I’ve been a very busy girl…

Ok… Sorry this is barely being posted ‘this weekend’.

So y’all know…

I’m really excited to announce a new member of TeamBeta…

WELCOME WalksOfLife!!!!!

😀 Happy Dance 😀

So happy she agreed to help… and she was baptized by fire, no less! The first chapter I sent her was a rush job.



This week I’ll be posting more than usual, but it won’t be just chapters…

  • The Recommended Reading page is getting a new section. My lovely betas have given me their input since I get asked so often about what I read, but rarely get the chance.
  • The site hosting the original version of the Infinite Series will be getting updated. Since I have so much on plate at the moment, I don’t want to make everyone wait. It will be posted as it was originally for you purists out there to ‘enjoy’ it while I try to find the time to pretty up that pig. 😉
  • I’ll also be posting new chapters. I’m not taking any bets for which ones will be finished first though.


I’m knocking the dust off the Death’s Door file to post the next to last of that spin-off, but don’t worry… even though there’s only one chapter left after tonight, we’ll see them in the Multi-Verse again, I think.


You’ll be meeting Pilar in this chapter too…

Death’s Door

Chapter 11: Temper, Temper


I’ve also been hoarding new banners by LEI…

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So I have a new chapter of In The Dark for you…

I need to mention that for some reason, I’m not seeing the same Corbett as the one from S&S. I can’t say why. Maybe it’s the difference in the mentality, but I’m just not seeing the same guy…

So I made a new character banner just for the  guy… I’ve added a lot of new banners to the Casting page too.

And I have new eye candy from the ever fabulous LEI.


In The Dark

Chapter 13: Indulgence


The fabulous betas have a chapter of Euro Pass in their hands and hoping to post that tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed.