own stories and favorites too!

~*~ Happy reading, all! ~*~

40 thoughts on “What I Read

  1. One of my fave authors of SVM fanfics is meg2 She has 3 series of stories on Fanfiction.net well worth a read.

    I love your stories and always look forward to new chapters you are a great writer with a great imagination

  2. Suki 59 writes a lot of good ones too. And when she is writing a story, she updates regularly.

    And definitely read Meg2. She’s one of my favs!

  3. Well here are few of my favorite authors along with you of course… There are more on my profile on ffnet under vikilover, if you want to check them and the others out… I love InLoveWEric stories hers are more of a solid Eric and Sookie together with all the drama coming from outside their relationship… I love all the rest also, but sometimes a drama free relationship is a much needed break from the mess that can be book Sookie is a relief…

    Morgaine Swann
    Sophie Myst

  4. Two of my all time favourites (besides Saints and Sinners) are The Bitch and the Hellcat by Zigster and Home for Christmas (squeal to Homestay) by Ooshka. They are both AH/OOC.

    • Blast from the past! I was obsessed with this fic one semester in college, I know I spent more time reading this than I did studying for probably most of my classes combined…If I recall correctly, it’s about 1 million words. Time well spent!

  5. these are some of my favorites too. There’s a relatively new one that I think you would love. “Oh No! Vampire Bill.” A thousand ways for Bill to die. It is utterly hillarious. It’s a combination of Southpark and the old SNL skit with Mr. Bill

  6. One you might like is A Smater Sookie by Sophie Myst. Read the entire thing in one sitting, couldn’t stop even though I had to get up at three in the morning. Crazy good story!

  7. I’m about to dive in to your picks. I have so many suggestions, where to begin. I see someone has already suggested Morgaine Swann. She is awesome. Her story Late is fabulous, she also has Entitlement which is wonderful as well. Another goody is BonTempsBaby. She has Pour some sugar on me & Addicted to love. I lust after them just as I do yours. I hope you check them out if you haven’t already.

  8. Fantastic! I was getting to a point where it was getting a bit hard sorting through all the ‘ok’ stories and getting to the good ones, so this is great to point me in the right directions:) Most of your faves are mine too, but there are some I haven’t read and will get started on straight away!

    I love fics by mavrosal and Morgaine Swann,you should check out mikimargs for some AH E/S and if lost scribeninja, thyra10 and suki59 seem to be writing machines and always have something I haven’t read to cheer me up. Of course, the best way to cheer me up is an update on Meanwhile;) So today started well.

  9. Anything by TexanLady is absolutely amazing… I think her profile is still on ff.net but now she updates on livejournal… The Arrangement is the longest and most involved of the bunch but I LOVE pretty much everything she writes… Also I agree with the person who said InLoveWEric… she just moved her stories to wordpress… her stories rock… And I agree with everyone who pimped Morgaine Swann, Terri Botta and Meg2. They’re all so amazing.

  10. I have been following the AH story “Collide” on SVM ff.


    It is written entirely from Eric POV. She writes Eric so well that I have been meaning to ask you if you were moonlighting. 🙂

    Her chapters are lengthy and chocked full of story development. It is a nice blend of humor and internal musings (Eric) that allow you to get deep into this version of Eric. I LOVE how she has written the friendship between Eric, Jason, Alcide and Tray. I think it is why I am so crazy about this story right now.

    It is most definitely not getting the attention it deserves.

  11. omg its nice to know i am not the only one that has the distinction between enjoy reading and wait on seats edge for updates

    I have read all of your above choices with the exception of the AH ones. I myself prefer not to read AH FF. I read a lot of FF and have several Favorites listed on my FF page though 🙂

  12. I just wanted to thank you for your fiction (your dialogue is some of the best..I am often laughing out loud while reading on my iPhone!)…I was so sad to get caught up on all your published works here and then I got hooked on your recommendation of Collide by NumberedWords…and I love the banners you created for him (and your chapter banners are so steamy hot..!) Your, NumberedWords and BonTempsBaby are my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I was so loving “A Case of You” by mikimargs but she’s mia from FF and livejournal. Any idea where she’s posting now? I would love to keep up with that story! Thanks so much for any help.

  14. Ncvampfan and anyone else,
    I’m also looking for mikimargs. I was loving A Case of You and then she posted a fantastic, smutty one-shot called Ex Sex and Videotape that was fantastic. And then she vanished. I feel like a stalker, but if anyone knows where she went I’d appreciate it.

  15. I just started reading some of your wonderful stories and a friend let me know about you being on wordpress. I can’t wait to read some of your favorites your right about “Let Love In” you can’t truly be a E/S fan and not love that story!! I’ve just started “Saints & Sinners” cause it to is on everyones favorites list and I love this bold take charge Sookie. Right now the most epic stories I’m enjoying is TexanLady’s “The Arrangement” and Citrox’s “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and last but not least Morgaine Swann’s “Late” Thanks for sharing all your amazing stories. : )

  16. I agree with just about everyone’s listings. Personal favorites are Dying Love/Dying Heart by Mavrosal, Late/Entitlement by Morgaine Swann, An Elegant Death/Precious Love by InLoveWithEric, & Becoming Involved by Darkglare, All of these are on Fan Fiction or WordPress.
    There was one on Fac Fic that I really loved called Dead Fate by Marie Vamp that went to 12 or 13 chapters and then just disappeared. Not just the story but the author site too. Very frustratring because it was a great story and had just gotten really juicy. If anyone knows what happened or where it went would love to hear. 🙂

  17. Thank you for the list of stories you read Darkness made me cry …i have been reading a lot lately and love you stories I was wondering if you could help me with a story ?It is AH Sookie is engaged to Bill and his is on the campagin trail. Sookie is left with his Mother who is a pain and thinks Sookie is not good enough for Bill .Eric is Pams brother Laff is a lawyer and is acook at Sams and Sam is his other half grand ma dies and Sookie gets left money. Bill is spending it Sookie father was a doctor .Bill is fooling around on Sookie .When I left off Bills father was looking for him because Jason told Sookie ther was lots of money left to the them Laff becomes her lawyer on gives all the information to the DA who he went to school with.Bill is found in a motel by aprivate investor his Father hired. Help please any one know the name of this story or who wrotew it I must find out what happens .Thank you

  18. I love so many of those listed here. Angela you are definitly one of my absolute faves, though I love queen of area five, inlovewitheric, and several others. I have to give a shout out to a fairly new story from a newbie writer in the True Blood universe; not only is the story line really good (lemons are fabulous) but California Kat is also spoiling us readers with very frequent updates (most days we see 2-3 chapters). http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7489358/1/Back_and_Forth
    This story joined the 1000 year old viking club today. Enjoy

  19. Great comments and thoughts everyone… I agree with the ones about God using Driscoll to do great things. Remember that he is not perfect and neither are we. In this world and generation, we can no longer afford (if we ever could) to attack each other. Driscoll’s theology is pretty solid and very close to that of most SBC churches. As for Acts 29, God is blessing and using it in HUGE ways all over the world! We in the SBC need to be looking and moving toward fellowship and possibly partnership with Acts 29. I know there has been some of this already, and for that I am extremely thankful to God and the men who went against the stereotypes. We know that we need a Great Commission Resurgence in the SBC. American Christianity in general needs more effective discipleship of true godly men. We ought contextualize while being used by God to change the men and women that will change the culture over time. Acts 29 is changing cities and the world. I believe that some of their approaches/tactics/focuses should be thoroughly understood and possibly adopted if we at the SBC truly do care about more sinners being saved by GRACE. I hope and pray that the hand of the SBC will stop punching the Acts 29 arm.

  20. One author I really like is Texanlady. I got hooked on fanfiction reading The Arrangement. Since I started reading your stories I’m neglecting everything – I’m just addicted to your SVM world. Keep up the good work and I’ll be right there with you.

  21. Seconding your beta’s choice of Immortal Beloved by AllAboutEric. Bloody brill. AU but still vamp. Gorgeously created world. Extremely unique. And just yum.

  22. I just found your fics and they are amazing! Thanks for the other recommendations, I will be diving into these very soon.

    One story I really like is All I Need by TJ9390. Her re-write of S5 is out of this world awesome. She writes what we are all thinking and wanting to happen. Plus her delicious lemons are HOT!

    Here’s the link:


  23. Does anybody know of a fanfic where Sookie doesn’t use the Cluviel Dor on Sam? Something that is an alternate ending to Deadlocked? Or how about something that is really new and rewrites DEA, since that book was crap? Thanks!

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