Raw Book CoverIn Rubbernecking, we see what could have been if Corbett had known about Brandon all along… He would have happily left his failing marriage to be with Julie and his children. The Stackhouse family would have pooled their resources and started the family business. They would have had a better understanding of the children’s Supernatural needs…
Money isn’t the only thing that makes Rubbernecking such a fortunate strand of the braid.


What if, by some strange twist of fate, someone had taken Michelle’s car keys so she couldn’t kill herself by driving drunk?

What if Corbett and Julie continued to live in oblivion, not realizing there was another Stackhouse out there?

What if poor Sookie had been left in the care of the emotionally abusive and supernaturally ignorant woman who institutionalized her in other Verses?

What would Sookie be like after a childhood without the love and support of her family?

This story takes place in October of 2001… between Bright Things and Rubbernecking… and just a few short months before the Revelation.


Chapter 1: The Cons

Chapter 2: The Pros

Chapter 3: Blood

Chapter 4: Gestures

Chapter 5: Fifth Wheel

24 thoughts on “Raw

  1. Um.. I’m having trouble finding the story… When I’m here there isn’t anything clickable and I can’t find away to see anything to read.. Is this not for everyone or am I doing it wrong? I’ve never had any trouble before.. 😦

  2. I was refreshing the main page, browsing for a verse to re-read and nearly fell off my chair!

    Wow, this one looks like it will be dark. Kinda a flip side of Nuclear Winter, where Sookie is bitter and Twisted?

    Sooo tempted to not wait for the email alert… Doh!

      • Actually, I meant I wasn’t going to camp out and continually refresh 😉
        But now, not only have I already read it… I’ve followed your very helpful link and joined the ‘Pack’…
        I was always horrid at Christmas time too… By the time I’d gotten up in the middle of the night to shake and rattle and peer through the thin paper, I was very rarely surprised at present time. I admit I am my own worst enemy in spoiling surprises 😛

  3. *Blinks as I absorb this….*
    Is that a private club or can anyone join? I’m willing to walk on coals for admission! 😀

  4. And I’ll tell you the same thing I told CaliforniaKat.. if I EVER win the lottery I’m SO paying you and her to write fan fic for us, your mass of fans. 😛

  5. Teaser thread….teaser thread.. omg My friends are going to call Guinness b/c this might actually be the impetus I need to become more facebook savvy.. Oh the crow I’m going to be eating over that! 🙂

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