Keep It In The Family

KIITF CoverFor Keep It In The Family, we’re going back to the summer of 1999…

Just after Sookie’s high school graduation…

Back to the nights before the world knew about Vampires…

Glamour was still open for business, and Eric had been enjoying a delicious little barback from Bon Temps.  Of course, Eric is in for a few surprises. After all, isn’t that what he likes about the Stackhouses?


Chapter 1: Pets

Chapter 2: Bitter

Chapter 3: Deep Blue

4 thoughts on “Keep It In The Family

  1. OMG *happy dance*
    I can’t believe it…another verse??????
    While I’d love an update for some of the other verses….another verse?????

  2. OMG me too! I’m so excited! Well other than trying to figure out why I didn’t get an alert to something new. I thought I signed up for that. Unless that’s not possible and I signed up to “follow” some other aspect of this brilliant and awesome wordpress site?

  3. Oh wow! Where the heck did this come from?! I’m so excited. I’m used to new verses being inspired out of already established ones. I kinda forgot the can sometimes pop up out of the blue, as well. Very cool!!! THANK YOU!

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