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Join The BratpackBecome a Brat!

IMPORTANT: Please respond to the Facebook message you’ll receive upon asking to join the group.  *The message may go to Other under ‘Messages’ in FB depending on your settings. (see image below)*

It’s a closed group so that discussions are private from other FB friends and News Feeds.

  • You knock on the door… (Click link above.)
  • The Admins send you a message… (Make sure your account settings allow messages.)
  • You reply…
  • The red carpet is rolled out.

Thank you!

How to find your ‘Other’ Messages folder on Facebook
Click ‘Messages’  and the ‘Other’ folder (highlighted below) will appear as shown. If the message RE: Joining EIM Brat Pack isn’t in your normal message inbox, it will be here.

Find 'Other' Messages on FB

24 thoughts on “Join the BratPack

  1. Being a Brat is a lot of fun! We have a virtual fun filled mansion with pool parties and your Cocktail is waiting!
    Please reply to the admin message soon so you can jump right in (otherwise I’m sure one of the other brats will run off with it)


  2. Oh please, please, please come and play with us. Everyone loves to have new Brats to mingle with…
    Case in point… I only joined 2 months ago and have had so much fun there. I’ve made lots of new friends and interact with everyone there so much that our boss brat, Kajsa ^^^ made me and a few of the other girls (like Mel who’ll be giving you your welcome message) admin to help her out.
    Other than getting to play with the other Brats, Angela comes on over and plays with us too. We get teasers and hints and lots of time for fan girl moments (come on, surely its not just me that squeals every time she likes one of my posts, hehehe).
    So yeah, just press that button and let Mel get in contact with you and we’ll see you all at the Brat Mansion very soon 😉
    Bec xxx

  3. The Brat Pack is a wonderful place to be and we are always on the lookout for more crazy-fun brats to play with. Twitching and shoe snatching abounds, along with pop quizzes, scavenger hunts and many different topics to join in on. Lots of fun to be had by all. Not to mention getting to interact with Angela as well (yes Bec, I have fan-girl moments too!)!!! Hope you come and join us soon!

  4. What can I say about the Brat Pack? First of all, it’s a great bunch of people that are enjoyable to chat, goof around, seriously discuss something, or just hang out with. While not everything we do is EIM related,no matter what we’re discussing, there’s always a feeling of camaraderie that spreads throughout the group. We celebrate and sympathize with all the Brats as if we’ve known each other for our entire lives, even though it’s only been a few months since the Pack was made.

    Secondly, whether you’re a hard-core EIM follower or not, there’s always something on the Pack to interest or educate you. It could be Angela posting a teaser or a clue that gets us coming up with any possible theory. It could be shoe raids carried out in out BratManor. It could even be an article posted by one of the Brats. And since we’re a closed group, you can be assured that no one outside the group will see your comments or posts.

    I’m sure there’s probably tons more that I could say about the Brat Pack and the wonderful people therein, but I prefer showing rather than telling. I would encourage you to join us and see what I’m talking about first hand. We’re always welcoming new Brats, why not be one of them?

  5. Ummm, brats? Quick question: I remember seeing a bunch of the stories converted for kindle, but now I can’t find it…nor can I figure out how to do it myself even though someone here lovingly tutored me at the time. Help? Thanks

  6. I feel silly… I’ve seen the “Join the Brat Pack” thing off and on but it sadly never *occurred* to me to CLICK it and see if it took me anywhere.. to you to THIS PAGE and the pertinent info to JOIN the Brat Pack… I just happened to get lucky by happenstance yesterday and get a lovely invite directly from EricIzMine.
    Seriously..I feel like a ninny..

  7. Dear wannabe Brats. We know many of you are waiting. Please bear with us while we get things slightly more organised with regards to the recent sad developments. Thank you for your understanding. Kajsa BratPack admin

    • Not to be a bother, but was wondering if you have started adding wannabe brats! Thanks for your hard work on this. I still find something new each time I re read a story and feel like the multiverse is still there spinning.

      • Dear Betsy, certainly we’re adding new Brats, I’m quite up to date with the list. Might it be that my message ended up in your other folder? I’ve received a few cases like that. Or people I couldn’t message at all.. Please let me know if you are having difficulties and I can have a look!

  8. I know EIM is gone but nothing else. I feel like I’ve lost a friend, someone I’ve known for years, when I never actually met her. I wish I’d left more comments thanking her for sharing her talent and imagination with us.

    • Dear Betsy, certainly we’re adding new Brats, I’m quite up to date with the list. Might it be that my message ended up in your other folder? I’ve received a few cases like that. Or people I couldn’t message at all.. Please let me know if you are having difficulties and I can have a look!

      • Thanks – just sent another request, I have been checking my other folder, I am a new to Facebook so it all likelihood it is user error on my end!!

  9. Hi tbmania, thank you for your message. The Brat Pack is a Facebook group so you’d kinda need to be a member. You can make a mock account though, as long as you reply to the welcome message I’ll send you when applying, that’s fine!

    • Just come up with an alias, just nothing too obviously fake. You don’t have to share it with others.. As long as you are able to receive messages from me. And don’t be a ‘him’, have a profile pic of a pretty girl, have your country of origins somewhere in Asia and also be a follower of completely unrelated groups..

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