Alcide In Wonderland

AIW CoverThe Alcide Herveaux from Saints & Sinners turned out to a popular guy…

Best friend to Eric… New big brother type for Sookie… And one hell of a Dad…

After a lot of requests for his take on things… That’s exactly what i’m posting.

From the beginning.

Let me know if y’all like it enough for me to keep going.

Chapter 1: Off With Her Head

Chapter 2: Curiouser and Curiouser

Chapter 3: I Eat What I See

Chapter 4: We’re All Mad Here

Chapter 5: If You Don’t Think The You Shouldn’t Speak

Chapter 6: Simply Impassable

Chapter 7: Perfectly Idiotic

Chapter 8: Oh, My Ears And Whiskers, How Late It’s Getting

Chapter 9: Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

Chapter 10: If I Haven’t Taken Any, How Can I Take Any More?

Chapter 11: Swim With A Porpoise

Chapter 12: Now We Shall Get On Better

Chapter 13: I Don’t Like The Look Of It At All

Chapter 14: A Queer Looking Party

Chapter 15: They Must All Be Collected In An Instant

Chapter 16: But I Don’t Want To Go Among Mad People

Chapter 17: An Angry Voice

Chapter 18: A Very Difficult Game Indeed

Chapter 19: She Tried Hard

Chapter 20: Dancing Round And Round

Chapter 21: The Best Of Educations

Chapter 22: High Time

Chapter 23: A New Kind Of Rule

Chapter 24: Broken To Pieces

Chapter 25: Lost Something

Chapter 26: Taken Into Custody

Chapter 27: Silence In The Court!

20 thoughts on “Alcide In Wonderland

  1. I love the voice in all your stories – when I’m waiting for updates, I usually end up going back and rereading stories I’ve already finished!

  2. I sure hope all the pics of Joe M. that you’re posting on tumblr mean you’re working on a new chapter of AIW!!!

  3. I have read S&S & Alc in Wonderland twice now. I am so looking forward to Alc & Had’s relationship to continue to evolve and all the not-so secrets to become out in the open. I am looking forward to read updates.

  4. I hate to be a beggar, as you update quite frequently but this is one of my favorite stories and I was hoping for an update soon! I love Alcide and I’m curious to see how he, and Hadley, respond to some of the events we know are coming from S&S, especially the court case with Amelia. ANy chance you will update this soon?

  5. reading S&S again, and then off to AIW (again)… just wanted to thank you for my sanity. i have a 4month old who takes AGES to nurse, and then sleeps on me. so i read fics on my phone, especially favorites… here’s hoping for an update soon, but hey, creativity takes time. and muses need vacations too 🙂

    all the best!

  6. Do you know when you will be updating AIW? or the continuation of S&S, life and death? i love reading these but i am DYING to see Alcide’s pov of the court case and i wanna know more about what Hadley and Alcide will be doing in the future. i think if you entered these stories in a compition you would win hands down. Really good work, hope to see more of it soon. 🙂

  7. AIW & S&S & L&D are the best AH stories i’ve read.I love Alcide’s pov. I hope we will get to see Hadley and Alcide when they go on there weekend Getaway. will Hunter finally be glad his mom’s off the market or pissed that he will have to share her. How will the kids get to celebrate their divorce from Amelia. Your writting is outstanding as always. Hope to see more soon.

  8. Congratulations, you have appear to have tickled some funny bones and your story has been nominated for a Giggle/Snort Award. Furthermore it’s is in the voting stage!

    Now it’s time to rally the troops and get them clicking. Please spread word of the awards and your nomination.

    Voting opens 25th June ‘12
    Voting closes 10th July ‘12

    http: // awards. gigglesnort. net/viewpage. php?page_id=13 (Just take out the spaces)

    Good luck!

  9. Please, please, please continue your all human stories! You have left us hanging, we need to know what is going on with this totally entertaining family you have introduced us to. I know you have other series going, but have a heart and give us AH lovers a little time too. Thanks for all you have written. Your time and talent is valuable and appreciated. (Have you considered a S&S book, ala 50 Shades of Grey???)

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