Catching up…

Eric-ConjuringI haven’t been updating stories as often as usual, but there have been five chapters added since the last time I visited your inbox.

Still more than once a week… but if anyone can think of a cure for couch-potatoitis so Vaughan will unglue himself from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/my bed/just a few feet from me, I’d love to hear it…

*Seriously distracted these days.


If anyone was interested in the spicy schmear recipe mentioned in S&S/AIW, one of my lovely readers has featured it on her recipe blog!

Nariz que Moque by The Queen Of All That Is Delicious


Don’t forget to vote for the FangReader Awards!

Vote! Vote! Vote!


Now on to what I’ve been up to…


Chapter 23: Help Me Make It Through The Night

Chapter 24: El Toro


Like A Rock

Chapter 16: Troublemaker


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 29: On The Beam


And I finally went back to working on DTR here/there again…

Dead Tired: Resurrection

Chapter 7: Quitting Time


Hope you enjoy them, if you haven’t already.


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