EIM goes mobile!

Here ya go folks…

After this weekend’s post asking for portable/eReader files of my stories, I now have a stockpile of .azw, .docx, .epub, .mobi, and .pdf versions for you!

The thoughtful horde provided dozens of files and they’re all listed and linked to my MediaFire server. Let me know if there are any broken links!


To all of you who shared your precioussss treasures…



(already in the header menu)


PS… There’s a new chapter of Euro Pass in Team Beta’s mailboxes as I type 😉

Sorry no chapter this weekend. Life was life.


Still on a roll… with more Meanwhile!

If you look over to the margin…

You’ll see that I’ve added a permanent listing of my fabulous betas~~~>

When I posted yesterday, I forgot to list them and I had to go back to do it…

I hate the idea of not giving them their due credit since they’re so awesome/patient/ wonderful to work with.

Thanks again and always.



Chapter 24: Shit Sandwich