It Can’t Be


Yesterday and today have a collision when a skeleton from Eric’s closet appears to turn his world upside down and rips him apart emotionally.

Chapter 1: Foundation

Chapter 2: That Red Shit

Chapter 3: Ghosts

Chapter 4: Honey, I’m Home

Chapter 5: Face Time

Chapter 6: Weight

Chapter 7: A Different Kind Of Tears

Chapter 8: Speechless

Chapter 9: Green Light

Chapter 10: In The Blood

Chapter 11: Kith & Kin

Chapter 12: Old Friends

Chapter 13: Walking Away

Chapter 14: Little Things

Chapter 15: Loaded Barrel

Chapter 16: Great Minds

Chapter 17: Assholes

Chapter 18: Lot 46

Chapter 19: Uh Oh

Chapter 20: Fine

**Anytime you see (more than my usual amount of) italics, you’re reading a flashback.

16 thoughts on “It Can’t Be

  1. Brilliant! The only thing missing was Cookie giving Sandra that long needed “bitchslap”. Waiting on pins &needles.

  2. Waiting patiently like a good little Ericizmine minion for an update to this one! I can’t wait for the b-day party or to see if hotel rooms still effect Eric and Sookie the same way they did when they were young!

  3. I absolutely love this story. I am on my 3rd way through it. I happen to get the new Tiffany’s catalogue today and you will never believe what they have. A Frank Gehry collection. I do believe that Eric needs to buy Sookie something sparkly! Hope you update this soon. LOVE all your stories! You are fan-fucking-tastic!!!!

  4. I want to Toronto this week for a conference and went to the ARGO, their art museum, so I can do the tourist thing. As I was in the gift shop browsing I saw that the museum was designed by Gehry. I immediately thought of you and this story since I know crap all about architecture on my own and only recognized the name because of you!

  5. Not being a Brat… Just wanted to tell you that Saints & Sinners, Life & Death and It Can’t Be are my favourite fanwritten SVM stories EVER! Read them all at least twice…. so far. Please could you give me a spoiler if you haven’t had the time to make any more progress?? The suspense is sort of killing me.

    With every chapter of S&S, “your statue just got bigger”- Alcide. 🙂
    Cheers, Jme

  6. I just finished reading the part of the story you have written. I am not trying to be mean or bitchy. I need answers. Do you have the rest of this story hidden somewhere? Did your muse just up and leave you? If she did let me put out an APB on her. She needs to get her skanky ass back here. She just doesn’t understand what a stalker I can be. Where is that private eye that Eric hired? We need him pronto.
    Happy writing.
    (PS. Yes I just finished reading a chapter of KJ writes. She rubbed off. Lol)

  7. Hiya, I was just wondering if you had any plans to finish this one? It’s one of my favorite…you’ve probably already answered this question – a quick yes or no would be perfect 🙂 please!!

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