Just one?

tumblr_mbu604COin1qh9p28o1_500Yup… Just one chapter this time…


Because I’m actually thinking about it while it’s still fresh.

Oh, and watch for Like A Rock to be updated soon. It’s now with Betas. 😀

Sorry y’all, I’m blonde. I’ve tried to fix it, but the best it gets is when I’m writing. My brain isn’t built for organization.

Here you go.

This chapter comes with a warning…

Hold on to your ovaries ladies. Now that Eric’s back, he’s laying them to waste.


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 30: Bedlam



PS- New character banners are being added to the Casting Page if you’re curious about any of the new faces in the MV.

Agnes Matthews, Alice Jeffries, Queen Anna, Commander Baroja, Emre Asker, Kelly Jeffries, Lars Masse, Nigel Jeffries, and Simon St. Cyr


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