Eye candy by the ass-ton…

Thank you, Stormchylde!

It wasn’t very long ago that I mentioned that I had a cornucopia of new Story Banners, Scene Art and Character Banners…

It’s no secret that my internet service is shitty and I suffered from a horrible connection for long enough that my desktop got covered with pretties that I wasn’t able to share.

Last night, I finally got them all uploaded and put where they need to be (hopefully all of them).

There are a couple of EricIzMine Banners that I couldn’t find a perfect home for, so they’re here.


There are several new additions to the Banners and Scenes pages…

The biggest of all the changes are the 59 new banners on the new and improved

Casting Page!

Stop by. Take a look. Don’t forget that you can click the thumbnail to get the full sized version. 😉

Thank you, Stormchylde, AngelIsis and Lei for everything!

7 thoughts on “Eye candy by the ass-ton…

  1. Love that Fangsnuggler pic. Very sweet.
    I’m not too fond of banners that depict Sookie as merely sexy and turned on but weak and not at all bright.
    Your writing deserves the best.

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