In case you’re one of the few who patiently waits for update emails…

Alex-Eric-alexander-skarsgard-27995405-450-300I’m very sorry…

I did experience a major dry spell recently, but there have been six new chapters since the last time I visited your email’s inbox.


Is 36 too young to start loosing ones memory?

Does the eye candy soften the blow at all?


BratPack news: EricIzMine’s BratPack has an astounding 454 members, but  some people have their security settings set so high there isn’t a way for a non-friend to contact them, so if you go a couple of days without hearing from us after you submit a request to join, pipe up- send a message or friend request. 😀

FangReader Awards: The polls are now open and I’m very excited/honored to have been nominated for several! Please, take the time to swing by the polls and place your votes. The lovely ladies over at FangReaders put a ton of effort into the yearly ceremonies, so show them some love while you’re there. 🙂

Real life: Chaos. Utter and complete chaos. As it stands with all of the confusion and distractions, my mind is fried. Writing is still my escape, but I don’t know from one minute to the next what I’ll be able to focus on. I’m sorry if I’m neglecting one or all of your favorites, but I’m trying. Really. I swear.


On to the chapters?

Bright Things

Chapter 16: Set Up

Chapter 17: Residue

Chapter 18: Much Better


Like A Rock

Chapter 12: Twelve Minutes

Chapter 13: More

Chapter 14: Crystal Ball


Hope you enjoy them, if you haven’t already.

Much love,


6 thoughts on “In case you’re one of the few who patiently waits for update emails…

  1. I think I was probably around 27 or 28 when I started losing my memory, but it was partially medication related. BUT!!! You’ve had 6 kids right? You’re lucky to remember your own name after having pregnancy brain that many times!! So in my unprofessional (mostly because I don’t have a profession) opinion, if you are just having little bouts of forgetfulness here and there, your completely fine. Even if you’re having a bit of issues retaining short term memory items, I think that’s still within the normal range. But if you get like me and you can remember almost everything that happened during the summer before 6th grade, but you have no idea what you’ve eaten in the last three days, that’s not normal.

  2. At 36 I only felt like I was loosing my mind. I am now 51 and know I have lost it. I only had 2 kids. I couldn’t imagine having 6. That means 6 more kids when they have girlfriends and boyfriends or wives and husbands. A total of 12 kids. Yuck. My youngest is going through boyfriend drama. Not fun. Happy writing. I know I am going to be happy reading and ignoring the kids. Lol

  3. emails who needs to wait for emails? its much more fun to stalk ur smexy ass 😉 and as for forgetting emails u have 6 kids and a RL to worry about let us do the stalking

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