The Broetry In Motion FanFic Contest has been cancelled due to lack of participation.

Sorry folks. I didn’t receive the first submission.


13 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. Aw. I’m sorry too! I think you write some of the best bromance I’ve ever read. It was a great idea! If I had any kind of skill I would have tried, unfortunately my writing mojo is busted and wasn’t calibrated for bromance when it was working. Sigh. Here’s hoping next time will be more successful and that it’ll happen for you soon! *hugs*

  2. sorry. was a good idea. if i could write i would have but not able to. maybe some other time could try again. sorry.

  3. Sorry about the contest.
    Every english teacher I had can testify that I can’t write, not creatively anyway.

    Don’t give up, just throw it out there again in a few months.

  4. Sorry to hear it, I wish I could have gotten my creative juices flowing to attempt it. You know what would help us deal with our disappointment…. a post from you when can we expect more of your genius.

  5. I’m sorry to here it didn’t work out. I haven’t written in years and I just can’t seem to get the voices for these guys. Your fics have really been a bright spot the last few weeks while I’ve been stick in the hospital.

  6. Sorry! I totally had one planned out in my head(white water kayakers+SVM, what’s not to love?) and then promptly forgot about it. We all suck, and this was an awesome contest idea.

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