Another outtake…

Now keep in mind that I refuse to read DITF and DR so my use of canon ends with Dead And Gone…

Anything established in those last two books doesn’t exist in my little world.

This is yet another AU starting with some unexpected company for our family from Bored To Death.

Hope you enjoy…


The Multi-Verse

Outtake: In The Dark




11 thoughts on “Another outtake…

  1. i can understand your reluctance to read Dead in the Family and Dead Reckoning. I started and finished Dead Reckoning today and I was SO disappointed. I had hoped it would be better. Oh well, I can always fall back on fanfiction. Some stories I actually like better than canon. It takes me longer to read them too! 😉

  2. I haven’t read those myself after book 9 I have been so upset with CH. From everything I am hearing about whats coming in books 12 and 13 it just breaks my heart. I wished CH had taken a much different route after book 8. Anyways I have fanfiction and I have YOU.

  3. I read DITF (and really kind of wish I hadn’t), but have avoided DR like the plague, based on everything I’ve heard about it. Between that and my opinion of this season of TB…well. At least there’s fanfic, because I’m enjoying it a whole hell of a lot better.

  4. I agree with the not reading DR. I bought it but I can’t make myself read it. Maybe once she’s done and I know how things might turn out maybe I might go back and re-read, but seriously CH’s Sookie is such a self sabotaging prude.

  5. Whole heartedly agree….I’ve almost lost all interest in the books after Dead and Gone….I have them but I’m saving them for a day when that may never come…Thank the Viking you’re there to feed our cravings for the SexyOne….I may never pick up another ‘Sookie’ book at the rate you’re pumpin out the lemonade…


  6. I really wish that I hadn’t read the last two books. I guess it was morbid curiosity. I do regret it though. I love all your stories! You are an amazing writer, and I always look forward to new stuff from you!!! 🙂

  7. I too have not read DR and won’t. I am actually done with her books after hearing rumours about what is planned in them. I need to have my happy little place to go to- and it looks like it’s here!

  8. I know you intended this to be a oneshot, but i for one would love to see what you would do with Pregnant Sookie, if she makes good on her threat to kick Sam to the curb, and pay ‘her’ Eric a visit!

    Btw, i’m completely in love with The Multi-verse!! ❤

  9. I also was disappointed with DITF, and I refuse to read DR, I’ve decided if CH doesn’t have a clue why her readers really like Eric then she is missing the whole reason they have had such a big following, and although Sookie seemed to have some real strength to her, now I just don’t like her much. However in your stories I like the characters, and enjoy the relationships and especially the banter and dialogue. Thanks so much for your time and talent.

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