Five freaking weeks…

tumblr_mup9s8PNcl1qdljtto1_500There really isn’t any excuse. The Betas and the Brats have reminded me that I’m slacking on keeping the public at large in the loop, but I’m so scatterbrained right now…

I don’t think there’s any hope for me at this point.

I added a button in the sidebar so you can let me know about any technical problems you might notice… Just click on the adorkable Alex pic and it’ll take you to the Help page.

So unless y’all ran out of give-a-shit, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Keep It In The Family

Chapter 1: Pets

Chapter 2: Bitter

Chapter 3: Deep Blue



Chapter 1: The Cons

Chapter 2: The Pros

Chapter 3: Blood

Chapter 4: Gestures



Chapter 29: Religious


Enjoy, if you haven’t already.