I’m just gonna duck…

And hope y’all don’t want to kill me for this…

Death’s Door, while I don’t plan for it to be a long story, is officially a Spin-off instead of an Outtake now.

Hope y’all like the new chapter…

Seriously… You can’t kill me. If you do, I can’t post the First chapter of The Death of Me later this week.



Death’s Door

Chapter 2: The Video

18 thoughts on “I’m just gonna duck…

  1. why would we be upset of you giving us a great big gift of a spinoff? more writing from you is a good thing. i mean, seriously, if i thought i wouldn’t hurt myself, i’d do a happy dance. but i’d probably hit the door and give myself a bruise in the process. so i’ll just settle for a whoohoo!!

  2. I was so hoping this would be a spin-off!!! Yahooooooo!!!! This one and the little blurb of the alternate reality where Sookie was running off to elope with Bill! I couldn’t wait for her to see what an idiot she had been!!!!! I am so excited to read this!

  3. No worries…..You have us like crack heads here just waiting for alerts telling us you’ve posted…..Believe me if you decided to post a page out the phone book…..we’d read it!…..btw, I noticed that many people have mentioned that they aren’t able to see ‘Eric’ on your page and I think it has to do with their settings….I changed mine on my laptop so everything wasn’t “stretched” out and I see him just fine now…just thought I’d mention that since it would be a sin to have him hiding from all of us suffering from Ericizminetus……

  4. There will be no killing…unless it would awaken your Quickening so that you could live forever and write even more awesome stories.
    …sorry, gotta stop referencing Highlander…

  5. No reason to duck, you should bow. The world, no worlds, you’ve created are so very inventive and entertaining. Love them all. I’m so glad you continued this one. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

  6. we won’t kill you since you have given us another story to read. hope your weekend has went well TB in 1 1/2 hrs thanks Kristie

  7. Seriously why would we be upset, it was an awesome outtake and I for one am so glad that you have decide to expand it. Maybe we will be upset cause its not too long and not because you expanded it. LOL! I don’t know how you do it and where your ideas come from but I love all your stories! I am so glad I found your stories.

  8. Don’t hide, get comfy on your throne as we bow down, lol. Your writing is a designer drug and you have hundreds of addicted fans, if not thousands with most being quiet lurkers. Any new story is a gift. The non human ones have an extra cherry on top, but they all rock!
    Seriously though, this was a great choice for a spinoff. I miss the scheming twisty folks in meanwhile, but the post apocalyptic witch-torn shreveport should be fun fertile ground for your Muse.

  9. Good god woman. Why on earth would you think we’d kill you for giving us more of your wonderful writing. Keep it coming. We’ll take what we can get anytime, anything! We worship at your feet *grovel, grovel* We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! LOL.
    The Death Of Me later this week????? YAY!!!!!!!! Can’t wait………..

  10. This is awesome, I love that there is a spinoff. This skip was great can’t wait to read it. Im confused though, If Death’s Door is a spinoff from Bored to death. Where does the death of me come in. Is that another continuation of a skip? Either way i cant wait to read it , i read anything you write you are just that.. dope!!

  11. Quote:
    Seriously… You can’t kill me. If you do, I can’t post the First chapter of The Death of Me later this week.

    I thought we had discussed promises
    Nothing good ever happens when you say you are going to update you know this

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