In the wake of my roll…

tumblr_m66rfq2NKB1qzj4mzo1_500I posted like crazy for a week or so there, but I think I hurt something (fractured my brain) because I slowed down a lot.

But I’m just moving a little slower than usual.

Last night, I posted the first chapter in more than 10 days, but I’m getting back into the swing of things, so watch for more, and soon. 😀


Like A Rock

Chapter 11: Pre-Game Show


Bright Things

Chapter 13: Nosy Twats

Chapter 14: Wait

Chapter 15: Popular Vote


Enjoy, if you haven’t already!




3 thoughts on “In the wake of my roll…

  1. Glad your back. RL happens… no worries. I would like to make a humble request for NW.. please please! Thanks for these fabulous updates as well!!

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