Since y’all seemed to like In The Dark…

Here ya go…

Hope you like it because Chapter 4: Blitzkrieg is already with the betas…

And I just send off the Outtake for April. Precious happens during Definitely Dead…

This is definitely going to be a multi-posting week!


Multi-Verse: In The Dark

Chapter 3: High Handed


Hope you enjoy and for those of you who were interested in a Timeline, I’ve posted it below.

IT’S HUGE! So you’re going to have to look at it on a bigger screen.


It’s been busy in the MultiVerse…


In honor of Irene… I’m posting all of my chapters tonight because God only knows what’s going to happen with the power and internet here in Dahlgren.

I’m going to trust you folks to pace yourself.

Five chapters in one week is a lot… Don’t overdose or anything.


First off… A lot of you folks are working under the assumption that Sookie is pregnant at the end of Shitheel. Sorry… She is not knocked up. Proof: Shitheel happens in February, and Death’s Door happens in March… Our Eric would never let Sookie battle with witches if she were pregnant. 😀


Next… some of you guys got what you asked for. I did write the follow up to In The Dark.

The MulitVerse

The Lighter Side


And to prevent some manner of confusion, Euro Pass will be separated since both sides of the story are being told by Erics…

Euro Pass

Chapter 1: Sunlight

Sookie wakes up with the wrong Eric and has more than a few obstacles between her and getting home to her family.

Chapter 2: Shadows

Eric rises to an annoying scent and has to piece together a way to help Sookie help herself.


As always… I’m dying to hear what you think…



Y’all asked for it…

Shitheel is another outtake from the BTD MutliVerse…

Just to set it up…

Eric wakes up with the ‘wrong’ Sookie and she’s less than happy about her bedmate. Maybe because she was expecting to wake up with someone else.

This outtake uses everything up to chapter 13 of Club Dead as canon for Eric and Sookie’s company… One small change in chapter 14 takes their lives in a different direction and as usual, I tossed in a surprise or two. 😉


The MultiVerse

Outtake: Shitheel


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Another outtake…

Now keep in mind that I refuse to read DITF and DR so my use of canon ends with Dead And Gone…

Anything established in those last two books doesn’t exist in my little world.

This is yet another AU starting with some unexpected company for our family from Bored To Death.

Hope you enjoy…


The Multi-Verse

Outtake: In The Dark