So I have a new chapter of In The Dark for you…

I need to mention that for some reason, I’m not seeing the same Corbett as the one from S&S. I can’t say why. Maybe it’s the difference in the mentality, but I’m just not seeing the same guy…

So I made a new character banner just for the  guy… I’ve added a lot of new banners to the Casting page too.

And I have new eye candy from the ever fabulous LEI.


In The Dark

Chapter 13: Indulgence


The fabulous betas have a chapter of Euro Pass in their hands and hoping to post that tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed.


11 thoughts on “Newness

  1. OMG. I’ve said it once….I’ll say it again. YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Europass tomorrow. Sweeeeeeet! Have been dying for an update of both of these skips. Had withdrawals and all (actually I had the flu but told my best friend it was withdrawals from your updates – shaking and shivering included) You are an awesome goddess. We bow at your altar *grovel grovel* Now, off to read ITD.

  2. so happy to read a new chapter! I’ve missed your updates. Keep smiling and thanks again for sharing your kick arse writing skills 🙂

  3. Hey … Dennis Quaid or Kurt Russell as Corbett? Sounds like a win-win to me … How could you go wrong with either? It makes sense that you would see them differently, since the Corbetts are so different between the stories.

    Thanks for sending a new chapter! I was re-reading the Multi-verse from the beginning and had just started “Meanwhile”. Off to read!

  4. like the banner and yes Quaid is perfect for the goofbsall womanizing father too perfect love all the new banners specifically the one for the girls Halloween costumes…

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