The return of Euro Eric…


I uploaded the chapter…

Then Vaughan lost his little baby mind (fired his Daddy and everything)…

I totally passed out while I was trying to convince the baby to sleep.




Here ‘tiz

Euro Pass

Chapter 5: Damaged Goods


On the horizon… I have hopes for In The Dark 14 and Death’s Door 11. Both are very close to being done.

7 thoughts on “The return of Euro Eric…

  1. I LOVE YOU! I just discovered AIW and it’s awesome. Have been reading since yesterday. Now, on top of that, you give us Europass with ITD and DD soon to come. I LOVE YOU. Off to read Europass…..

  2. so glad to see this. i have insomnia so whenever you post is wonderful with me…lol

    thanks for sharing your writing with us.

  3. This is the skip that most makes me want to cry. “In the Dark” is my favorite, but this one just pulls at my heart. Sookie willing to accept 10 years of slavery with Eric to get out of the horror of her painful. I hope Eric takes out the “terrible trio” in a painful way and then realizes the value of “his” Sookie, not as a telepath, but as a companion and lover.

  4. thank you for the updates you are awesome for the updates with a new baby in your home i know he is not brand new but you know what i mean thanks again Kristie

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