Alpha CoverWhat happens when Erik Nordmann finds a sweet young Sookie Stackhouse while playing a prank on Pam?

This Version is set way back in June of 1999 when Sookie was only 18, just graduated high school…

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and The Sixth Sense were the top movies that year. Celine Dione, Madonna, and Shania Twain dominated the airwaves. Nokia phones and iBook 3Gs were flying off the shelves. Napster was a revolutionary new way to share files…

  • Gran was still alive…
  • Aunt Linda was still alive…
  • Hadley was still alive…
  • And Vampires were still in the coffin…

How much difference can a few years make?

Chapter 1: Genesis

Chapter 2: In For A Surprise

Chapter 3: Never A Dull Moment

Chapter 4: Property

Chapter 5: A Man Obsessed

Chapter 6: Enough 

Chapter 7: Party Crasher

Chapter 8: Stop The Presses

Chapter 9: Fucking Faerie

Chapter 10: The Proposal

Chapter 11: Push The Envelope

Chapter 12: Open House

Chapter 13: Playing Doctor

Chapter 14: Black Sheep

Chapter 15: Family Tree

Chapter 16: Cradle Robber

Chapter 17: Birthday Girl

Chapter 18: False Hope

Chapter 19: Till Death

Chapter 20: Exposure

Chapter 21: Lemmings

Chapter 22: The Honeymoon

Chapter 23: Loopholes

Chapter 24: Man To Man

Outtake: Business Trip

24 thoughts on “Alpha

  1. love love love the multi-verse. love this version of eric & sookie. keep up the good work! can’t wait to read the next chapter!!

    • The first chapter was posted on 12-28… so i’d say it’s moving along at a pretty good clip.
      I try to post a couple chapters per week, but i have several active stories right now.
      I guess it would be safe to say, ‘weekly’ updates can be expected even though i’m averaging a chapter of Alpha every 4-5 days right now.

  2. hiya! just found your “Alpha” story and love it! I’m an avid reader and it’s really hard for me to find stories I can read more than two or three times before I’ve started to be able to read it just from memory if I want. But you’re stories? I could read your stories every day and not have that issue. There’s so much there that something new gets me every time. Thank you for that. I really love “Saints and Sinners” too…and am anxiously waiting on updates for “Alcide in Wonderland” and “Life and Death”.

    Please keep writing!

  3. God! I’m like Oliver Twist!

    “Please sir, I want some more…”

    This might be my favorite multi-verse yet, and that’s saying something.

  4. I didn’t want to read it cause I was waiting for another story to be updated. But I decided to give it a go and now I’m addicted to another one of your outstanding stories! I can’t wait for another update.

    By the way, love the pranks and the plan for Haley, the little devil on my shoulder is snickering and cackling with glee and so am I.

  5. I love your multiverse. A really great idea to explore all those different scenarios. I can’t wait to find out how you continue to spin their stories- especially ‘Alpha’ (I love the humor in this story,my family has been wondering what had me grinning so widely.) So, thank you for sharing your amazing work!

  6. I absolutely love your stories and I keep checking every few weeks for and update. I think I have re-read the entire multiverse series 30 times. I don’t know if you have stopped writing them or maybe have moved to a different site, but I wanted to let you know you have a fan here
    Have a great day!

    • hello sorry to let you know but Angela passed away in November of 2013 and there will not be any more updates to her site, but we will keep it up and running so everyone can read her works. thanks for reading and re-reading. Beta Kristie

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